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School Drama RP

School Drama RP

So in this RP your character is trying to survive Middle School. They can either be in one of the groups, a loner, or a social butterfly (not really a member of any but has a couple friends in each).


Girly Girls (Popular) 

Girly Girls (Unpopular)

Smart Girls (Semi-popular)

Smart Girls (Unpopular)

Sportsy Girls (Semi-popular)

Artsy Girls (Semi-popular)

Kind Girls (Unpopular)

Sportsy Boys (Popular)

Troublemaking Boys (Popular)

Kind Boys (Unpopular)

Smart Boys (Unpopular)

Smart Boys (Popular)



1. Max three charries.

2. No OP charries.

3. If you like the idea enough to join but don't have time for it, then please don't join.


Character Form





Crush if any:


Friends in other groups if any: 




submitted by Indigo
(May 7, 2015 - 7:50 pm)


The day of Katie's grandpa's sleepover thing dawns, and I leap out of bed even earlier than usual. My bag is already packed- my travel art kit, clothes, toiletries, books. Homework in case I get really bored. 

To my surprise,I hear mom already in the kitchen. I open the door and tiptoe down the carpeted hall and down the stairs and peek over the railing.

"You're awake," Mom remarks. "Look what I got you."
Got me? Mom never gets me anything. Why so special?

"A cat."
Mom reaches over to a carrier that was hidden under the counter. I bring it up to the hallway and open it.

A tiny "money cat" peeks out. Money cats have all-colors multicolored fur, and they're supposed to be lucky. "Oh, mom! Thank you!"
The kitten crawls over to me, yawns, and falls asleep on my lap.

~~~~~~A long car ride later~~~~~~~~~

Gramps (as he asked us to call him) shows me to my cabin. It's a lovely little thing: a small loft bunk with a blue comforter and pillowcase, a desk, a blue beanbag, and a window with a lovely view of the woods. Next to the window is an art stand.

I let TieDye (as I'm calling my money cat) explore a little as I go over to Katie's cabin, where everyone is assembled.

"I'm moving away," Katie says. "To Hawaii at the end of the year."
All of the joy about TieDye evaporates. Katie, moving? To the 50th state?! That happens to be a cluster of islands in the middle of the ocean?! No! Impossible!

It seems like everyone but Willow is equally shocked. 

"You knew already...," I say, "Didn't you, Willow?"

She nods sadly.

After a few minutes of complete silence, I say, "Well, my mom bought me a kitten. A money cat. I call her TieDye. She's im my cabin now."


"Me and you," Johnston says. "Faceoff. You go play real football if ya want, Jason."

We all laugh. My fingers are sore from pressing buttons, but I agree.

"TOUCHDOOOOWN!!" Johnston shouts. And again, and again.

"Come on," I groan. "You have the worst team possible, and yet..."
"Oh, please. The Raiders are fine."
"They're not doing well this season. The Seahawks are, though."
Finally, I score a touchdown. But I lose, 12-10.

"WHO'S THE BEST AT MADDEN?! I AM! I AM!!!!" Johnston crows.

submitted by St.Owl, age Recarnated, Everywhere
(May 17, 2015 - 9:59 am)

Everyone starts questioning Katie, asking things like When? Why? Will you be able to visit? This doesn't have anything to do with the door incident, does it? 

I wait for it to die down. Then I say, "Now, back to the matter at hand. You wanted to propose..." I trail off, looking at Katie, making it clear that she's supposed to finish the thought.

"A truce," she says. I smile. Not a mean smile, but a smile that says, I'm amused. 

"A truce." I roll the word around in my mouth, getting a feel for it. "You say that like we're on two sides of a war."

"Well... yes."

I drop the sugarcoat. "Spit it out. What's your ulterior motive?"

Then the door to her cabin opens. It's Katie's grandma.

"I thought you girls might need a little something to help you click," she says. She hands me a book. I read the cover. "101 Cookies: From the Simple Ones for Beginners to the Fancy ones for Connoisseurs." 

"Yes, dear. I think baking just has a way of bringing people together, don't you think?" she leaves. Baking isn't open for discussion. We're making cookies, whether we like it or not.

"Well, first things first," I say. "Does anyone here know how to cook?"  

submitted by Viola Junniere
(May 17, 2015 - 1:58 pm)

Her grandma is dead.

submitted by Katydid
(May 17, 2015 - 4:07 pm)

Ouuuchhh, that burns.

submitted by ...
(May 17, 2015 - 7:15 pm)

Sorry, I put this in the wrong spot. Hope everyone sees it!


It's now Friday, four days after I was sent to the hospital. I'm still here. And my dad still isn't.

I order an egg white omelette with spinach and baby tomatoes for breakfast. I'm almost finished eating when my phone rings, indicating an incoming call. I plink my fork down and grab the phone, still chewing.


"Bri!" Rianna's voice is distant, but I can still hear her clearly. "It's us!"

"Who's us?"

"Me, Gigi, Kat, and your dad! You're on speakerphone."

"Hiiiii!" Gigi yells.

"We're in your limo!" Kat adds.

"Um, why?"

"I picked your friends up from school this morning," Dad calls. "I said it was an emergency, so they let me take them."

"It is an emergency! She has a concussion!" Gigi contradicts. The rustling noise of the phone being fought over muffles the voices. 

"Hang on! I just need it really quick!" Kat pleads. "Hey, Bri? Okay, so Katie gave me this car - " 

"No!" Rianna squeals with laughter in the background. "Not yet! Tell her when we get there! I want to see the look on her face."

"Good point. Never mind, forget I said that."

"Excuse me?" I demand, not having the slightest idea what's going on. "Did you just say that Katie gave you acar?"

"NO!" everyone shouts, and I hold the phone away from my ear with a grimace. "We'll tell you later. You'll see."

"Well, then." I crinkle my eyebrows. "Wait, so why exactly aren't you guys at school?"

"Thought we'd get the sleepover started a bit earlier," Dad explains. "Dr. Forefinger said you could go home today."

"Foreman," I correct him. "And when are you picking meup?"

"We're on our way!" 

submitted by Nora the Singer
(May 17, 2015 - 6:13 pm)


The sleepover is going OK... Katie broke the news. We're still trying to truce with the smart girls. They're really nice, I think we could be friends... 

Sorry I didn't write much I'm busy today I'll write more later!

submitted by Joss
(May 17, 2015 - 6:45 pm)


"Whats the difference between a well dressed man on a bicycle, and a poorly dressed man on a unicycle?" I ask while mixing the batter.

"Ummm," the girls say in unison.


They burst into a fit of laughter and I see Gramps grin in his chair. "All right, your turn Willow."

"Uhhh..." she starts. "I was going to tell you a pizza joke...but it was too cheesy."

I double over laughing, still mixing the bowl. Most of the other girls are laughing really hard to. Paige is on the floor.

"I meant your turn to stir!!" I remark, still laughing, and hand her the bowl. Everyone starts laughing more at that and all productiveness stops. We finally manage to stop and stand up straight, taking deep breaths. I look at the girls, meeting their eyes, and we burst out laughing. Again. 

submitted by Katydid
(May 17, 2015 - 11:08 pm)

Okay, I'm going to put this out now: I have a gigantimum plan for Erin and Christoff's parents!!! After the sleepover is over, they're going to find out.

The cookies were great to cook, and even better to eat! We started telling jokes over the batter, and had a great time. After the cookies, we watched ((Insert one of Katie's favorite movies here)) and retired to Katie's cabin, where I had dragged my matress. (Others had brought sleeping bags. Or matresses. Like me.) TieDye was also there, basically just getting in the way. Gramps turned out the light, but he probably knew that wouldn't stop us.


submitted by St.Owl, age Recarnated, Everywhere
(May 18, 2015 - 8:15 pm)


I smile at them.

"Good! I didn't know you had a sense of humor." I remark.

"We do, thank you very much! I didn't know you had one, however," Katie replies, holding the spoon up towards me. Vi chuckles in the background, and Booksy shakes Katie.

"Are you kidding me?" I cough slightly. "Puns are the only thing I get to these days. Besides," I cough again. "Those jokes are way to cheezy. Especially since we're making cookies. No one eats cookies with cheese.. Except those people on the moon who have to live on cheese."

I start singing about cheese, vi making a tune in the background.

"Cheeeese, I like cheeeseee,"

"What about cookieesssss?!" Katie joins along, adding to it.

"No, cheeeseee, I like cheeese,"

"No cooked fish or salsa dip?"

"Ew, I said cheeeeesee, yes CHEEEESSEEEE!" I bow down. "Now, what where you saying about me having no humor?"

"Nothing, dear comedian." Erin laughs. 

submitted by Danie
(May 18, 2015 - 10:41 pm)


I sit on my mattress atop the loft, along with the other girls. "Truth!"

"Hmm," Mellie ponders for a moment then says, "Who do you have a crush on?"

"Uh...Well, the closest thing to a crush is on...Christoff."

"Oooooooo," Willow says.

"Shut up." I say laughing.

Just then Gramps open the door. Its about midnight, so i brace myself and expect him to tell us to quiet down. But no. Him opening the cabin door brings in a cold breeze and i shudder. The darkness seems to creep inside somehow, and i bring my eyes to Gramp's face. My heart leaps to my throat and i feel all warmth simply fade from my body. The darkness behind him brings out his tear-stricken face. The light in the cabin flickers and everything dissapears for a moment, but his face remains in my memory. "Grandpa!" I cry, jumping up and scurring down the ladder. 

He embraces me, his tears falling on my head. "Darling, we need to go to the house." I oblidge and wave to the girls. As soon as the door closes behind us i hear them start talking.

Johnston is already there, pacing back and forth and looking worried. He looks up, startled, at our footsteps. He rushes off the porch, "Grampa! What's wrong? Is everything okay?"

"Sit down," Gramps says. We obey. "Katie, Johnston....there was a tsunami in Hawaii today."

I stand up, "Mom, dad!! Are they okay?!?!"

"They found their bodies," He whispers.

My heart falls from my throat and land at my feet. Everything blurrs, i gasp. Johnston says, "They're alive?"

"Bodies Johnston," I whisper, my voice shaking. 

"Grandpa! No!" He shouts, his voice mixed with confusion and rage. 

Gramps solemnly nods.

I shake my head and clench my fists. "No.." I whisper. I jump  up and run away from the porch. My vision is blurry and it isn't until i feel tears streaming down my face do i understand why. I blink nad my vision clears up. I turn and head toward my favorite hill and dash towards it. When i reach the bottom of the massive hill i don't bother to stop, but just shoot up the hill.

My legs burn, shaking with each step. I swear i could hear my heart racing if it wasn't for my sobbing. I thrust my self up the hill, my chest filling up like a balloon, then shrivelling with the need to inhale again. I shake my head and reach the top. I run to the large tree that rests atop the hill and colapse against its trunk. I lean my head back against the hard trunk, panting and sobbing at the same time. "Why God...why??" I sob.


"I'll go after her," I whisper, and before Gramps can stop me, chase after her. When i find her she is sobbing against her tree. I walk up to it, kneel down beside her, and hug her tight. "Why....?" She whispers.

I hug her tighter, "I know it seems terrible, and it is, but we can make it through this, we need to stay strong for Gramps, for eachother."

She turns and hugs me, "John....I couldn't have a better brother if i asked for it."

I rest my head on hers, "I couldn't have a better sister."

She leans her head on my chest and sobs. My heart breaks, not for myself, but for my sister. For the pain she is feeling. A tear comes. Let it out.... I hug her tighter and the first sob comes. 


submitted by Katydid
(May 19, 2015 - 12:08 am)


It's Friday afternoon, and I'm sitting in my desk, bored. Brielle's dad said something about the sleepover starting early, so I have my change of clothes, pajamas, tolietries and cupcakes in my backpack already. 

The door to the classroom opens and one of the office ladies comes in. "Please get your backpack and go to the office," She tells me. I do it.

Brielle's father is waiting for us there. We get into his limo.

Gigi says, "Oooo, there's a phone. We could call Bri to tell her we're coming." 

"Good idea!" Riana agrees. "What's her number?" She asks Bri's dad.

"777-908-765," He replies.

 Riana taps it in and listens to the tinny sound of it ringing on the other end. She turns it on speakerphone as she waits. 

"Hello?" Bri asks.

"Bri!" Riana exclaims. "It's us!"

"Who's us?" Brielle asks in a slightly confused tone. 

"Me, Gigi, Kat, and your dad! You're on speakerphone." Riana replies.

"Hiiiii!" Gigi yells.

"We're in your limo!" I add.

"Um, why?" Bri asks.

"I picked your friends up from school this morning," her dad calls. "I said it was an emergency, so they let me take them."

"It is an emergency! She has a concussion!" Gigi contradicts. I suddenly realize I need to tell her about the card and try to grab the phone, but Gigi pulls it back away, saying, "Just a minute!" I get it though, and say, "Hang on! I just need it really quick! Hey, Bri?  kay, so Katie gave me this car - " 

"No!" Rianna squeals, laughing."Not yet! Tell her when we get there! I want to see the look on her face."

"Good point. Never mind, forget I said that," I reply, defeated. 

"Excuse me?" She demands, sounding confused and slightly angry. "Did you just say that Katie gave you acar?"

"NO!" We all shout. "We'll tell you later. You'll see."

"Well, then. Wait, so why exactly aren't you guys at school?"

"Thought we'd get the sleepover started a bit earlier," her dad  explains. "Dr. Forefinger said you could go home today."

"Foreman," She corrects him. "And when are you picking me up?"

"We're on our way!" Her dad answers. "Bye for now, sweetie!" He puts the phone down. 

Five minutes later, we arrive at the hospital. Bri's dad leads us down a long, checkered hall and opens a door near the end.

Bri looks up from a plate with her breakfast on it. "Yay! Bri!" Gigi squeals, throughing her arms around her. Bri hugs Gigi and shoves her slightly so she stops hugging her.


submitted by Indigo
(May 19, 2015 - 9:34 am)

I have an idea!! What if, after this RP, we start a high school RP? Using the same characters and such, plus maybe a new one. After the high school one maybe college? I thought it might be cool...

submitted by Katydid
(May 19, 2015 - 1:12 pm)

YEEES. That would be cool! When we don't have any more ideas for middle school, we can time skip to high school and there can be proms and things.

submitted by Indigo
(May 19, 2015 - 4:36 pm)

OOOH, nice! With the same charies.

submitted by BooksyOwly
(May 19, 2015 - 5:36 pm)

The high school and college thing is a great idea!! We can let new people join, too... as new kids or something.


I'm sooo excited I get to see Bri!! We all missed  her soooo much!!! After we all calm down, Kat goes up to her. "So, Katie gave me this thing to give to you" "Yeah, I know." Brielle interrupts. "The car." Rianna and I start giggling. "No, not a car!!" Katie laughs. "A card." Brielle looks shocked. "The brat bought me a card?!?!?" "No," I say, "she made it." Bri grabs the card out of Kat's hands. She reads it, her eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. "Well, sweetie, I think you were wrong when you said she did it on purpose. We'll have to clear it up with the doctor." He walks out of the room. "No, dad! Wait!" Brielle calls, but it's too late. She sighs and slumps in her bed. "What's wrong?" I ask. "Katie is an ignorant brat, that's what. And now she's not getting into trouble." Kat's surprised. "She's not an ignorant brat!" I nod, "Katie's nice." I add. Brielle laughs. "I just realized I don't even know why I don't like her." Kat sits on her bed. "Brielle, she just sent you a card. Maybe you should say thanks to her. She and her friends are actually really nice, and anyways, they're really good at designing outfits. We should call a truce with them. Maybe we could even be friends?"


After Katie leaves, we wonder what she's doing... "Maybe she's getting a surprise for us," Erin suggests. Booksy shrugs. "Anyways, it's my turn to ask someone... Willow! Truth or dare?" Paige asks. "Truth," I say, bracing myself for the usual go-to question... and it comes. "Who's your crush?" I sigh and roll my eyes. "I don't have one just yet. Maybe I'l start thinking about that stuff when I'm older, but not now." Just then, the door opens and Katie walks in. "Hey Katie!" Mellie exclaims. "Where were you?" Then we realize Katie's been crying. "What's wrong?" I ask. She burst into hysterical tears. We wrap her in a group hug. "What happened?" She tries to stop crying for a moment... "Parents... in Hawaii... Tsunami..." She starts crying again. We all gasp, horrified. "Oh no!" "That's so bad!!" "Oh, Katie!" "Is there anything we can do?" I start crying along with her...

submitted by Joss, age 12, ME
(May 19, 2015 - 4:47 pm)