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So there are two rival clans: Aquaclan and Blazeclan ( made up. Blazeclan lives in the foothills overlooking the river on one side of the river and Aquaclan on the other side in the girders sorta marsh. They have a long rivalry against each other and tensions are growing.


1. Up to 2 cherries

2. Be fair

3 don't be OP


Just reasons I won't explain. Just because. Here's the sheet.....









Here're my characters:


Name: Flamespirit


age: 12 moons ( one year ) 

Clan: Blazeclan

appearance: Brown tabby, black paws, muzzle, stripes , and tail tip. Green eyes

habits: talks fast when excited, and is very over dramatic

personality: see habits

Position: WarrioR

Other: is secretly dating a Aquaclan warrior named Pinesong ( if someone can be him it would be awesome!), is half clan ( only she knows), and has a brother named Rockfall( once again, can someone be him?)


ok so for each clan we need

1 leader

1-2 med cats

3 warriors


we will start when all spots are filled or Monday..... Here's a slight post to get the plot rolling;




i sat on a log in the camp. It was on top of a the hugest hill. We slept in miss beds in logs and bushes. All was peaceful, and calm. The kit triplets where playing. The elders and Sparrowpaw were sharing a hare. I heard a twig snap behind me and I saw the unmistakeable smile of Rockfall in a Gorsebush.  

" Aquaclan has crossed the border. We didn't have enough cats to fight them. They're coming the main route. We have to Warn Goldstar-"


The camp erupted into chaos. 

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Aw, you're welcome. I try to help, even if it doesn't work sometimes.

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Uh, can someone PLEASE post?

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Sorry, l can't post becasue l'm busy. l'm droping out. Someone can take over my charries.

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I was bored. Spottedkit was watching the medicine cat mixing herbs, and Boulderkit was chasing a moth. I Padded over to Willowsong. "Where's Troutpaw, Mama? I want to play with someone." Willowsong sighed. "Troutpaw is out hunting, dear. He won't be back until later." I groaned. I wanted someone to play with now! "Why don't you go play with Your siblings?" Willowsong asked. "Because, Boulderkit just chases things, and Spottedkit always has a mouth full of herbs!" I ran out angrily. Nobody ever wants to play with me! Well I'd show them. I padded out of the camp, into the forest. I'd catch a squirrel, then they'd like me! I searched for one for a looong time. When I finally found one, it was almost dark. "C'mon.. c'mon..." I leaped, and missed. I landed hard on the ground. "Ouch!" A thorn had scratched my side, and the cut was bleeding. I tried to lick it, but I couldn't reach the scratch. By that time, it was dark and I had no idea where I was. I wimpered softly. This wasn't how it was supposed to go! I suddenly heard a twig snap behind me. I turned around and gasped.

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Top topy

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"Oh help! Someone find Lightkit!" I wail, my paws scraping the cold ground. Oh starclan, help me! Don't let my kit go!

What if a fox gets lightkit, or even a badger.... Oh no. I scrap into the ground again. 

"Please, Amberstar, I want to go look for her," I plea, looking at her.

"No. You just had kits, and you still need rest," Amberstar's eyes soften. "She'll be okay, I promise."

Don't make promises you can't keep, I think miserably. 

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Can I join? if so...

Name: Dapplepaw

Age: 8 moons (2 months)

Gender: Female

Clan:  BlazeClan

Appearence: Dappled grey-and-white pelt, blue eyes

Personality: Calm, thoughtful. OK at fighting, but better a hunting. She's the one to ask if you want to solve a problem, but NOT in a situation where you will be fighting!

Habits: sitting quietly by herself and thinking

Position: apprentice

Other: Sister of Flamespirit, only from a younger litter

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I don't see why you couldn't join, just make sure it's ok that your Flamespirit's sister.

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It's all good!

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I sniff around, and catch a whiff of a vole. Dropping into a crouch I launch myself at the unsespecting creature. I quickly bite it's neck and thank Skyclan for the kill. I started heading back to camp. Then a strong sent flooded through my open jaws. Lightkit! Quickly I burry the prey, and trace the sent. I stopped abruptly when I enter a small clearing. A badger stood in front of the trembling kit. She swat him a few time, but they were just small scratches. Fear shook my body. The badger opened his jaws and was getting ready to lunge for the kit. "Get away from my sister!" I howled, disctracting the badger. He turned to me, as I threw myself on top of him. He swung and began to roll on his back. I quickly dive off and jump infront of Lightkit. Hissing and my fur stood on end. "Lightkit run back to camp!" "But I don't know where camp is!" She wailed. The badger took a swipe. Not even a single warrior could take this on, let alone an apprentice. Scooping Lightkit in my jaws I started to scramble up the nearest tree. Aquaclan isn't good at climbing trees, but since I feared for my life I tried with all my effort.  I scrambled up to a low branch, but then the badger started to scale the tree as well. They aren't climbers, but the can get the base of the trunk. I quickly moved to a higher branch until we were out of it's claws. I set Lightkit down. "Hold on as tight as you can." Her tiny claws dug into the branch.  "This is bad, we can't go back to camp, or we'll lead it straight to it! We can't fight, and.." I look at Lightkit, fear in her eyes. She had a huge scratch down her flank that was bleeding badly. I really hoped it wasn't fatal, I couldn't lose her! She was going to make the best warrior in the clan! I started licking her wound, lost in thought. "I have an idea." She squeaked. "Lets call for the clan." "Great idea Lightkit!" Would it work? 

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This will be my last post until the 22th! Someone else is welcome to rp Lightkit while I'm gone.


"Aquaclan! Help!" I mewed as loud as I could, even though my side hurt and my throat was dry. "Anyone! Anyone at all!" Suddenly a furry blur ran smack into the badger. The badger looked around angrily and roared. I flattened my small ears. It was so loud! The badger roared again and swung around at the blur I realized was a cat. I couldn't tell what it looked like, it moved so fast! I watched it fight the badger, darting around just out of reach. Eventually the badger whimpered and bounded away into the forest. Troutpaw carefully carried me down. "Thank you for saving us," he said calmly. I squeaked, "We were almost badger food! And what's your name?" The cat turned around and I gasped. "Y-you!"

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I'M SO SORRY I HAVEN'T BEEN ON!!! I know that I made characters, but I'll post now. Again, I'm super super sorry!

Question: Are the med. cat apprentice spots still open?  


I prod Dawnkit with my paw, but she's still napping. I'll just have to go out myself! I run out of the nursery and into the center of camp. As I do, I trip and land on top of a leaf. I growl at it and launch my attack, rolling over on my back and clawing it into shreds. "I'll get you!" I growl, and it's soon torn to shreds. I look around and see a few warriors watching me. I know they like me. I straighten up and shake my pelt, purring as I do so.



I stretch and wake up from my nap. My dreams were full of cats that were AquaClan, with large black eyes and matted, dirty fur. Their claws were as long as I was and their teeth shone in the moonlight. They launched themselves toward me as I woke up. Shaking, I tiptoed out of the nursery to the center of the clearing, where Duskkit was, standing proudly with remnants of a leaf on her pelt.

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top please!

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Top top top top please top! I really like this rp!

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I looked calmly at Lightkit. "Yes, me." She looked over me, her eyes glittering. I sat down and started to wash my paws, getting all the badger scent off. Troutpaw stood up and shook himself. "Thank you for saving us, now we must go. Come on, Lightkit. He said quietly. They padded out of the clearing with Lighkit dragging behind. "Thank you again!" She squeaked as they left. I stood up and padded away, my thoughts swirling. Did I really just chase away a badger? By myself? With Troutpaws help, of cource. I had never really realized how strong he was, not to mention handsome... Good grief, what was I thinking?! I shook my heard and broke into a run, back into camp.

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