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So there are two rival clans: Aquaclan and Blazeclan ( made up. Blazeclan lives in the foothills overlooking the river on one side of the river and Aquaclan on the other side in the girders sorta marsh. They have a long rivalry against each other and tensions are growing.


1. Up to 2 cherries

2. Be fair

3 don't be OP


Just reasons I won't explain. Just because. Here's the sheet.....









Here're my characters:


Name: Flamespirit


age: 12 moons ( one year ) 

Clan: Blazeclan

appearance: Brown tabby, black paws, muzzle, stripes , and tail tip. Green eyes

habits: talks fast when excited, and is very over dramatic

personality: see habits

Position: WarrioR

Other: is secretly dating a Aquaclan warrior named Pinesong ( if someone can be him it would be awesome!), is half clan ( only she knows), and has a brother named Rockfall( once again, can someone be him?)


ok so for each clan we need

1 leader

1-2 med cats

3 warriors


we will start when all spots are filled or Monday..... Here's a slight post to get the plot rolling;




i sat on a log in the camp. It was on top of a the hugest hill. We slept in miss beds in logs and bushes. All was peaceful, and calm. The kit triplets where playing. The elders and Sparrowpaw were sharing a hare. I heard a twig snap behind me and I saw the unmistakeable smile of Rockfall in a Gorsebush.  

" Aquaclan has crossed the border. We didn't have enough cats to fight them. They're coming the main route. We have to Warn Goldstar-"


The camp erupted into chaos. 

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Top to the top the thread tippy top top

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I growl and watch as  the Clan cats fight over a small kit dangling in one's jaw. I've been watching them for moons, curious about their way of life. I've been groomed by my owner's all my life. But, my heart yearns for something more. A hole that can't be filled with my content life. I sigh, and my collar constrics my neck. Luckily no bell is attached, or I would have never been able to watch the clan cats. My brown pelt burns with envy, and my amber eyes watch them intently. My claws itch impaitently. I must do something, or else I will die trying! Jumping from the log on the tree, I stalk toward them. Their pelts become clearer to see. A black tom, a brown tom, a golden she-cat, and now a sleek silver she-cat appeared on the scene. The black tom's jaws held a small kit, looking like a new born. The brown cat jumped onto his back pulling at his scruf, and they toppled in a fighting heap. I saw my chance, I leapt in and picked up the kit gently in my mouth. THe silver she-cat glared at me. "Drop him!" She scowled. I dipped my head and layed him gently in her paws. Gaping at me, I looked at her. "Well? Aren't you going to take it back to your den?" Glaring she scooped up the kit and ran. The two toms were still fighting. Leaping onto my back, the gold one pushed her claws into my skin. Yowling I try to flip her off without hurting her. The brow tom pinned the darker on down. Jaws open, and his eyes hungry. "Get off!" I finally shove her off. I leap at the brown cat right as he is about to sink his jaws into the black cats throat. We tumble to the ground and I claw at him. Not knowing any battle moves, he easily swipes at me. I lay a few on him but then he flips me onto my back. My belly fur exsposed, I use my hind legs and kick him off. He barrells into a tree, and then limply falls to the floor. "Night-thorn!" The young one howls. Night-thorn gets up and sniffs the tom. Suddenly the tom claws at Night-thorn, but he pushes him back into the tree. I see his flank stop moving. "You've killed him!" The golden she-cat yowels. "Goldenpaw, he was a menace to both clans. If he still lived he would reek havoc. Pinesong has commited a crime against both clans. Blood thirsty and he would've come back as a rouge. You've heard the tales of Tigerstar." Goldenpaw dipped her head, then fixed her gaze on me. "Now who are you?!" She says hissing. "What were you thinking kittypet scum! Your on our territory!" Night-thorn mewed. "He's as big as a warrior, and looks that old too." Goldenpaw growled. "I was trying to help." I mew calmly. "We don't need your help!" He spat. I began to lick the scratches along my side. I turn to him, "The real reason I came, is because I want to join your clan."

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I look over the kittypet.

"Why would you want to join our clan?" I hiss. "You don't know anything about us."

"Yes I do," the cat replies. "Please," The cat goes to a pleading voice. "I can prove myself."

"Fine. I will give you a chance," I look over to Goldenpaw. "Goldenpaw, take him to Froststar. He will decide. Pebblepaw, you go with her."

After they leave, I look over to Pinesong's body.

"You would have made a great warrior," I look over to the sky. "Oh, Skyclan, don't punish me!" 

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Okay, I just need a favor done.

SO. MANY. CATS. And I'm getting confused as to which cat is in which clan. So... could I have some sort of chart, or something, just to clear things up? Then I'll post.

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Ok, I think I can do that, just wait a minute...

Blazeclan: Flamespirit, Silverkit, Froststar, Duskkit, Vinekit, Riverkit, Dawnkit, Ignitestone, Nightthorn, Rainlight, Rockfall, Pebblepaw, Goldenpaw, and Marshpaw.  I think thats all the Blazeclan cats...

Aquaclan: Amberstar, Longheart, Marshweed, Willowsong, Lighkit, Spottedkit, Boulderkit, Nightfeather, Troutpaw, Barker(???).

Thats the best I could do. 

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I'm pretty sure Barker's joining Blaze.

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Thanks, Mother Goose! That's really helpful!



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