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Come one come all fantasy lovers! Fantasy words welcome as long as you post the defintion in parenthesis. Any kind of characters are welcome!

Character form:





Power (If any):



I will post mine soon! 



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(May 8, 2015 - 5:27 pm)


Name: Silina Hunter, nickname Si.

Character Form: Varies. Is a half-blood.

Age: 13

Personality: Mysterious, cool, a bit dark, not really nice, but not mean either. Keeps to herself. Mischevious. Very mischevious. Loyal and protective if you are her friend. Adventurous. Brave. Daring. Dare-devil. Kind of a loner. 

Appearance: Has long, dirty blonde hair that she wears behind her pointed ears. She tucks a few strands of it in front of them, too. She almost always has either a mischeivious, dark, sarcastic, or angry expression on her face. Has thin, dark eyebrows. Always wears a black cape with a hood. The inside of the cape is red. In her alternative form, she grows delicate wings with a blueish-green tint on the edges. She also grows a blue mermaid tale that slowly fades from blue to turquoise. (Sorry, didn't know how to spell it.)

Power: Has a siren-like voice that can enchant anyone. Also is learning magic.

Other: Had one human parent and one water fairy parent. Her mom, a water fairy, was locked up in prison because she wasn't allowed to marry a human, and her dad went mad and was locked up. Now she is running from scientist who want to run tests on her, and The Fairy Guild who wants to lock her up because she is "A danger to the magic society" and "Corrupting young minds with foolish ideas."

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Oooooooooooooh, yeah.


Name: Luisa Roseburg

Age: 10

Character Form: Cat, no kidding. But she finds a magic necklace that lets her turn into human, dragon, unicorn, cheetah, horse, pegasus, or elf.

Appearence: Medium- size, brown speckled tabby, long tail. When she turns into a human, she has light skin, long curly brown and carmely colored hair. Her necklace is purple at first glance, but then it changes to your favorite color. She has freckles and slightly elfish features. In horse/unicorn/pegasus form, she is a palimino. Her horn is silver.

Personality: Friendly, michevous, mysterious sometimes, sometimes violent, caring, honest, loyal. She has kind of a split personality.

Power: See above.

Other: Luisa had her first adventure with crazy crocs, cats, and baaaaad spaceships. She found her necklace when she was kidnapped [catnapped?] by gold llamas. Do. Not. Ask. Her parents were transferred to a different world, and she needs to get them back. Usually her fav pastime is hitting her annoyingly cocky, dorky, and ridiculous friend Reuben Mackeral. Yes, Mackeral. The fish.

Name: Bianca Realman

Age: Nine

Character Form: Cat. She found a magic bracelet. She can turn into a tiger, lion, human, imp, fox, bear, or wolf.

Appearence: Small, orange and white tabby, medium tail. In human form, she has pale skin, blond hair,  and she actully has a human-form tail. It's orange, black, and white. The bracelet is yellow, orange, and white.

Personality: Loyal, peaceful, friendly, charming, honest, kind.

Power: Underwater breathing.

Other: Bianca is Luisa's BFF and she is a scientist and ocean lover. She loves math and is really advanced. She takes17 dance classes. She likes teaching Luisa how to swim. Once she rescued a whale. She likes to raise money for good causes like endangered sea life.

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Basic Plot-line:

Everyone lives in the four-corner kingdom, a kingdom with 4 kings and queens. The castle of the North, South, East and West are ruled by these kings and queens. In the West Castle, there is a ring called the Eternity Jewel, and in the North Castle, there is a stone called the Stone Of Tremulesness. Anyone who looks upon the Eternity Jewel is then the most powerful person in the kingdom. All Who look upon the Stone Of Tremulesness are then lost in fear. In this kingdom does our RP begin! 


My Charrie:

Name: Amethyst Darrist

Age: 16

Personality: Brimming with surprises. Amethyst is self-confident and ready for adventure, but NOT a tomboy.

Appearance: Light brown waist-lenght hair and dark-chocolate caramal eyes. She is tall and graceful.

Power (If any): She is in possesion of the Eternity Jewel, but has never opened the box containing it.

Other: She is a young princess of The West Castle. 

I may add another charrie. 



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(May 8, 2015 - 7:04 pm)

Name: Joy Rose

Age: 11

Personality: Sweet but sort of headstrong, she can sometimes pull you into almost anything, Joyful.  

Appearance: Shoulder length sun kissed blonde hair, light pink dress

Power (If any): Is very good with a bow and arrows, can recognize and make poisons.

Other: Is a princess of the South castle.

submitted by Queen Elizabeth
(May 9, 2015 - 3:51 pm)

Fun! I love the idea.

If it's alright, I'd like to alter two of my short story charries to make them FROM THE NORTH (I had to). They'll somehow get to the other charries :)

Name: Evelyn Glacia 

Age:  15 and a half

Personality:  sensitive and soft-spoken, Evelyn has a rather meek personality. She is NOT the adventuring type, and would much rather marry a future Lord of one of the Northern provinces and spend the rest of her life in a castle.

Appearence:  soft white hair (not from age), pale skin, icy blue eyes, carries herself rather meekly (not slumped, just not proud), petite, usually wears blue or grey fancy dresses.

Power: Evelyn is the daughter of the King of the North's House Wizard, so she is very skilled in Wizardry, and has a wand made of ebony and frost.

Other: As stated, she is the Daughter of the King of the North's House Wizard.


Name: Prince Cale of the North

Age: 16 and a half

Personality: Like a North wind ; If you get on his bad side you, your household, and your family will all go down, but if he takes a liking or even an interest to you your world will be better than a dream. Either way, he is charming,personable, and sweet, but used to getting what he wants and a bit whiney.

Appearence: Tall and slender with strange navy blue colored eyes, whitish blonde hair,  amd a lopsided smirk. Wears fine clothing (somewhat like Renaissance meets Lord of the Rings finery) and carries a rapier at his side.

Power: Because his father is king, he knows all about the Stone of Tremulousness. Though he doesn't own the stone, he's spent so much time in the palace that he's developed the power to hone a small portion of the stone's abilities, to invoke fear in anyone he doesn't like.

Other: He can fight with a Rapier really well 

submitted by Cloudy Dweller
(May 10, 2015 - 4:13 pm)

The RP will start when we have 4 people who have joined. 

My second Charrie:

Name: Calcspar Gilder

Age: 20

Personality: He has a quick temper and doesn't care to be around other people, especially children. He is not "evil" though.

Appearance: Golden light blonde hair, very light brown eyes, and is tall and sturdy. Often dresses in black.

Power: None.

Other: He is a wanderer, not belonging to any of the four corners of the kingdom. He wants to get his hands on the Eternity Jewel.




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(May 10, 2015 - 2:51 pm)

Sounds great! We start soon. Warning: I am leaving for Florida tomorrow and I will be on here a little less.  Hmmm... I will have a long drive ahead of me, and the iPad as well. We start tomorrow, Monday. 

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(May 10, 2015 - 7:24 pm)

Name: Faith Firestar

Character Form: Elf but can transform into dragon or Phoenix


Personality: Kind and caring, but willing to act against anyone evil and anyone who wishes to harm her friends.

Appearance: light skin, long dirty blond hair with streaks of red and orange (always worn in a braid or down) almost always smiling with rosy cheeks, wears pink, red, orange, or dark purple clothes normally a comfortable shirt with leggings or jeans.

Power: If it involves fire this elf can do it! She can make volcanoes erupt, summon fire out of thin air, create an army of golden pheonixes, and much more.

Other: Faith's brother Josh has storm powers and they often fight evil side by side. 

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(May 10, 2015 - 8:55 pm)

I'm changing Faith's name to Allyson. You can call her Ally if you want.

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(May 11, 2015 - 3:26 pm)

I forgot to mention that Allyson has dark, dark brown eyes.

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(May 11, 2015 - 3:28 pm)

Can i join or is it too late?

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I just joined so I don't think it's too late.


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Character form:

Name: Nellethiel Tarron

Age: 234 (about 15 in elf years)

Personality: Quiet. Incredibly intelligent and wise. Is very protective of her princess, Evelyn.

Appearance: Platinum blonde with green eyes, is a frost elf.

Power (If any): She is a water elementalist (mist, ice, snow, water) and has other basic skills like telekinesis nd mind reading.

Other: Is a druid, but is sworn to protect Princess Evelyn Glacia at all costs.

submitted by Brookeira
(May 12, 2015 - 8:15 am)

Name:  Millennia Peragrine

Age: 16


Personality: Sad and quite. She often stares out into space as if something is bothering her. But whatever it is she never tells anyone. She doesn't speak much and goes about her day in silance.


Appearance: Long brown hair, light green eyes. She is small for her age. She has large brown and white wings like that of a hawk's. She wears a dark green dress, brown sandals, and leather gloves like hawk's talons. 


Power (If any): She can communicate to birds of prey and fly but not for very far.

Other:  Birds of prey have a liking to her and often sit on her shoulder and play about her.




Name: Leo  Featherclaws


Age: 17

Personality:  Fierce, bold, outspoken, and pugnacious (look it up)


Appearance: A griffin the size of a very big dog. His fur has a amber tint to it and the ends of all his feathers are amber. He has a long scar over on eye.

Power (If any): He can fly and fight very well. He also has night vison.

Other:  None




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