Charrie roundup!

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Charrie roundup!

Charrie roundup!Tongue out

I have no idea why I am doing this, but gather round and round up your charries?

For no particular, submit all the charries you've ever made! Actually, for a reason. Yes! It will bring back memories and lost ideas for RPs that died right away! It will give you inspiration for new characters! Please note what RP the charrie is or was part of!

Have fun!

My charries:

From the Percy Jackson RP lead by Owlgirl (boohoo, its dead now!)

Name: Chris Potter

God parent: Hephaestus

appearance: Brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, average height and average build: not super muscular nor super weak

personality: funny, sarcastic, can be really friendly and sympathetic

skills/powers: can make just about anything, is especially good at not mechanics but carving and welding and etching, is good with shield and sword (almost as good as Percy!)


 From the Tree Town RP

Name: Rayseli Pettit

Age: 15

Personality/Hoastoak: Pink Hostoak. She's a little snooty. She is really girly girly and says "like" a lot. She's really popular and all the boys love her and follow her and she flirts with them. She's not a bully or a mean girl, but she is girly girly and has lots of friends. She enjoys attention. She dyes her hair different colors, usually pinks and purples, though her father disapproves of it. She's pretty much the only person in town who gets to do that; the mayor only allows Rayseli to dye her hair.

Appearance: She has naturally wavy strawberry blonde hair, but she flat irons it so its super straight. She usually has her hair down and perfectly styled. She has pink eyes, and she's like the only person who pink eyes don't look weird on. Wears lots of makeup. Is average height and has a supermodel figure. Wears lots of pink. She's very proud of her Hostoak.

Mother's Maiden Name: Pettit. (Rayseli's mother and father were both Pettits, but were very, very, very distantly related.) 

Other: She's fashion crazy. She does everything a cool kid does. She's okay at sports and gets reasonable grades, but nobody cares or notices. She's just cool. 

She is actually fascinated by flight, but she doesn't tell anybody that.

Her father is the Mayor. She doesn't really get a lot of one-on-one time with her dad, since he's so busy. Sometimes she gets angry or sad about that. And her mother...Rayseli is close to her, I guess, but her mother has been a little distracted lately... 


Name: Amethyst Abernathy

Age/Year: 13, 3rd year

Appearance: She has long brown wavy hair, brown eyes, is short, has freckles. 

Personality: She makes friends easily and is very bubbly, and super super smart. like, the smartest kid in school. She loves to read, and is a really good poet. She is also creative. She has a photographic memory.

Special thing: She can become invisible at will, though not for a super long time, and if she doesn't keep her emotions under control, her disguise will melt away.

Other: She's a half-blood. Her mother is a witch and her father is a Muggle.

Amethyst has a dorky crush on....uh...some boy. idk!

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Can we top this thread! Sounds cool even though it's 2 years old!

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