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So there are two rival clans: Aquaclan and Blazeclan ( made up. Blazeclan lives in the foothills overlooking the river on one side of the river and Aquaclan on the other side in the girders sorta marsh. They have a long rivalry against each other and tensions are growing.


1. Up to 2 cherries

2. Be fair

3 don't be OP


Just reasons I won't explain. Just because. Here's the sheet.....









Here're my characters:


Name: Flamespirit


age: 12 moons ( one year ) 

Clan: Blazeclan

appearance: Brown tabby, black paws, muzzle, stripes , and tail tip. Green eyes

habits: talks fast when excited, and is very over dramatic

personality: see habits

Position: WarrioR

Other: is secretly dating a Aquaclan warrior named Pinesong ( if someone can be him it would be awesome!), is half clan ( only she knows), and has a brother named Rockfall( once again, can someone be him?)


ok so for each clan we need

1 leader

1-2 med cats

3 warriors


we will start when all spots are filled or Monday..... Here's a slight post to get the plot rolling;




i sat on a log in the camp. It was on top of a the hugest hill. We slept in miss beds in logs and bushes. All was peaceful, and calm. The kit triplets where playing. The elders and Sparrowpaw were sharing a hare. I heard a twig snap behind me and I saw the unmistakeable smile of Rockfall in a Gorsebush.  

" Aquaclan has crossed the border. We didn't have enough cats to fight them. They're coming the main route. We have to Warn Goldstar-"


The camp erupted into chaos. 

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Name: Nightfeather

Gender: Female

Age: 20 moons

Clan: Aquaclan

Appearance: Sleek black fur, blue eyes. Large for a cat of her age.

Habits: Never sleeps well, only an hour or so. Paces about when nervous.

Personality: Brave, strong, arrogant, sometimes snappish. Proud, very loyal to her clan.

Position: Deputy, but often takes the role of warrior.



Name: Rainlight

Gender: Female

Age: 9 moons

Clan: Blazeclan

Appearance: Small, has blue-grey fur, a very long tail, and deep blue eyes.

Habits: Protective of all the clan's kits, likes to make sure that they are safe.

Personality: Soft spoken, helpful, gentle, cautious. Sometimes gets confused in battles. A fast runner.

Position: Med Cat. 


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EEEEK~~ I'm so happy someone finally made an RP about Warriors! I would not exsist without those books, I'm on the fifth series! (I need to start it.) I just finished the fourth! XD I can't tell you how happy I am. I introduced Lindsey to Warriors, and I think it has changed her life. 

Stay calm and Read Warriors. 

So what postions are left? 


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watch the kittens from the den beneath the fallen tree. They play
happily, chasing each other and play fighting.

they knew what  
happened they wouldn't be so
l think gloomily, stretching my stiff limbs. l am
tired from tending the wounded from the Aquaclan raid.

many cats were hurt that Ignitestone
and l could barely help them all before we
Most of them are
now, but l haven't seen Flam
and l would like to to check on her ear. 

is a rustle of leaves, and Froststar and Rockfall enter camp. l wave
my tail in greeting, and bound over to them.  

you seen Flamespirit?"

replies Froststar bitterly. "She ran off with a Aquaclan

l gasp in disbelief. Froststar abruptly turns to his den. l can tell that he is mad about Flamespirit. Oh well.

l turn to the kittens, and realize  one is missing. 



l am limping badly from a wound on my leg. Marshweed said that it would heal if l rested, but l just can't lie around. 

The raid on Blazeclan went badly, and l have been informed that one of our warriors, Pinesong, has gone missing. 

l slowly walk around camp, making sure that every cat is alright, then head over to the den. l flop down on the soft moss, when somecat enters.

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I'm making a list.


Leader: Froststar

Deputy: Unknown

Med: Rainlight and Ignitestone

Warriors: Flamespirit, Nightthorn, Rockfall.

Apperentices: None

Kits: Silverkit


Leader: Amberstar

Deputy: Nightfeather

Med: Marshweed

Warriors: Pinesong, Longheart.

Apperentices: None

Queens: Willowsong

Kits: Lightkit, Boulderkit, and Spottedkit.


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I'm lonely. I hate being lonely. Blazeclan doesn't have any queens (anymore) and the stupid medicine cats have to take care of me. Hmph. I don't need taken care of! Well ok, sometimes. But when I do need them, they're always too busy with some warrior who's "Much more important than playing a game with a kit." I'm a warrioir too! I defeated many evil... uh.... forces! Ok, fine, I'm not a warrior. But only because they never have time to train me (or what they call it "playing"). So I'm lonely. I don't know what's going on out there, but it must not be good because lots of cats have had to go to Ignitestone 'cause they're hurt. And that means less play time. And more trouble. And less fun. And more loneliness.

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Okay, thank you! Is it okay if I be two apprentices, one from each clan? We kinda need some. If I need to switch that I will. 

Name: Goldenpaw

Gender: Female

Age: 8 moons

Clan: Blazeclan

Appereance: Has a bright golden coat, and amber eyes. Underbelly, and legs are white. Short-haired cat. White tail tip.

Habits: Scratching out fur when nervous

Personality: Will do anything to be the best warrior ever. Follows warrior codes with her soul.

Position: Apprentice

Other: Sister died by greencough during winter.

Who wants to be her mentor? 



Name:  Troutpaw

Gender: Male

Age: 11 moons

Clan: Aquaclan

Appereance: Silver coat with specks of darker fleks of orange and grey. Trout green eyes. One white sock on his back left leg.

Habits: Flattening ears and hissing when large sounds are made.

Personality: Prickly, but cares for other cats. Doesn't let the other cats know he feels for them. Gets aggravated easily.

Postion: Apprentice

Other:  Hey Danie, should Willowsong be Troutpaw's mother, and he was an only kit? 

Who wants to be mentor? 

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Sure! Nightthorn can be Goldenpaw's mentor.

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(June 14, 2015 - 10:31 pm)

Nightfeather can be Troutpaw's mentor.

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(June 15, 2015 - 3:26 pm)

I have some time to join now.

Name: Marshpaw

Gender: Female

Age: 8 1/2 moons

Clan: Blazeclan

Appearance: White with spots of gold and black. Like a marshmallow! Green eyes.

Habits: Climbing trees (though sometimes a warrior has to help her down).

Personality: Loves to spend time with Goldenpaw. Always open to strangers (which occasionaly leads to chaos.)

Position: Apprentice


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(June 15, 2015 - 10:04 am)

Okay so we just need a deputy then I will allow NO MORE PEOPLE YO JOIN!


( Imagine "I Know Places" by Talyor Swift playing during the run away and into the Lands Beyond.) 

Pinesong and I walk down a path. He purrs loudly and our tails are intertwined. It feels good, away from the pressure of clan life but not as lazy as a Kittypet. In between. It was relaxing.

"You're not supposed to be here," somebody behind us says. I flip around to a Black and White cat with amber eyes.

"W-who are you?" I fearfully demand.  

"Swiftheart," the she-cat replies. "You look so much like your father... ," she murmurs.

"What was that?" I ask.

"Nothing," Swiftheart bursts out. Pinesong snorts and his tail lashes.

"What are you doing here in no cats land?" he asks.

"Living in exile," Swift replies. She sits down and licks her tummy. She looks up and looks at us. Examining us.

"Ah I see. Kits," Swift says, smirking.

"We're going to go now," Pinesong says, leading me to a hollow under a tree. I instantly fall asleep and a flashback begins from when I was a kit.

"Can you tell me a story, Mama?" I asked.

"Yes honey. A long time ago there where four clans: Thunderclan, Windclan, Shadowclan, and Riverclan. Riverclan and Shadowclan joined together to form Aquaclan. Thunderclan and Windclan joined together to make Blazeclan. And that is where your story begins."


i woke up with a start to a horrible smell. I sniffed the air again. Fox! 

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"Look Boulderkit, the warriors are back!" I squeaked excitedly and bounded over to the entrance of the nursery. "Race you!" I mewed and took off. Boulderkit jumped up and ran after me over to the warriors who started padding in. "Did you win? Did you kill anyone? Can you tell us what happened?" We bombarded the first warrior who came in with questions. "I'll tell you later...," he said and padded off. Boulderkit and I looked at each other. Usually the warriors liked to tell us stories. Something must have happened.

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Lindsey I am honored to know that you based Marshpaw after my Cat Marshmallow! XD 

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Poor, poor Silverkit. If I had time, I would really try to play with her, but I don't. The raid by Aquaclan left so many cats injured, and Rainlight and I still have our paws full. After fetching a bit of moss, I notice her (It's a her, right?) staring gloomily out at the cave.

"You can go out and play with the other kits if you'd like," I mutter to her.

She just stares gloomily.

It's a sad thing, fighting. It can be enjoyable at times, but mostly it just means injury, death, and sadness. Both clans must understand this. Unfortunately, they're more sucked up in territory and revenge than safety. The worst thing a cat can do.

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I enter the warriors den, to find Nightfeather resting. "Nightfeather?" She opens one eye. "I'm not asleep Troutpaw." I sit down, my eyes adjusting to the dimness of the den. "No training today, I'm guessing." She snorts, "You've got that right. Some stupid furball Blazeclan cat wounded my leg. Marshweed said I should rest it." I cock my head, "Fat chance of that happening, we both know you can't sit still." She grunts, and I exit the den. Great, just great. I'm so close to becoming a warrior, but I can't have my training. I pull the dirt out with my claws. I decide to go check on Willowsong. I poke my head in the queen's den. "Troutpaw, finally! Make yourself useful and play with your siblings!" Willowsong huffed. She looked terrible! She had fought in the raid, and had to watch her kits the moment she got back. All three kits lick her, and head into camp clearing. She purrs as she watched them leave. "Willowsong are you okay?" She flicked her tail, "Troutpaw please just keep them out of my fur. Now." I turn and greet Lightkit, Boulderkit, and Spottedkit in the clearing. "I'm a Blazeclan warrior, and you three are Aquaclan warriors." Lightkit throws herself on top of me, then Boulderkit, and Spottedkit do the same. At least this is somekind of training. We wrestle in the dirt, and I softly cuff Lightkit over the ear. "I can't take you three strong Aquaclan warriors!" I wail. "Serves you right!" Boulderkit jumps onto my back. Then Lightkit takcles my back leg, and Spottedkit bats my whiskers. We all fall into a laughing heap. Then a shadow loomed over us. "An apprentice almost becoming a warrior should not be playing like a kit! Troutpaw I thought you would've known better!" Longheart snarled, and padded off. Growling I stood up, Lightkit still on my leg. I shook her off, and started for the camp opening. "I hate it when he gets like this." Spottedkit whispered. I whipped around and hissed at them. "Willowsong!" They all squealed and ran back into the nursery. I'll show Longheart! I huffed, and decided to go hunting near the Blazeclan and Aquaclan border.

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