School Drama RP

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School Drama RP

School Drama RP

So in this RP your character is trying to survive Middle School. They can either be in one of the groups, a loner, or a social butterfly (not really a member of any but has a couple friends in each).


Girly Girls (Popular) 

Girly Girls (Unpopular)

Smart Girls (Semi-popular)

Smart Girls (Unpopular)

Sportsy Girls (Semi-popular)

Artsy Girls (Semi-popular)

Kind Girls (Unpopular)

Sportsy Boys (Popular)

Troublemaking Boys (Popular)

Kind Boys (Unpopular)

Smart Boys (Unpopular)

Smart Boys (Popular)



1. Max three charries.

2. No OP charries.

3. If you like the idea enough to join but don't have time for it, then please don't join.


Character Form





Crush if any:


Friends in other groups if any: 




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Most of us are going home now, and I think I may have to as well. I clench my now broken glasses in my hand.

"Mellie, what happened..." Booksy is already off the ground, with a far away look in her eyes.

"I got into a fight with Brielle and broke them," I mumble, putting them back into my pocket.

"Vi, ha-"

"I discontinued the experiment." Viola looks at me. "This doesn't feel right.

"Same." I bite my lip. 

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YAAY! Guys, thank you SO MUCH for reviving this! (Sorry if I spelled that wrong)


Everything will be all right now, I just know it. My life is at its highest point, except for the fact about Katie's parents... And I know after this night nothing will ever be the same. Instead of avoiding Brielle and her group simply because they are mean, we will have to avoid them because they now abhor us. Instead of the smart girls being friendly faces, they have become true friends. Instead of our group ignoring the teasing of bullies, we will stand up to them. And many, many more things will change. Most of these changes are good. Some are bad. But what I do know is all these changes are for the best, and because of our expirience, we have come out of this.. 'war' much braver, stronger, wiser, and courageous then we went in. 


I stare out the window. It's raining now. Like my eyes are raining. I mean, crying. 

I've never felt so alone.

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I think I'm going to start a new school drama RP... the high school one. If that's OK.

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If you already haven't, please join the high school drama rp with either your old charries or a new one.

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Name: Mary

Age: 17

Appearance: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, not all that pretty (not much :P)

Personality: kinda crazy and always up for taking a dare. Ready to listen if you want to talk

Crush if any: nope. Not yet

Groups: Kind Girls (Unpopular)

Friends in other groups if any:  again nope


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