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School Drama RP

School Drama RP

So in this RP your character is trying to survive Middle School. They can either be in one of the groups, a loner, or a social butterfly (not really a member of any but has a couple friends in each).


Girly Girls (Popular) 

Girly Girls (Unpopular)

Smart Girls (Semi-popular)

Smart Girls (Unpopular)

Sportsy Girls (Semi-popular)

Artsy Girls (Semi-popular)

Kind Girls (Unpopular)

Sportsy Boys (Popular)

Troublemaking Boys (Popular)

Kind Boys (Unpopular)

Smart Boys (Unpopular)

Smart Boys (Popular)



1. Max three charries.

2. No OP charries.

3. If you like the idea enough to join but don't have time for it, then please don't join.


Character Form





Crush if any:


Friends in other groups if any: 




submitted by Indigo
(May 7, 2015 - 7:50 pm)


I watch my new homeroom teachers curls bob as she...jiggles...around the room. She hands me my schedule.

My schedule this quarter:

7:30-7:45 Homeroom 

7:50-9:00  Math

9:05-10:15 Science 

10:20-10:45 Brunch break

10:50-12:00 P.E.

12:05-12:45 Lunch break

12:50-2:00 Art (my elective)

2:05-3:15 Language arts

The way the school works is kinda funny. Each class is over an hour, 70 minutes to be precise. And that doesnt give you enough classes to do everything. So, you cannot take a class, that isnt your elective, in a row. So you switch between quarters. Its really innefficent...but i can't change it. The bell rings and i stand up, along with everybody else. "It was nice getting to know you!" Miss Congo says. We all murmer "Yeah." Then we hurry out into the busy hall. I catch sight of Willow and walk over to her. "Whats your schedule?" I ask. She shows me, then sticks it in her pocket. We part ways, and i head toward math. It is really rediculous that we are going on a field trip today for science. But, it was the only available day this quarter, so i guess we are going. I enter my math class and sit down at the back of the room. The tardy bell rings, and class begins.

submitted by Katydid
(May 11, 2015 - 7:36 pm)

Um, Katydid? I was thinking maybe the field trip would be a little bit later. 

submitted by Indigo
(May 11, 2015 - 9:51 pm)

Yes. Sorry. I was confused about that whole thing.

submitted by Katydid
(May 12, 2015 - 10:45 am)



I'm very rudely awoken this morning by my alarm clock, beeping deafeningly across my bedroom. I roll over in my lavender queen-sized bed and hit the OFF button. 5:30 AM. Beautifying time!

I check my toenails for any polish chipping from last night's pedicure session. The shimmering scarlet color still looks untouched. I slide my feet into a pair of fluffy white slippers and make my way to my connected bathroom.

Coconut-mango oil-free face wash; almond butter moisturizer; contact lenses in. Extra-whitening toothpaste. Sugar lip scrub. Jasmine-bamboo all-natural perfume. Check. I blast my morning playlist from my phone as I apply my makeup.

When everything looks in order, I plug in my flat iron and skip across my bedroom into my walk-in closet to pick out today's clothes wnile it heats up. Baby blue chiffon lace-trimmed cap-sleeved top, white skater skirt, shiny gold gladiator sandals...perfect. I exchange the outfit for my pink silk pajamas and head back into the bathroom.

As soon as my hair is completely straightened, I glance at my alarm clock as I head downstairs. 6:10 AM - breakfast. There's a bowl of fruit salad and a vanilla latte from my favorite coffee shop already on the table for me, along with a short note from my dad saying he'll be back in time to drive me to school. I check my text messages while I eat.

RIANNA: omg bri. jason just texted me saying "hi :)" do u think he likes me?!?

GIGI: hey!! how was ur weekend? 

RIANNA: ok he def likes me. i mean he put a smiley face. that means love right?!???!

RIANNA: aah i am freaking out plz respondddd

I roll my eyes, typing a quick reply.

BRIELLE: girl. just flirt w/him ull be fine

RIANNA: but what do i sayy

BRIELLE: be cute but casual like "hey u!"

RIANNA: k i sent it

BRIELLE: good girl. gtg but ill see u at school

RIANNA: ttyl

By the time I'm finished with breakfast, it's already 6:40. Dad will be here in just over a half an hour. I bring my phone up to my bedroom and leave it on my bedside table, then pack my school bag and finish my latte outside on the porch while I wait. The limo arrives at 7:15 exactly.

I abandon my foam cup, dash over towards the driveway, and swing the door open, collapsing inside. "Hey, darling." Dad smothers me in a hug.

"Dad. No time for greetings. I need to get to school. And you're messing up my hair," I snap, smoothing down the top and shooting him the death glare.

"Sorry, Brielle sweetheart. Oh - and here's some money for lunch today." He reaches into his wallet and yanks out a wad of bills, passing them over. "I'll give you your allowance at dinner."

"'Kay." I stuff the cash into my purse.

Once we pull into the school parking lot, I click the door open and scramble out. "Bye, Dad," I call, sauntering away and entering the school along with a bunch of other kids.


I'll continue this later tonight! 


submitted by Nora the Singer
(May 11, 2015 - 8:57 pm)

Continued as promised!


I stroll into homeroom, which is Language Arts apparently, and slide into the seat next to Kat just as the first bell rings. 

"Hey," she whispers, turning towards me as our teacher, who is in dire need of a wardrobe makeover, passes out this quarter's schedule sheets.

"Where are the other girls?" I question. She shrugs. "Guess they're not in this class."

"Oh. It's cool," I reply, slightly disappointed that Rianna isn't here. "Why'd you bring your backpack?"

Kat, with a perplexed expression on her face, flits her eyes downwards. She chuckles softly. "I have no idea! I'll put it away later." She pokes the bag with the toe of her tennis shoe, pushing it under her desk.

Miss Congo hands me my schedule, and I quickly scan over it. 

7:50-9:00 Language Arts

9:05-10:15 Social Studies

10:20-10:45 Brunch Break

10:50-12:00 P.E.

12:05-12:45 Lunch Break

12:50-2:00 Dance (my elective)

2:05-3:15 Science

Kat and I compare schedules. "So we have P.E., too," she remarks. "Plus brunch, plus lunch. Yay!"

"Totally!" I agree excitedly. "I wonder what Rianna and Gigi have."

"Same. I hope we're in some of the same classes."

"The squad is always together," I assure her. "Slumber party this Saturday, by the way. My place, obviously."

"'Kay," she answers. "I'll bring cupcakes." 



submitted by Nora the Singer
(May 11, 2015 - 10:30 pm)

Emma/ Booksy:

My alarm clock rings at 5:30 in the morning. Yay! The first day of this quarter! I smile as I make my bed. I've chosen my outfit and packed my lunch yesterday- like I always do, so I'm going to have some time to read during breakfast. I grab my book off the nightstand, brush my teeth, and go downstairs. "Good morning, Emma!" my mom greets my as I sit down, "I made oatmeal." I spoon myself some oatmeal, and start to read, as my mom mom asks me a question." La la la la la?" That's what everyone sounds like when I'm reading. "What?" I ask. "Did you get everything done? Any permission slips?" "No! I got all that signed week ago!" I finish my oatmeal, slip my book in my backpack, kiss my mom goodbye, and go outside just as the bus arives. I slip in my seat, next to Viola. "I can't wait to get my schedual!" I yell over the ruckus the boys are making in the background. A popular girl slides past me, hitting me in the face with her backpack, and of course doesn't appologise. Typical for me. I rub my face, and smile at Viola. And thus, this quarter is begun! 

submitted by Booksy Owly
(May 11, 2015 - 10:32 pm)


Language Arts is a bore. I spend it staring at the clock. When the bell finally rings, Brielle and I part ways to our lockers. I unlock my locker and put my backpack inside it, then grab my science notebook, bag of pencils, and textbook. I walk over to Gigi's locker, but she isn't there yet and the bell's just about to ring, so I head to Science. 

submitted by Indigo
(May 12, 2015 - 8:05 am)


I've always loved math. I have never been as good at it as my brother, but he is a year older. I open my locker and trade out my math books for the science ones. I close my locker and turn around, bumping into Rianna. She falls back with a cry and her books go flying. I drop my own books to try and catch her, but they just end up on her toes. She lets out another wail and somehow it warps into an angry war call. "I-im s-sorry," I stutter. She glares at me. I hold out my hand to help her up but she pushes it aside and gets up on her own. She stands up to her full height and then slaps me."Take that you little brat!

Any sympathy I had for her is gone. "Accidents happen. You, being the idiot that you are, should have a class all about that. And maybe one about manners," I spit out, my hand still on my stinging cheek. I hear a gasp, then silence. Everyone in the hall has stopped and they are staring at us. I pale, realizing what I did. "You, you." She turns around and gathers with her hand to a short boy. He scurries over and picks up her books. "You insolent BRAT!!!!!!" Her screech nearly blew out my ear drums. The boy hands her her books, cowering. She leans in and whispers in my ear, "I know where you live." 

She leaves. I pick up my books. Then I look around. The kids are too scared to cheer, but I see the admiration in their eyes. We all start walking again and head to class as if nothing ever happened.


I saw what my sister did and I can't stop beaming. I've never been prouder. But from the look on her face she was terrified. 


submitted by Katydid
(May 12, 2015 - 11:04 am)


"Rianna!" I shout, catching sight of her familiar glittery neon pink tote bag as she rushes down the hallway. 

"Girls' room," she orders, teeth clenched. I nod and lead the way, pushing past any kids blocking our path. The thick metal door swings open slowly, and we step inside. Two girls are already at the sinks, washing their hands.

"Out," I command. "Now." They skitter away with terror in their eyes, the water still running. I watch the door shut behind them with a satisfied smirk and strut over to turn off the faucet.

"Let it out, sweetie." I wrap my arm around Rianna's shoulder. "What happened?"

"That - that she-devil Katie assaulted me," she screeches in fury. "And then she calls me an idiot. As if."

"Oh my gosh, she's such a pathetic loser. Literally everyone hates her," I comment, leaning in towards the mirror and applying another coat of pale pink lip gloss.

"Like, how can she even be related to Johnston?" Rianna sighs heavily and twirls a strand of hair with her index finger. "Anyway, you know how you're always saying violence gets you what you want?"


"I slapped her."

"Rianna!" I squeal, reaching up for a high-five. "It's about time you put her in her place. That witch got what she deserved."

"Def," she begins to say, but suddenly halts and peers at her own reflection behind me in the mirror. "Oh no. Crisis. Crisis!"

"What - what's wrong?" I demand, attempting to get a closer look.

"I have a zit!" Rianna wails. "This can't be happening to me."

"Oh," I reply uncertainly. "Uh, sorry. But it can't be that bad."

"Easy for you to say," she retorts. "You've never had acne in your life."

"Relax. Getting all stressed out will just make it worse. Come on, we're going to be late for class." I push on her shoulder, steering her out of the girls' room.


As you can see, Rianna is very upfront about her meanness, while Brielle is even meaner, in a more snakelike way.

submitted by Nora the Singer
(May 12, 2015 - 4:55 pm)


I enter the classroom, literally shaking. I walk to my desk at the back of the classroom and plop down in it. "Katie?" the teacher asks. "Everything alright?"

I nod, "Yeah. Can i use the restroom?"

The science teacher, Mr. Dwyer, looks at me and nods, "I'll point you in the right direction."

"But i kno-" I stop, realizing he would know I know, so I get up and leave the classroom; he follows.

"Katie, out with it."

"I-uh..tripped and my life flashed before my eyes."

"Is that all? Is your leg okay?"

I nod. Everyone knows about my 'condition.' When I was three, I was hit by a car. It's a miracle I am still alive today, and in good health. Except for the fact that if I fall three feet or more and land on my leg, it will break.

"Off you go then. Hurry back."

I skitter off to the bathroom, and shove aside the door when I get there. I don't need to go to the bathroom, but washing my hands is always calming. What did she mean by I know where you live? What will she do? Egg my house? I hope not... 

My leg also severly hurts when it's jostled a lot. So when I ride the fourwheeler around at gramps', I have a special brace I wear. And it's not so bad that I can't square dance....or swim. 

I finish washing my hands and decide to kick the door open. Brielle just happens to be outside. And she just happened to get hit in the face with the door. The door bounces back from her face. And upon her left cheek  is a large, black and blue bruise. The sight wants to make me laugh. The feeling is soon erased by her screech.


My schedule is basically the same as my sister's, except my elective is woodshop and I have language arts instead of math. I enter the classroom and find a seat away from my friends. 

Gtg, I'll post more later. 




submitted by Katydid
(May 12, 2015 - 5:42 pm)

Yay! I didn't think we were going to start for a while!


This morning, I woke up knowing that today was going to be a good day. I definitely woke up on "The right side of the bed." I walked down the stairs, trying to be chipper despite how tired I was. I went to the bathroom, freshened up, got my things ready for school, at a quick breakfast of cereal, milk, and buttered toast, and walked out the door. I walked down the sidewalk to the bus stop and got in. I sit down on a vacant bench and plop my books down beside me, saving a seat for Katie. One stop more before it got to her... as the bus hisses to a stop, I wait expectantly for my best friend. She comes, and I smile. I move my books and she sits down next to me. We talk the whole way, and then there's our new homeroom. Katie and I are with Miss Congo. She's OK... but she reminds me of a pampered pig. I know that's sort of mean, but it's the only word I could think to describe her. The bell rings, and all the students get lost in the ocean of other kids. Katie walks over to me. "What's your schedule?" she asks. I pull out my schedule to show her:

7:30-7:45 Homeroom

7:50-9:00 Language Arts

9:05-10:15 Science

10:20-10:45 Brunch Break

10:50-12:00 P.E.

12:05-12:45 Lunch Break

12:50-2:00 Elective (Mine's Drama, I had art last quarter)

2:05-3:15 Math

Katie stood up to Rianna today. Seriously, that girl is a brat! I'll tell the teacher about her behavior soon. Rianna is really like a pig, both in appearance and in her behavior. And she has no real power. I tried to tell that to Katie, but she is still scared.


This morning I was EXTREMELY tired, thanks to a rude awakening from my hot pink alarm clock. I SO wanted the kind that plays that new super hot song that's out by Taylor Swift, but nooo, my parents just had to get the kind that goes BREEP! BREEP! BREEP! Seriously, it sounds like a fire alarm. I groan and hit it. Off my dresser. It falls to the ground with a smash. I hope I didn't break anything. I look at the time. 5:00 exactly. Good. Time to get started on my hair. I pull on my pink fluffy robe and put on my hot pink sparkly slippers. First, I do my hair... that takes a while. I then take a quick shower. I can't use all my beauty products since it's a school day, but I use most of them. I then pick out my outfit and accessories. After that, I paint my nails. This time I chose a pinkish-purple sparkly polish. I take a break from my routine to text Cat, but I don't have time to answer her question, I'm going to be late! I decide to skip breakfast. By the time I get my stuff together, I'm about to be late for the bus! I rush out the door and scramble onto the bus. I sit next to Kat. Then seventh grade homeroom. Actual school is SO boring! Kat and I compare schedules after homeroom. Mine is boring, but at least I got a good elective:




Brunch Break


Lunch Break

Elective (Mine's dance)

Social studies

I don't even bother looking over the time, that stuff's SO boring! Rianna passed me a note in class, the slumber party's at Brielle's this week. Kat's bringing cupcakes! I'm soo excited! Kat's cupcakes are the best. I guess I'll bring my nail polish collection so we can do our nails. The Squad will be excited about that, I have 286 nail-polishes, plus 10 different crackle effects, 7 clear nail polishes for a more sturdy coat, 23 sets of nail stickers, 5 packs of q-tips, 6 nail clippers, and 34 different assorted nail effects. It will be awesome!


This quarter is gonna be AWESOME! I can tell cuz this day was pretty sweet, and this is the first day of the quarter. Brielle has been nice to me, and she's been talking to me a lot recently. I think she's really pretty. Jak tells me to ask her out, but I say noope... what if she says no? I'll ask her out on the day of Middle School Prom. My elective is awesome, it's... sports!

submitted by Joss, age 12, ME
(May 12, 2015 - 6:05 pm)


I wake up and glance at the clock on my dresser. 4:20, and I'm wide awake.

Figures, I think, Mom really needs to realize I can stay up later than 8:00. I stretch and pull on some clothes- a short plaid skirt and yellow blouse. Mom doesn't let me wear anything but the "schoolgirl" outfits, even though they're not what I like to wear.

I put some toast in the toaster and grab my homework. I had an art club after school yesterday, and didn't finish it afterwards because Mom never lets me go to sleep later than 8.

The toast pops, and I automatcially hiss, "Sssh! You'll wake Mom," even though it's just a toaster. I slather some nutella on it as I finish up my math.

After brushing my teeth, combing my hair, and washing my face (in other words, doing my toiletries), I sit down with my sketchbook. I have a whole hour to draw before I have to leave.


Dinner, I'll finish later!



submitted by St.Owl, age Recarnated, Everywhere
(May 12, 2015 - 6:05 pm)

I came up with the thing for middle school prom. So, there can be an official prom with fancy stuff, and then Katie's grandpas prom. He throws one every year for the middle schoolers at his ranch. Its a square dancing prom. It may sound lame, but anyone who has ever gone knows its a blast. Does that work?



I listen to the teacher blab on about why language arts is important. He is a tall man and it is only because of his hunched figure that he can make it under doorways. He has wide shoulders and a large hooked nose. It all really makes him look like a villan from a book. I sigh and listen intently, even though its boring. The teacher grabs a book off a shelf and starts to flip through the pages. He drops the book from the loud screech that reverberates through the school.


I have never been so terrified in my life. I just made two enemies in one day, and now I am running from one. My heart is pounding in my chest, my hair stuck to my sweaty forehead, and my chest heaving, trying to grab all the air it can. I feel my feet pounding against the solid floor, the thin-soled shoe provides little protection, making my feet hurt. My leg starts burning from all the jostling, but a screech from Brielle keeps me going. I reach the end of the hall and take a left, right into a dead end. There is nothing but me and a janitor closet it the secluded hall. I turn around. Brielle too.

submitted by Katydid
(May 12, 2015 - 9:02 pm)

@Nora, could you post whatever happened in the hall? Should we say you covered the bruise in makeup?

submitted by Katydid
(May 13, 2015 - 2:57 am)


Social Studies next. I stroll across campus to get to the classroom, smiling and waving at Jak and Christoff as I pass. They're cute, sure, but my heart's strictly set on Andy. 

"Welcome back to school for our new quarter, students. My name is Mr. Freeman, and I will be your Social Studies teacher this year," the bushy-mustached man at the front announces as I enter the room and search for a place to sit.

"Brielle," Andy calls with a warm grin, motioning towards the empty desk beside him. "Over here." I can feel my face light up with joy as I nod and sit down, an angelic choir ahhhing in my mind. Andy! Wants! Me! To! Sit! With! Him! And the whole class is watching us! Every single girl shoots me an envious stare.

"To start off our very first unit, we'll be exploring the history of the blah blah blah..." Mr. Freeman drawls. I tune him out, my heart thudding.

"How was your weekend?" Andy's tapping my shoulder. I blink back to reality. 

"Pretty good." Subtle eyelash flutter. "Yours?"

"Basketball tryouts," he exclaims, his eyes shining. "And guess what?"

"You got in?"

"I got in! YES!" 

"Something you want to share with the class, Andrew?" Mr. Freeman demands, glaring at us from his desk.

"Nothing at all, sir," I answer sweetly before Andy can respond. "We were excited! Yay, Social Studies! You're, like, the best teacher ever. Right, guys?" I can always count on my adoring fans, er, classmates to back me up.

The class cheers. I sit back, soaking in the spotlight. 

Mr. Freeman stutters over his words, appearing to be very pleased. "Oh...well, thank you...I'm glad to have such enthusiastic pupils in my classroom..."

"Not a problem!" I cut in, with a winning smile that shows off my brilliant white teeth. 

"That was really cool," Andy whispers as Mr. Freeman goes back to his lesson. 



submitted by Nora the Singer
(May 12, 2015 - 9:19 pm)