It was HOT.

Chatterbox: Inkwell

It was HOT.

It was HOT. As I drank the not-so-cold-anymore lemonade Mom brought me, I looked out on the dry, withered lawn. I saw a HUGE (about 9 ft tall) spider scurrying toward me,I recoiled, but did not move from my seat. It said, yes, SAID, "Come, ride on my back to a secret place." I said, " Is there any other animal?" It said quietly, " It's just for a minute." I finally consented. "Come On!" The walk didn't take long, and when we got there, it was like something out of a dream! There were flowers everywhere, and butterflies flew about. I was like Surprised and the spider was like, "Come on now, move along" to all the other ground-dwelling insects. Then, we went to a throne. "Your Majesty," he said to the figure on the throne. "Ahh, yes," said the figure. Then I realized, the figure was a FLEA. So I piped up, "Ummm... I don't mean to be rude, but who the heck are you? The "Queen" said, "Well, I'm Queen Arabelle of Eragona-don't you know?" "Umnosorry," I mumbled. "SORRY?!" The Queen yelled. "SORRY?! Dear, your Mom is the Duchess of Eragona." "WHAT?!!!! How come I didn't know about this?!!!" "Dear, look at your wings!" the Queen said after about 5 seconds of silence. "COOL!!" I exclaimed. "Hmm.. you'll need flying lessons, to persuade your mom to come back here...."


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