Warriors RP, hope

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Warriors RP, hope

Warriors RP, hope you'll join! So, there are 2 clans that I made up and here they are: Sunclan, and Lightningclan. 

For each clan we need: 1 Leader, 1 deputy, 1-2 med cats( if 2 med cats, no med cat apprentice ), at least 4 warriors ( not including Queens ), 1-3 Queens, 3 apprentices, 1-6 kits per Queen, 1-5 elders ( optional ) .

Rank: Leader of Sunclan

Name: Blossomstar ( oh, and only leaders have 9 lives in this, Okay? ) 

Age: 24 moons ( human/ twoleg age: 2 years )

Appearance: face, body, and legs are white with a pinkish tint, rest of body is a light brown, bright lime green eyes, very slim, and short fur

Personality: Very kind, fair, and understanding to all of her clan, no vivid hatred for Lightningclan, just a mutual dislike 




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Sandclaw ~We do not know when I will be able to receive my nine lives from Starclan. I would like to do it soon before the clan's foundations will be destroyed, but I don't want Ripplepaw to die because of me.

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I open my eyes, and pain seers through my entire body. My leg feels like it is on fire. Everything comes back to me. Those creatures. A name rings out in my mind, something that I must have heard from Shadowfur. Wolfs. The name seems to fit. I close my eyes. I feel myself slipping into dreams.......   I am in the forestA strange cat walks up to me. She stares at me with gentle eyes. "It is not yet your time to walk among us. I will lead a cat to find you. You shall not die, Ripplepaw, my precious kit." 

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to silverstar

please wait until others have posted to post about yor charecters please wait until you post agin.

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Actually my name's Silver now. Sure, whatever.

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Sandclaw ~Ripplepaw has gotten much better since Darkstar died so Moonshadow and I have made the journey to mooncrystal. As I touch my nose to the crystal everything goes black and then I see many cats in front of me. Then I see - no Flowertail my mother! She bounds up to me andnuzzles me. "Flowertail!" I exclaim. She says " I give you a life for loving all cats, no matter where they come from. " A great warmth spreads through me and when it's gone I wish it would come back. A large heavy black tom steps forward as Flowertail steps back. "I am Oaktree I died long before you were born, trying to save my apprentice from a badger.I may have died, but my apprentice lived to rally the clan to drive the badger out. So now I give you a life to protect your clan from the greater danger." He said without letting me a word. ~to be continued.

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(October 14, 2015 - 7:09 pm)

Can I join as a rogue named Night ?(becomes Nightfur, black tabby she-cat)  

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(October 16, 2015 - 8:51 am)

Yes, that would be perfect! Please make a charrie before it's too late, more characters are needed, wanted, and everything along those lines!!! P.S . @ everyone I'M SOOOO sorry I haven't posted for so long, things are very busy, I just moved back into my house, long story.

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Can I join as a rogue named Night ?(becomes Nightfur, black tabby she-cat)  

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(October 16, 2015 - 8:51 am)

Sandclaw ~As he gives me my second life, a great pain sears through me and then is replaced by a great ferocity. Then a kit steps foreword and says "I was always curious during my time among the clans, and a little curiosity is good, but I died in my curiosity it over took me and, well let's just say that I poked my nose where I shouldn't have. So I will give you a life for the just right amount of curiosity." A funny feeling spread through me as if butterfly's spread through me willing me on to look at everything.~to be continued.



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Can i jion your clan (Lightnigclan)? I'm a black she-cat with frosty blue eyes. I'm Blacky, a former kittypet. I used to live in a clan. My warrior name is Moonfrost. I'm a cranky old cat. *Pant. Pant* 

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(October 16, 2015 - 11:38 am)

Yes, sure!!!! that would be great!!!!! We so need/want more players!!!!!!!!! ( sorry I'm in a hurry!)

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I look up, and really, really wish that I could leave Moonshadow's den. My leg is feeling much better, and I don't see why I have to stay here. Of course, the last time that I snuck out....... I shiver, and try to block the memories from my head. I look down sadly at my fur, which is now marred by several ugly scars. I try to move my leg, and pain flashes through my entire body. Oh yeah, I think grimly, That's why I have to stay here. Moonshadow told me that I almost died, and that I should be grateful that I even lived. Apparently, Shadowfur had a dream that some strange cat had told him where I was. That was my mother. The words feel strange. I've always been vaguely jealous of the kits that had mothers. Apparently, I was found in the forest, and darkstar said that I could stay in the nursery. A strong flash of sadness and anger seers through me. Sadness that darkstar is dead, and anger at my mother abandoning me. Maybe she'll be in my dreams I think hopefully, and I drift into sleep.

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Sandclaw ~ As I try to bear the pain another cat steps up and says to me "I am from a different clan, which lives far, far away from here, but that is of no matter for now. I have been allowed to give you your fourth life. It is a life for giving for the common good for all the clans." I brace myself for the force when a sudden warmth fills me. The reddish colored cat steps away as he says "My name is Firestar."

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(October 17, 2015 - 2:42 pm)


I sit on my nest in the Medicine cat's den and grumpily look up as Winterpaw pads in. She looks at me and asks, "How is your shoulder feeling, Thrushwing?" "Fine, thanks, Winterpaw." I look away.

"Something's bothering you." 

"No there isn't!" 

"I can tell, Thrushwing. Can you please say whats on your mind?" I can't tell her! Not now! Not never!

"No. Now go away." Winterpaw looked sad then padded out. Smallpaw was there waiting for her and they started to talk in low meows. 

I sank lower in my nest. I can't tell anyone. Not Winterpaw, Not Blossomstar, Not anyone! 

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(October 17, 2015 - 6:38 pm)


I walk slowly, through the forest. The life of a rogue has suited me for my life, ever since kithood, yet I'm feeling a tug at my heart---a restlesness I've never felt before. As my weary paws crunch on the leaves, I fear I may collapse. I've been running from dogs all day. Thankfully I outran them. Suddenly I stop. A chill runs down my spine and enters through my tail. My senses are on full alert, my hackles rise, and a strange scent floods my nose. It reminds me of lighting, and smells like more cats than I can ever imagine. I think I've entered their territory... But maybe if I hide in that tree, I can rest without fear of attack. And maybe this is the change I seem to have been waiting on... Maybe these strange lightning-cats will let me join them. Maybe I can finally find a place to call my own. Numbly I drift off into the welcome warmths of sleep, with not a thought more.

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