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Hi guys, so does anyone want to do some Hogwarts roleplay? I've been reading through the Harry Potter series and love it! If you want to be a part, comment the following information about your RP character:



Hogwarts house:



Wand Type:


I will be posting my character later, good luck !  

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(March 11, 2015 - 9:00 am)


Hogwarts flies quickly out of view as the carriages roll towards Hogshead.

"Mackie, what happened to Jerod and Araxie?" I ask tentatively. 

submitted by Rose bud (Heidi) , age 12, SC
(April 5, 2015 - 12:17 pm)


I sigh awkwardly.

"I don't know. I lost them when I got smooshed by some rocks. They must still be at Hogwarts," I recall. Heidi groans.

"This is really bad. What if they were hurt? What if they are dead? "

"Now, now, this really isn't the time for that. We must just be glad we're not dead!" Daomi interrupts.

"I agree... Anyways..." I trail off, not knowing when to start.

"First off, that dragon, was your father?!" Heidi asks.

"Yeah... But don't get started. I'm mighty sure he isn't the one who started this all. He must be just one of the --maybe-- hundreds working for... For who knows what!" I look out the window.

"You're probably right. But who would do it?... It couldn't be-?"

"No. It is NOT Voldemort. He is already dead... We need to find out," I urge.

"But how? And why?"

"Hogwarts! Students! The world! They need answers, even though half of the people on this planet don't even know there is a problem!" I lift up my hands as if the sky would give me clues.

"All I wish right now is to have Jerod and Araxie here."

"Okay, maybe that's our one problem right now." I chuckle, realizing the rant I had gone into.

"Now that's something I know is possible," Heidi laughs. 

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(April 5, 2015 - 6:40 pm)


Everything around me was spinning.

"A-araxie?" I mumbled shakily, "Why d-d-o you have three heads?" 

"This isn't good Jerod," she nearly began to cry, "We need to get you to the others in Hogsmeade, fast."

I could see blurry wagons disappearing into the distance.

"We need to hurry," Araxie pulled herself together, "Can you stand?"

Balancing myself on a large piece of rubble that was once part of the Gryfindor Tower, I tried to stand. Suddenly, the world around me began to go black.

"I'm sorry," I struggled to sit back down, "I don't think I can walk to Hogsmeade."

"Are you really that hurt?" Her eyes widened with fear.

I touched the right side of my face.

"It's gashed, bruised and black and blue," Araxie reached out to feel the large wound, "And swelling fast. You need to see the nurse, now. Can you stand with help?"

"I'll try," I leaned on the Tower and Araxie, "This is alright."

"Alright," Araxie began to walk, "But I don't know if we will get to Hogsmeade before that horrible gash gets any worse.

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(April 5, 2015 - 1:43 pm)


"Mackie... V-v... He Who Must Not Be Named has escaped death once. He could do it again."

"This is something different." Mackie replied. "Not really Voldemort's style."

I draw a shaky breath. Tears form in my eyes and I cover my face. Mackie awkwardly lays a hand on my shoulder. The carriages stop, and I climb out carefully. Throngs of nervous students, some faces stained with tears, dust, or blood, stand shakily next to the horseless carraiges. (Heidi has not seen death). Professor Sprout is counting the Hufflepuffs,  and Professor Flitwick is ushering the Ravenclaws into a group. I do not see Professor Mcgonagal or Professor Malfoy. They must have stayed to help with the dragon.

submitted by Rose bud (Heidi), age 12, SC
(April 6, 2015 - 7:35 am)


"There is no way we can catch up to the wagons at the speed we are going!" Araxie began to panic.

I could barely respond, my head was begining to swim. 

"Jerod Arathor," a voice rose from behind us rose, "and, someone else too."

 "P-professor Malfoy," I turned to see my favorite professor, who I knew would hate Araxie.

"Yes, yes, greetings," Malfoy smirked. "Do introduce me to your little friend."

"Her name is Araxie." I motioned for her to turn around. "She is a Ravenclaw."

"A halfblood I suppose." The professor frowned disdainfully. "Or perhaps even a muggle-born. I'm quite surprised of you, Jerod. I though you would be better than that. You're a pureblood ."

"What does that matter?" Araxie crossed her arms.

Professor Malfoy stepped forward. "Show some respect to a professor. I can have you expelled in a split second."

"Please, Professor," I pull Araxie back, "she's a special muggle-born, a very special muggle-born. Special to me."

"Ugh," Malfoy groaned, "spare me. I admired you Arathor, you're the top (TOP) of my class. Why would you ever affiliate yourself with her?"

"I'm not trying to insult you." I didn't want to get kicked out of Slythein, or Hogwarts for that matter. "Or Slytherin. I AM a Slytherin pureblood, and I find nothing wrong with that. But I'm also no better than Araxie."

"Whatever," Professor Malfoy sneered. "You both are delusional, but I think there is still a lot  of hope for you Arathor."

I tried to smile, but my vision in my right eye began to turn black.

"He's going down," Araxie moaned, stuggling to hold me up.

"Alright, alright." Professor Malfoy helped her hold me. "Only for Arathor. McGonnal is bringing the last wagon to Hogsmeade, and I guess you can ride on it."

"Thank you so much Professor Malfoy," I heard Araxie exclaim.

"Don't get used to it," Malfoy grumbled. "I don't like you at all, he does." 

That was the last thing I heard before I lost consciousness in their arms. 

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(April 8, 2015 - 2:25 pm)

Please don't die thread! Please don't die!


"Profesor Sprout!" I yell. "What happened to the dragon? And Gryfindor tower?"

"No need to yell," she replies with forced cheerfulnes. "The other teachers have it handled. Now come along students, we are staying at The Three Broomsticks."

As we shuffle along the streets of Hogsmeade, I hear another carriage's wheels behind me. I spin around, hope fluttering in my chest. Several of the minor teachers step out, followed by Professor Malfoy. Surges of students crowd around me going forward, so I can't see what's going on. Aisling grabs my hand and pulls me forward.

"Heidi! I don't want you left behind!"

"Aisling-" I begin to say, but Daomi and Mackie rush up behind me.


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(April 8, 2015 - 5:47 pm)

Oops, I didn't finish. Sorry guys!


"Araxie?" Daomi asked eagerly.

"Maybe..." Mackie replied doubtfully.

"Let's go see!" I yelled. 

submitted by Rose bud
(April 8, 2015 - 5:53 pm)

I stop talking and listen to MAckie cry, awkwardly hugging her and crying as well. Heidi joins us. "They can't be...." Mackie sobs. "Just no."

submitted by Daomi
(April 8, 2015 - 6:37 pm)

I make sure Professor Malfoy isn't looking and kiss him on the forehead. I hope he wasn't awake for that. He seems to be unconscious, however...

I hear screaming, but not in terror. Mackie, Daomi, Heidi and Aisling are all running towards us, screaming for joy.

I smile, though I feel no true joy.

Who is doing this to my school?

And why?

(Cloudy, it's your choice whether Jerod was awake for that moment.) 

submitted by Brookeira
(April 8, 2015 - 9:54 pm)


I can barely see anything but blurred lines and faces, but I can hear Heidi shouting.

"They're alive, look at them Aisling!"

"What an absolutely tearful reunion," sarcasm was nearly dripping from Professor Malfoy, "If you will excuse me for a moment, here comes Professor Mcgonagall with the last wagon. Put Jerod on it, and if you absolutely must you can accompany him because of my superior kindness to lesser beings."


The wagon clunked profusely, picking up even the littlest of bumps.

"What does Gryffindor Tower look like?" Heidi asked Araxie.

"It isn't completely caved in," Araxie grimaced, "But severe damage has definetly been done. Nothing a few complicated spells couldn't fix, probably."

"I guess this explains all the random dementors popping up on school grounds," Aisling nodded. 

"The dragon," I mumbled," What about that dragon?"

Heidi began to speak, but Mackie cut her off, "The dragon was one of the shapechangers, of whom I believe is my father. It's err, complicated. You have no need to worry about it, especially not right now."

Their voices began to mix together, and I could no longer decipher Heidi's soft high voice from Professor Malfoy's snide remarks.

Try to remember something, anything about escaping the tower, I thought to myself. The Last thing in the world I wanted was to lose consciousness again. 

You were attempting to escape the Gryffindor tower with Araxie, then a piece of rubble from the collapsing tower. Then, she dragged you out. You walked for a while, but there was no way you could get to Hogsmeade without help. Luckily, Professor Draco showed up. But then, before all of the other girls showed up, something touched your forehead.

I strained through my thoughts, wondering what it was.

It wasn't a hex, I hope. Maybe it was Professor Malfoy checking me for- NO! Why would he be checking for muggle fever ? But it was warm, and definetly soft-

"Jerod," Heidi suddenly interrupted my thoughts, "Are you awake?"

"Good evening Heidi," I unsuccessfully try to raise my head, "It is evening, correct?"

"I think so," she glanced around, "From the rain outside to the poor spirits of us students in the wagons everything seems so unhappy."

"I'm p-pretty sure everything is unhappy." Despite my best efforts, Heidi's face looked no different than Mackie's.

"Come on Heidi." Aisling (I'm pretty sure it was her) tore Heidi away from me. "Leave the Slytherin to himself. We are nearly at Hogsmeade.

At that point, I closed my eyes and suddenly everything was silent. 

submitted by Cloudy Dweller
(April 8, 2015 - 11:25 pm)


It is starting to rain outside. The teachers had taken Jerod away, and sent the rest of us to The Three Broomsticks for shelter. Daomi and Araxie are trying to get information as to what happened from the teachers. Mackie is sitting by the window, staring out, deep in thought. Aisling and I walk around together.

"Heidi!" Daomi says cheerfully, running up to me. "The dragon has been deafeted. The teachers are rebuilding Gryfindor tower!" 

"When can we go back?" I ask.

"I dunno." She replies, looking at the dark clouds through the window. "It is probably 7:00? Later?"

I suddenly realize how hungry I am.

"Any new on Jerod?"

"None." Araxie says mournfully.

"Don't worry." Daomi comforts. 

"He will be fine..." my voice trails off.

Araxie sits down by the window with Mackie.

"Do ya'll want something to eat? Drink?" A new voice questions. 

"No thanks, Profesor Sprout." Mackie finally speaks up.

Profesor Mcgonagal, as headmistress, is going back and forth from Hogsmeade to Gryfindor tower, overseeing everything, so Professor Sprout has taken charge of the students.

submitted by Rose bud, age 12, SC
(April 9, 2015 - 9:33 am)


The first moment I awoke, familiar faces surrounded me, but they did not include Heidi or Araxie.

A miserable downpour of rain fell upon Hogsmeade, and the only students I coukd see in the small, cozy cabin were my fellow Slytherins with Professor Malfoy "supervising" them.

"Did you all hear?" Vedà, on of our chasers yelled over the soft hum of many voices, "Once we retirn to Hogwarts our first quidditch match is against that blasted Hufflepuff! Professor McGonagall confirmed it!"

"Come on Vedà," Our seeker and team captin,Alister Greyson laughed slightly maniacally, "Their seeker had never stepped on a broom in his life until less that two years ago. Rumour has it, he goes back to a muggle family in the summer, and they don't let him practice at all. Sure, Roger's fast, but he can't possibly find the snitch before me."

He turned abruptly to Fiona who was sitting beside him tentatively, "I mean, we are sure to win. Jerod was sent to spy on the Hufflepuffs to get their strategy, you did send him to spy on them, right Fi ?"

"Of course I did,"  Fiona began to twirl her pink hair nervously. I remembered that on her first year at Hogwarts, she had fed a Ravenclaw girl's owl Flamel's pellets of severe stink , and the Ravenclaw, desperate for payback, had snuck into the Slytherin dorm and preformed Foliculios Pinkacus, rendering  her hair to forever grow pink.

"What we need is for him to wake up," Alister snapped, "We have no back-up keeper, Jerod never used to get hurt."

"There is no need to panic yet," I shakily tried to sit up, "I'm awake and alive, I think."

"Madame Pomfrey," Vedà ran off, "He is alive!"

Madame Pomfrey angrily shoved through a wall of Slytherin, "Thank Dumbledore you are alive! How much pain are you in boy?" 

"My head hurts a lot," I groaned, "Besides that I'm fine."

"Your head is fixable, very fixable," Madame Pomfrey turned and began to leave, "I have a few herbs that will fix you right up, they are in the Gryffindor cottage. Be back in the flick of a unicorn's tail."

I Suddenly wondered where Heidi, Araxie, Mackie, Daomi, and Aislimg were.

"Professor Malfoy," I began, choosing my words carefully, "Where are the other students, like, the  girls who joined us on the carriage ride."

"You mean like that little impertinant ruffian of a girl, Araxie, I believe it is?" Malfoy flicked his head up in mock disgust, "They should be at their house cabins."

"Well than Madame Pomfrey perhaps can escort them here and cause no trouble," I shot back at him, "And by the  way, you call Araxie a ruffian, but she is actually part of the Secret Society of Wifi Users." 

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(April 9, 2015 - 10:38 am)

Wait, what happened to Ivy? First she was there and helping Araxie with Jerod, then she vanished!

submitted by St.Owl, age Recarnated, Everywhere
(April 9, 2015 - 11:06 am)

I thought she was helping get all the students out of Hogwarts, and left once everyone (except McGonagall, Malfoy, and us) had been escorted out of Hogwarts.

I have no idea, so she left with the rest of the RP characters, Malfoy, and McGonall, and now she is in the Hufflepuff "house cabin" until Hogwarts is reopened, or until all the RP characters meet up, right now most of them are rather separated.

My apologies, it's a bit hard with multiple characters in multiple places to remain aware of where everyone is. She helped Jerod alongside Araxie, met up with the others, and then was separated to go back wiht the rest of her housemates... 

submitted by Cloudy Dweller
(April 9, 2015 - 3:37 pm)

Well, she was left behind with the carriages just like Jerod and Araxie were because she was checking the Hufflepuff dorm (which was empty). She ran into and unconscious Jerod and a struggling Araxie and from there she... disappeared from record.

I know! She tried to help Araxie, but she couldn't, so she ran off to see if there were others in the castle. While she was searching, she got left behind by them, too, and is now trapped in the castle with a bunch of dragon animagi.

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(April 9, 2015 - 5:20 pm)