Inheritance Cycle RP!

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Inheritance Cycle RP!

Inheritance Cycle RP!

Okay, so in this RP, it's right after Eragon got to the Varden. Forgive me; I've only just started Eldest, so one no spoilers and two forgive me if I get character appearances and other such things wrong.

This is a make-charrie-and-post thread; you can join at any time and can post at any time. 

Anyway, Eragon will be in the study with Ajihad during my first post, but we can progress after that. Just one thing: it doesn't have to match the books. We can alter the story in any way we please. 


Name: Nameless (she shed her old name)

Age: Young adult

Gender: F

Race: Human
Appearance: Long and wavy golden hair that flows from a silver helmet with a peacock plume to her waist. Tall. Ice blue eyes even more mysterious than Dumbledore's; she can spook anyone just by looking at them, especially because her gaze is so unyielding. When she gets angry or frightened, it's almost as if blue flames dance in her eyes.

Personality: A loner and tries to avoid people. Gets annoyed easily, but cares about other people and always tries to hid her annoyance.

Backstory: Coming soon in the RP!



I wake up from my dream panting and sweating. Terror weighs on me as I realize what will happen in exactly two days' time.

I scramble out of my chambers and run through the city to Ajihad's study. A few people block the door.

"Let me in!" I say. "I have an urgent message for Ajihad!"
"You will have to wait," the guard says. "He is having a private meeting."
"I don't care! I have to see him now!"

"No. I cannot allow you in."

"I'll use force if I have to!" I draw my sword.

Ajihad opens the door. "What is all this fuss about?"

"This girl claims she has a message for you," the guard says.

"Ajihad," I pant, "I had another dream."
He steps forward, not trying to hide his concern. "May I see it?"
I feel his counctiosness blend with mine as he searches for my dream. I shove it to him and he watches...

Suranmë giggled as her mother made a remark. "That's why I hate the Varden."

"Aye, they are no more than a threat ready to be obliverated."
"But then why do people say their hideout cannot be found?"

"Oh, it can be found all right. Your father discovered it years ago. He just needs to rally forces with the Urgals to make an attack. Then he needs to get past the Haterack Desert."
The scene shifted....

"In a year from today," Surnamë's father said, "The Varden will be destroyed, once and for all. I will attack them with my army of Urgals."


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Name: Ariai

Age: Young adult/ teenager

Gender: F

Race: elven

Appearance: Long and wavy golden hair, piercing green eyes, dainty and agile like all elves

Personality: Mysterious and smart

Backstory:????? That's for YOU to find out


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I worry, I have been with the varden for years and would give my life to protect them. But with Shadeslayer (argeltam)'s journey to Esmrella dawning, who knows what could happen?

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