Spirit Animals Roleplay!

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Spirit Animals Roleplay!

Spirit Animals Roleplay! So, like, everyone has a person, but also a spirit animal. And anyone who posts also can make a Great Beast and their tailsman. Your person or Beast can be good, or evil. They can have a Bile bond or a Nectar bond. You can also create a companion, like Tarik and Lenori, ok? Also, you guys must tell me how many books you've read. I just finished #5.

So . . . here's the form.





Spirit Animal and its powers:




And if you  want . .





We can have as many people with Spirit animals as we like, but 1 Great Beast per person.



Name: Katie

Age:  12

Bond: Bile

Spirit animal and powers: Loku the snake, he can mind control, too, since he is Gerathon's sister.

Appearence: Long dark hair that always seems to be moving, hypnotizingly beautiful ever-changing eyes, light skin, wears a white sleeveless dress, and shell earrings.

Personality: Fierce, angry, hotheaded mean as a pit bull but still beautiful as . . well, there's really nothing as beautiful as her.


submitted by N.B., age U.S, 9
(June 13, 2015 - 4:56 pm)

Name: Tori Aisu

Age: 12

Bond: Nectar

Spirit Animal and its powers: Echo the Siberian tiger: ice+agility and strength.

Appearence: White blonde hair, Zhongese body type, wide green eyes

Personality: Smart, cunning, fairly nice. Powerful.

Also, she's the child of a Zhongese noble and a Euran noble. 

submitted by Brookeira
(June 13, 2015 - 7:57 pm)