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So there are two rival clans: Aquaclan and Blazeclan ( made up. Blazeclan lives in the foothills overlooking the river on one side of the river and Aquaclan on the other side in the girders sorta marsh. They have a long rivalry against each other and tensions are growing.


1. Up to 2 cherries

2. Be fair

3 don't be OP


Just reasons I won't explain. Just because. Here's the sheet.....









Here're my characters:


Name: Flamespirit


age: 12 moons ( one year ) 

Clan: Blazeclan

appearance: Brown tabby, black paws, muzzle, stripes , and tail tip. Green eyes

habits: talks fast when excited, and is very over dramatic

personality: see habits

Position: WarrioR

Other: is secretly dating a Aquaclan warrior named Pinesong ( if someone can be him it would be awesome!), is half clan ( only she knows), and has a brother named Rockfall( once again, can someone be him?)


ok so for each clan we need

1 leader

1-2 med cats

3 warriors


we will start when all spots are filled or Monday..... Here's a slight post to get the plot rolling;




i sat on a log in the camp. It was on top of a the hugest hill. We slept in miss beds in logs and bushes. All was peaceful, and calm. The kit triplets where playing. The elders and Sparrowpaw were sharing a hare. I heard a twig snap behind me and I saw the unmistakeable smile of Rockfall in a Gorsebush.  

" Aquaclan has crossed the border. We didn't have enough cats to fight them. They're coming the main route. We have to Warn Goldstar-"


The camp erupted into chaos. 

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I walk away, astonished. Pebblepaw, on our territory. Although for some reason, that wasn't what was bothering me. Lightkit was talking to me, but I couldn't focus.

The sleek she-cat saved our tails. Her moves so smooth, and effective. Her white coat reflected the moonlight. When I looked into her saphire sky blue eyes, they burned with such intensity.

"Troutpaw, I'm tired." I woke back into reality. Was I just-? No.                                      

"Don't worry, we're almost there. Lightkit, when we get back don't say anything about Pebblepaw."

"Why? She saved us!"
"Yes, but she was on our territory, and AquaClan will be angry with Blazeclan. Aquaclan is not ready for another fight. Neither of the clans are."

"Oh," Lightkit studied her paws. "Okay, I promise not to say anything about Pebblepaw. Thank Skyclan!" I scooped up Lightkit in my jaws, and ran the rest of the way home. Trying to keep Pebblepaw out of my mind, I instead thought of Lightkit. Her wound was crusting, and looked as if it was getting infected. Please let us get there in time!

When we get back to camp, Marshweed instantly took Lightkit into the Medicine Cat den. I was swarmed by warriors asking questions. "A badgar attacked us, and we were somehow able to get away."

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As soon as Troutpaw and I got back, Marshweed took me into the medicine den and started to wash my scratch. "Owwww!" I wimpered as she put some herbs on it. "Don't worry, it will only hurt a second," she meowed. She then sat down and looked me in the eye. "Lightkit, what you did was very dangerous; you could have been killed." I shuffled my paws. "I just wanted to catch a squirrel and show all my siblings I was fun to play with." Marshweed sighed. "Lightkit, what actually happened out there? Troutpaw couldn't possibly have fought off a badger all by himself. Maybe he had some help..?" I shook my head. "Sorry Marshweed, Troutpaw told me I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that someone from Blazeclan saved us." Marshweed frowned. Oh no! I had told our secret! Marshweed stood up and put cobwebs on my scratch. "Lightkit, stay here. I need to talk with Troutpaw and Amberstar." 

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Willowsong, Troutpaw, Amberstar, or Marshweed please post.

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sorry been busy. I'll type soon. 

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I'm prodded awake by a scowling face. "Marshweed-?" "Get up Troutpaw! We're going into Amberstar's den!" I was basically hauled out by the scruff out of the apprentice's den. Cats were looking with wide eyes as the medicine cat stomped accross the clearing. I spotted Lightkit's head poking out of the medicine cat den. She looked scared. Why? Then it hit me, like a rockfall. I tried to scramble out of Marshweeds girp, but it was to no avail. Marshweed basically tossed me into the leaders den. Amberstar sat there in the dark, her amber eyes gleamed with dissaproval.

"Troutpaw, it's been made known to me that a Blazeclan apprentice was on our territory, and you didn't say a word!"

I shrunk back at the terrifying Amberstar, "Well, you see. I didn't say anything because the apprentice helped defeat the badger, and nothing else. Plus I thought enough blood was shed already."

"Cleary not enough for the apprentice to stay off our territory! We will have to go to Blazeclan camp, and make sure that this apprentice is punished. Who is this cat?"

Looking at my paws, Marshweed answered, "From what I've gathered it's Pebblepaw." My heart sunk.

"As for you Troutpaw, no more gatherings for the rest of green leaf, and you will have to clean out the nursery, and Elders den as well for looking for ticks for the rest of greenleaf!"

Bowing my head, I felt anger. No! No! No No! Now I'll be the dissapointment of the clan, and I'll probably never live it down! It was bad for me, but what about Pebblepaw!? 
"Alright, Marshweed get our deptuy to gather  a small patrol to go to Blazeclan camp. And Troutpaw your coming with us."

"Amberstar please, it wasn't Pebblepaw's fault, it was mine. Please don't punish her-"

"Silence! Not one more word from your mouth, now get going!" 

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Pebblepaw ~

I tried to act nonchalant as I licked my wounds in a corner of camp. Goldenpaw came up to me, and seeing the scratches I got, her eyes widened. "Pebblepaw, what happened?!"  She said loudly. "Shhh!" I put my tail over her mouth. A few cats were starting to look at us questioningly. I removed my tail. "Look, I saw a kit about to be eaten by a badger, I went over Aquaclan's border, and saved it. Nothing else happened." Goldenpaw looked doubtful, but she didn't ask questions. Then suddenly one of the guards yowled. "Amberstar! Froststar is here with a patrol!" Amberstar came running out of the den and over to the entrance as Froststar padded in. "What buisness do you have here, Froststar?" He Looked her in the eye and replied. "One of your apprentices wandered over our border line. Don't they know not to do that?"Amberstar growled menacingly. "Of course they do!" She meowed angrily. She scanned the camp and I crouched down, wishing I was anywhere but here. She looked at me, my scratches, then yowled over to me, "Pebblepaw! Come here!" I got up and slowly padded to her. The whole clan stared. "Is it true you crossed Aquaclan's border?" I swallowed. "Yes, but I did it to save a kit! A badger was about to eat her, and I had to do something!" Froststar glared at me. Just then I noticed Troutpaw had come along with the patrol. He looked at me, and I felt funny. He mouthed I'm sorry. Amberstar looked down at me. "Pebblepaw, No gatherings until the end of Greenleaf, Hunting patrol everyday, and help Ignitestone with gathering herbs." I widened my eyes. "But I won't have barely any time to sleep and eat!" Ignitestone looked at me and said softly. "Pebblepaw, it's your punishment, I think you should except it." She whispered in my ear. "At least you're still in the clan." I sighed. How true. "Well I think that's all. Good day, Amberstar." Said Froststar, and he padded out with the other Aquaclan cats. Amberstar looked at me. "Well Pebblepaw? Go on now!" I Jumped. "But first, get Ignitestone to see about those scratches." I padded to her den. I hope Troutpaw didn't get punished too hard.

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Er, Froststar is your clan leader, Wren. You're in Blazeclan, and Froststar is the clan leader. :P

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Please top!

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Oops. I was kind of in a hurry, and I guess I got confused... Just ignore the leaders names then. :)

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