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Magic Rp!!&n

Magic Rp!!


This RP is set in a land where some people have some kind of magic powers fitting to their kingdom. Some people do not have magic powers. They are just normal humans. There are five kingdoms: Earth Kingdom; Water Kingdom; Air Kingdom; Fire Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom is the smallest more like a city than a kingdom. Each kingdom has a king and queen and the rulers of the Msagic Kingdom are in charge of all the kingdoms. There is also a small kingdom known as the Dark Tribe that wants to take over the five kingdoms and use all the people as slaves. The Dark Tribe has no powers of their own, and so they want to find out the secret of the magic that the people have.  

The Plot:

The Dark Tribe plans to capture the prince or princess of each kingdom and one non-royal person to hold for ransom and the ransom is that to get the kids back, the rulers must give up their kingdoms. None of the people know this. The charries will be the ones being kidnapped and they will find a way to escape. 


1. Only one charrie per person.

2. Ten people maximum allowed to be part of the kingdoms. If you come after that you can give me ten good reasons and I might let you in, but you have to be a human. 

3. No one is the king or queen of any kingdom, but you can be a prince or princess.

4. Only one prince or princess per kingdom.

5. Two main charries per kingdom.

6. All charries are 15 

7. Five people can be in the Dark Tribe if they want.

Sub-charries are allowed, but you may only have one. No more than five sub-charries.

Powers should fit your position and kingdom, for example you could be the prince of the fire kingdom so you can control all fire, lava, etc. If you were a commoner of the fire kingdom you might have the power to make volcanoes erupt or maybe you could create fire from your hands. The piont is that if you are a prince or princess, you have all the powers of your kingdom. If you are non-royal (commoner) then you have one power like for the earth kingdom, talking to animals.

Here is my charrie:

Name: Skye Ransing

Gender: Female

Age: 15 

Kingdom: Magic Kingdom

Position: Princess

Powers: She can control the elements (earth, air, fire, water), has healing powers and she can change what she looks like (turn into an animal, change hair color, etc.).  

Appearance: Tall (5'5"); long, wavy auburn hair that goes down to her knees; usally wears a plain t-shirt with blue jeans. Always wears a necklace on a gold chain with an aquamarine surronded by gold. It was a gift from her mother who died whed she was five. Skye fiddles with her necklace whenever she is thinking, excited or nervous. She is very pretty, but doesn't care.

Personality: Bouncy; kind; very intelligent. She is good at making plans. Kinda tom-boyish. 

Other: Her father (the king) always wants her to act like a proper princess, but she hates it. She has to take lessons on things like posture and manners and dancing. She usally skips some of her lessons and goes off hunting instead.

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Oh. Thanks anyway.

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Name: Rebbeca Flambé, but everyone calls her Magma.

Gender: F

Age: 13

Kingdom: Fire Kingdom

Postition: Princess

Powers: She has ultimate control over fire. She can speak to it, control it, and can't get burned by it. If she concentrates really hard, she can even make it underwater, but only for a few seconds. She's still working on that.

Appearance: Normal sized, but seems a little taller than she is because of her attitude. Long, long, long flaming red hair that she usually keeps in a braid. She likes to wear a black jumper with orange on the ends and a crown not easily noticed, but when she "has to be a real princess, come on Rebecca" she has to wear this red frilly ball gown thing that she takes off as soon as she possibly can.

Personality: She's known far and wide as the most attidute-driven, spunky princess in the five kingdoms. The only people who can ever get her into a dress are her parents, who threaten her with "No seaside practice for a week!" before she finally agrees. However, she's a very hardworking person, too, and has a soft heart, although she makes sure no one ever sees it.

Other: Her favorite thing to do besides play with fire is horseback riding, and she's pretty good at it. She has a black horse called Lava who she rides for about an hour daily. Also, she has an aunt in the Dark Tribe... but of course she doesn't know that.

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All main charries are 15. Remember?






That is not meant to sound harsh, by the way. 

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Oh, haha. Sorry! I forgot that.

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It's fine.

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Name: Isabel Maira Krea

Gender: Female

Age: 15 

Kingdom: Water Kingdom

Position: Princess

Powers: She can control water in all its forms, solid, liquid, gas, but not for a  long time as it makes her tired. She can also swim and hold her breath for a  long time. She can also talk to sea monsters.

Appearance: Long white-blonde hair, blue eyes, Blue and silver wings like a fairy's although she isn't one. She wears blue dresses most of the time and is very delicate looking. 

Personality: Kind of snobbish, takes her position as princess seriously. Not used to hardship,  and likes the best of everything. Whiny, but underneth she dreams of being free of her position. Not wise, very hasty, not too friendly to strangers. Rude sometimes if she doesn't like you. Wants to be adventurous but is afraid to.

Other: She lives in a castle made of water, held there by her father's magic. Sometimes at night, she will play with the sea monsters, but her father forbidds this, getting very angery if she is caught at it. 





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I love this idea!!!

Name: Rain Towers

Age: 15

Kingdom: Air kingdom

Position: Princess

Powers: She can speak to air. Well control it. Basically the wind has a language and she can speak it. So she can tell (with her thoughts) the wind what to do and the wind can tell her things. Like if someone is coming her way.

Appearance: 5'3''; She has hair down to her middle back. It is curly and a radiant hazel color. Oh, and she has bangs that hang above her eyes. She has a round face that, when she smiles, has these cute little dimples. She has some freckles dotting her nose and upper cheeks. She also has a small dragon necklace around her neck. 

Personality: Shy. She is very, very shy. She hardly talks unless spoken to, even though there are brilliant ideas blooming in her mind. When alone in her room she paints, and draws, and creates. She takes old junk and creates amazing furniure or decor. When she is absolutely sure no one is nearby, she sings. Even though she is good at art and stuff, she thinks singing is her only real talent. The only time she comes out of her shell is when something or someone is being hurt.

Other: Her parents want her to be a confident queen. So they make her go up and speak in front of people, it always ends in tears. Even though they love her they just can't see that they are truly hurting her. 



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Ooh, fun!

Name: Elysa Windfall

Gender: Female 

Age: 15 (obviously)

Kingdom: Air Kingdom

Position: Non-royal, the daughter of an airship pilot

Powers: She has this glider, and she can control how the wind makes her glider fly. Like, she can make it fly lower, higher, left, right, etc, but can't control how the wind affects everything else.

Appearnce: Pale blonde hair, long and worn in a high ponytail with sideswept bangs. Almost always has a small smile. Bright, sparkling blue eyes, and wears a purple tunic' white leggings, and sandals. 

Personality: Fun-loving and can always make you laugh. She goes with the flow and doesn't let the little things get to her. Compassionate, too, especially concerning animals. 

Other: Her mother passed away when she was small, so Elysa does the cooking and stuff, as well as comforting herself and her father when they mourn her loss. 


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We still can have five more people! Don't let this die like my first post did!

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Can I make a person from Dark Tribe?

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