Magical Zoo RP!

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Magical Zoo RP!

Magical Zoo RP!

*shrugs* I don't know where this came from. (wait- a book. ignore that sentence) Anyway, we're all animal characters, and each of us has a special power. We live in a zoo but can come and go. And talk. We can talk. Right. You can ignore age because animal years are confusing.

Name: Bananas McTail

Animal: Spider Monkey

Zoo habitat: Rainbow Forest?

Power: Climbing; One of few young monkeys who can read and write; pranks; diversions.

Personality: Prankster, girl, tomboy, monkey. Does NOT like bananas, unless it involves not eating them. Swings by her tail a lot, and will often hide from her parents in the upper branches of the tree habitat. Parents worry she'll fall someday, but she hasn't yet and doesn't plan to, either. Slightly daredevil. Awkwardly afraid of spiders. All their legs... *shudders*


"Mooooommmm! No Fair! All the other kids get to go on the treetops field trip! They've even got harnesses! Bu-but!" She look pleadingly at her mom, who was busy crossing her arms with a disapproving glare. 

"You are not going on the field trip, and that's final."

Bananas theatrically stomped up to her room on the second floor. "Well, I tried at least..." she muttered. Upon entering her room, she slammed the door and locked it, then crossed to her desk. 

She removed a key from around her neck, and opened the locked drawer, pulling out a couple stolen papers, and a pen. Straining her ears to listen for footsteps in the hall, she uncapped the pen and began to forge her mother's name on the field trip paper. 

Finishing the signature, she hurridly threw it into her school bag, locked the stuff back in her drawer, and flopped onto her bed.


Okay, stopping there. I hope the story continues :) 


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(February 17, 2015 - 2:24 pm)


Name: Saraya (sara) Clyne

Animal: Red Fox
Zoo Habitat: Rainbow Forest, I suppose. The bottom of it.

Power: SPEED. I mean super duper fast. 

Personality: The ultimate tomboy and a loner. Enjoys sneaking up on smaller animals. Her greatest fear are the bears in the habitat next door. 


It was not fun to be lifted in that harness. The gorilla employees had to pull me up and put the harness around my stomach, which really hurt. Then I almost got choked as they lifted me up. And I don't think they enjoyed it, either. If looks could kill, I would be dead as a doornail.

In other aspects, the trip was fun. I'd never been on tree branches before because I'm a little afraid of heights, but I wasn't worried because I had a harness. And the things we learned were very interesting. I actually thought it might be fun when an earsplitting roar filled the forest.


Dun dun duuun! Please ignore if you had other plans.


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