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School Drama RP

School Drama RP

So in this RP your character is trying to survive Middle School. They can either be in one of the groups, a loner, or a social butterfly (not really a member of any but has a couple friends in each).


Girly Girls (Popular) 

Girly Girls (Unpopular)

Smart Girls (Semi-popular)

Smart Girls (Unpopular)

Sportsy Girls (Semi-popular)

Artsy Girls (Semi-popular)

Kind Girls (Unpopular)

Sportsy Boys (Popular)

Troublemaking Boys (Popular)

Kind Boys (Unpopular)

Smart Boys (Unpopular)

Smart Boys (Popular)



1. Max three charries.

2. No OP charries.

3. If you like the idea enough to join but don't have time for it, then please don't join.


Character Form





Crush if any:


Friends in other groups if any: 




submitted by Indigo
(May 7, 2015 - 7:50 pm)

Name: Cambria Oleson

Age: 12

Appearance: Medium height; pretty, round face;  thick curly reddish brown hair; emerald green eyes; freckles; often wears jeans and plain colored shirts, white sweaters and a silver necklace; fairy sized ears

Personality: Likes to talk to people of all kinds, generous, light hearted, aventurous, kind, hopeful

Crush: None. She is independent.

 Groups: kind girls unpopular

No friends in other groups. 

submitted by Teresa
(May 9, 2015 - 9:57 pm)

Start on the first day of school?

submitted by Katydid
(May 10, 2015 - 12:17 am)

Maybe a bit farther in. That way, our charries already know one another.

submitted by Somebody, age Who cares, Various places
(May 10, 2015 - 11:55 am)

That's what I was thinking.

submitted by Indigo
(May 10, 2015 - 12:50 pm)

Name~ Gwen Liles 

Age~ 13

Appearance~ Black/Navy blue curly longish hair, dark brown/black eyes, semi-tan, normally wears a t-shirt and jeans, mostly dark colors, but she makes it happy somehow.

Personlaity~ Athletic, Adventrous, curious, mischiefious. You'll see.

Crush if any~ None. For now.....

group~ Sportsy girls

friends~ No idea.

submitted by SAVVY44x
(May 10, 2015 - 2:18 pm)

I'm sorry, Savvy, but no more people are allowed to join this RP. The only reason we haven't started is because we're waiting for Winter to post her charrie. 

submitted by Indigo
(May 10, 2015 - 3:15 pm)

Second quarter then? And I have an idea. We could go on a field trip to the ocean and an ocean museam for science. Like, we start the day of the field trip or something. Maybe, I dunno.

submitted by Katydid
(May 10, 2015 - 3:33 pm)

You meeeaan, an aquarium?

submitted by Somebody, age Who cares, Secret HQ
(May 10, 2015 - 8:59 pm)

Can someone update the friends and crushes lists? I am a bit confused with all the characters, and I can't keep track.

submitted by Danie
(May 10, 2015 - 8:24 pm)

I'm sorry, an aquarium.


Friends and crushes update!!!

Kat: Friend(s); Gigi, Kate, Willow, Kate. Crush; Jamie? Christoff? (Girly Girl Popular)

Katie:BFF; Willow. Friend(s); Erin, Paige. Crush; Christoff. (Artsy/Smart Girls Unpopular)

Gigi: Friend(s) Kat. Crush; Popular boys. (Girly Girl Popular)

Willow:BFF; Katie. Friends; Kat, Erin. Crush; To heck with boys. (:P) (Artsy Girls)

Emma:Friend(s); Mellie, Viola. Crush; None. (Smart Girls Unpopular)

Erin: Friend(s); Katie, Willow. Crush; None. (Artsy/Smart Girls Unpopular)

Christoff: Friend(s) Johnston, Andy. Crush; Kat?(Sportsy Boys Popular)

Johnston: BFF; Jason. Friend(s); Christoff. Crush; Willow. (Sportsy Boys Popular)

Jak: Friend(s); Jamie, Andy. Crush; Katie. (Social Butterfly)

Jamie: Friend(s) Jak. Crush; Willow. (Smart/Sportsy Boys)

Mellie: Friend(s) Emma. Crush; None so far. (Kind/Smart Girls Unpopular)

Viola:Friend(s) Emma. Crush; None. (Smart Girls Unpopular)

Rianna:Friend(s) Brielle. Crush; JAASSSOOOONN!!!! (Girly Girls Popular)

Brielle: Friend(s) Rianna. Crush; EVERYBOY!!!! (Girly Girls Popular)

Andrew: Friend(s) Jak, Christoff, Jamie. Crush; No crush. (Sportsy Boys)

Paige (Erin):Friend(s) Katie. Crush; None. (Semi-Popular Sportsy Girl)

Jason:BFF; Johnston? Friend(s) D: Crush; None!! *Gasp* (Popular Sportsy Boy)

Cambria: Friend(s) Emma? Crush; None, she is independent. (Kind Girls Unpopular)

---Insert Winter's charrie here---


OKay, thats pretty much it.... Does anyone else find it funny that no one likes someone who is crushing on them? In other words...Drama!!!

Could we start without Winter if she doesn't join by tommorow evening?  

submitted by Katydid
(May 10, 2015 - 11:49 pm)

Thanks for the update!

submitted by Joss
(May 11, 2015 - 3:17 pm)


Okay! So the Girly Girls Popular Group consists of Brielle (my charrie), Rianna, Kat, and Gigi. We (all four of us) have slumber parties at Brielle's mansion on Saturdays and Rianna's mansion on Sundays.

Brielle is the head of the group, the most popular, and the meanest. Her BFF is Rianna. She has mild crushes on Jason, Johnston, Christoff, and Jamie, but she's falling head over heels for Andrew. 

Rianna's the co-leader of the group. Her BFF is Brielle. She has a humongous crush on Jason and often thinks the girls are trying to steal him from her.

Kat's the nicest one out of the group. Her BFF is Gigi. She has a kinda-sorta-maybe crush on Christoff.

Gigi's the one who really just follows the group. Her BFF is Kat. She likes whoever the other girls like and goes with the flow.

So that's basically it!


submitted by Nora the Singer
(May 11, 2015 - 4:30 pm)

We've waited long enough for Winter. If she does join, she can just have her charrie be a new kid. 

It's the first day of the second quarter, and in eight days we're going on a field trip to an aquarium.



I wake up and toss the sheets aside. Stretching, I grab leggings, shorts with yellow trim, a yellow shirt and a denim vest and race to the shower. Glad I got it before my sister wakes up, I turn on the water. After showering I get dressed and head downstairs. My sister is sitting at the table with a bowl of cereal. She glares at me, swallows her cereal and says, "High school starts earlier in the morning than middle school so I should shower first." I laugh, pulling out a box of cereal and a bowl. "Then you should get up first." I pour myself some cereal and go fetch the milk. "I'm done, anyway." She puts the now-empty bowl in the dish washer and races off to shower before she has to leave. My mom walks in, wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe and holding a cup of coffee. "You had a permission slip you needed signed?" She asks, sipping her coffee. I nod. "It's in the first pocket of my binder. " She walks out and comes back a minute later. "I signed it and put it back." I thank her and, gulping down the last bites of cereal, hurry to the kitchen. I pull my lunch bag out of the cupboard and rummage through the fridge. "Where'd the leftover pizza go?" I ask. Mom replies, "Ema's bringing it in her lunch." I groan loudly. "Can I get school lunch today?" I ask. Mom nods and hands me some money. I tuck it in my pocket and put the lunch bag back. I check my binder quickly. There's the science worksheet, the history questions, and the rough draft of the essay. I look around for a reading book. My mom glances up at the clock. "I'd better go get dressed. Ema needs to go in five minutes." I nod absent-mindedly and grab a book titled, "Summer and Bird". Flipping through it, I decide it looks interesting enough and toss it into my backpack. I zip it up tight and then go bursh my hair. My mom and my sister, hair still dripping, hurry out as I work out a tangle. I grab my toothbrush and toothpaste and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth when my phone beeps loudly. I put down the toothbrush and toothpaste and race into my room. Flopping on my bed, I check the phone, which I keep on my dresser.

<hey Kat it's Gigi here. How was ur weekend?>

<good i guess a bit boring. Yours?>


<ur going to the feild trip, right?>

<sorry i have to go see ya later>

I put the phone back on my dresser (no phones allowed at school) and go looking for my toothbrush and toothpaste. I'm startled to hear the door open. My mom calls, "Kat! You ready to go yet?" I yell back, "Just a couple more minutes, kay?" I can hear her groan even from upstairs. I see my toothpaste and toothbrush and rush to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and spit out the bubbly mint flavored toothpaste then rinse my mouth and the toothbrush and put them away. I grab a pair of yellow tennis shoes and a pair of socks. I put the backpack over one shoulder and race out to the car. My mom unlocks the door and I sit down in the passenger seat. I buckle up and tie my shoes as she turns on the car. 

Fifteen minutes later, I thank my mom and jump out of the car, slamming the door shut. "Bye mom!" I call over my shoulder, and run to homeroom, which is, this semester at least, Language Arts. I sit down in a seat in the middle of the second row and drop my backpack next to my desk, realizing I should have left my backpack in my locker. Whatever, I guess I'll have to put my stuff away after this period.

"Hello, sixth graders. My name is Miss Congo," says the teacher. The teacher is a plump lady with thick, curly black hair and dark skin. She's wearing a tight orange dress with orange and red polka dots and tight high-heeled yellow shoes. She starts passing out the schedules.

My schedule for this quarter:

7:50-9:00 Language Arts

9:05-10:15 Science

10:20-10:45 Brunch Break

10:50-12:00 P.E.

12:05-12:45 Lunch Break

12:50-2:00 Art (my elective)

2:05-3:15 Social Studies




submitted by Indigo
(May 11, 2015 - 5:56 pm)


My alarm rings. I groan and drag myself out of bed, shower, and put on a dark purple shirt and black jeans, tame my hair, and put on my glasses before heading downstairs.

I pour some Special K into a bowl. My mom, in her pajamas and a bathrobe, is trying to feed my baby sister carrot mush. Lulu is trying to not be fed carrot mush. I roll my eyes, bolt down my cereal, and double-check my backpack. Everything's there. I have an hour before school starts, because I just get up that early. So I walk into the den and start up Portal. I'm close to beating it...

~~~~~~~~59 1/2 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~

I grab my backpack, yell "Bye mom! Bye dad! Bye Lulu!" and run out to the bus stop. I don't have to wait long before the bus pulls in. I step in.

I sit down next to Booksy. The boys are hollering as usual. Something about football. I roll my eyes again. "Boys."

submitted by Somebody, age Who cares , Various places
(May 11, 2015 - 6:28 pm)

Ack!! I put a reply earlier....must have lost it or something



 I grumble and slam my hand down on my alarm clock making the blaring noise stop. I stare at my ceiling, which i painted it with the night sky, using glow-in-the-dark paint for the stars. I sit up in bed and throw my covers off, grabbing my glasses from my headboard. I saunter across my room to the bathroom, now fully awake. I enter my bathroom and flip the switch on, the sudden loght blinding me for a moment. I grab my brush and attempt to tame my wild bird's nest, not hesitating to make a lot of noise. I put deoderant on and quickly wash my face with my grandma's homemade soap. I turn the light off and walk over to my small closet. Its a small closet, with more shelves than hanging space. I grab a plaid ranch shirt, long black jeans, and my belt. I throw my pajamas on my bed, and put the clothes on. I exit my room and start braiding my hair in a side braid on my way down the hall. I kick John's door, "Wake up sleepy head!!" I hear a grumble and continue walking down the hall, satistfied. I finish my braid and at the same time finish walking down the stairs. I enter the kitchen to see a smiling mom and the smell of bacon. I smile and sit down, she gives me a plat of bacon, eggs, and toast. I start eating and after a while John joins me. We finish and rush out the door, Willow is already at the bus stop. The bus arrives and we climb on, i sit next to Willow, John sits next to Jason.


I chat with Jason on the bus, we talk about the sports we are doing. "Im doing soccer, football, and baseball this summer." 

We have talked about this alot, so i dont need to listen to him lost off the sports he wants to do and is doing. "Hey?" Jason asks.


"Do you think i should have a crush on someone?"

"Uhh...i won't make you, but my sister rocks."


I burst out laughing, "No you dork! I mean, i cant help you from having a crush on her, but i was joking about the..whole... Its not so funny now is it?"

Jason chuckles, relived. "Funnier." 


submitted by Katydid
(May 11, 2015 - 10:09 pm)