Ok so I

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Ok so I

Ok so I know your think I am making a lot of RPs lately. Some of my ideas ( skyrim ) might not work so well because all I know is Forrest and I play. That's all. But if you're intested, here's some explanation:

short version: you need to save the world from a soul eating dragon

long version: so on your way to Helgen to go to jail, Alduin The World Eater ( Mr. Soul eater ) he attacks and you escape. On your way to kill him there is a War going on bettween the Stormcloaks and the Empire. ( STORMCLOAKS!! WHOOP WHOOP!!) You can pick a side ( optional main quest line gets in the way) so you escape and pick up some weapons ( a simple Iron sword and a long bow and aroun 12 iron arrows ). That's the beginning. It's a RPG so you decide what happens next.

So yeah. Need more explanation? Ask me or Forrest. Here's the sheets:

Name: Alerue

race ( wood elf, Khjat ( kitty's), Orc, imperials, birds, dark elves, Breton, ( that's all off the top of my mind): wood elf

guilds ( college of winterhold ( magic ( bleh), theives guild, Dark brother hood ( assassins) , bards college, companions ( you turn into a werewolf!!): all above except college of winter hold. Leader of DB.

fav city ( Whiterun ( WHOOP WHOOP!!), solitude, winterhold, windhelm, riften, Markarth, Morthal, Farkeath: Whiterun and Farkarth. I own property in both and a thane of both!! ( I am basing this off of my character on the game.

like his/ her fate of Dovakíín( dragonborn): not really. She's more of a baddie but will save the world I she has to.

shouts: unrelenting force ( two words), whirlwind sprint ( one word), marked for death ( one word)


OK, so this is sorta dark times medieval times type thing. Fantasy though. Evil dragons that want to enslave mortal kind and Alduin wants to eat all of the world. Simple. Ish.  



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