Warriors RP, hope

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Warriors RP, hope

Warriors RP, hope you'll join! So, there are 2 clans that I made up and here they are: Sunclan, and Lightningclan. 

For each clan we need: 1 Leader, 1 deputy, 1-2 med cats( if 2 med cats, no med cat apprentice ), at least 4 warriors ( not including Queens ), 1-3 Queens, 3 apprentices, 1-6 kits per Queen, 1-5 elders ( optional ) .

Rank: Leader of Sunclan

Name: Blossomstar ( oh, and only leaders have 9 lives in this, Okay? ) 

Age: 24 moons ( human/ twoleg age: 2 years )

Appearance: face, body, and legs are white with a pinkish tint, rest of body is a light brown, bright lime green eyes, very slim, and short fur

Personality: Very kind, fair, and understanding to all of her clan, no vivid hatred for Lightningclan, just a mutual dislike 




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Oh, I thought there were more cats in SunClan. I suppose I read wrong... 

Moonshine~ The borders seem tense lately. I'm not sure if any cat knows exactly who is where. SunClan seems dwarfed one minute, large the next, as does LightningClan. I flatten my ears against my head, hoping this will all be resolved soon... 

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Hi everyone! l’ve decided to re-join as it looks like you need more people.

l’m bringing Darkstar back, either he didn’t completely die, or somehow because of having nine lives he came back…..? If so, he still could’ve talked to Moonshadow in that one post (Not sure how that works, it’s been awhile since l read the books.)

Also, as far as time goes, l’m assuming that about two-three weeks have passed since Darkstar’s “death.” l’m going to start a day or so after he supposedly dies and then write up to current events.


Great Starclan, where am l?

l remember things, telling Sandclaw my last wishes, now to think of it, she’s probably now now Sandstar, and then being surrounded by many cats, many of which l thought l might’ve recognized, but yet l can’t remember their faces, and then a voice whispering, “Now is not the time. You are to go back, Darkstar. This world still needs you.”

And now this. Darkness. l am only conscious of that. And then pain. So much pain. Overwhelming pain, like a giant wave of water, gusting over me and drowning me in only that. Pain and darkness. l don’t even feel sadness or anger, only pain and darkness. And then light. Piercing bright, driving pain through my eyes in blinding white as l try to open them. l liked darkness a lot better.

And then water. Tapping slowly against my fur then running down my body, chilling me, as l grow aware of the world around me.

Darkness, pain, light, water. And then finally life and feeling. The world is dim, overcast grey clouds hanging low, rain slowly drip-dropping from the sky. It’s cold. l blink, the pain slowly clearing from my head. l can’t remember anything quite right, least of all why l’m still alive.

A faint scent of wolf hangs menacingly in the air, a memory of what was once. l wonder if anyone else was injured in the fight.

l carefully roll onto my side, a sharp burst of pain running through me as l do so, and after a few seconds, l very painfully push myself to my feet.

Right now. l could either attempt to make it back to Lightningclan alive, but l really don't know how they’ll like that. l was, admittedly, neither the best or kindest leader, to power did go to my head after Valestar, the old leader, died.

They loved Valestar. He was a large white and grey tabby, sometimes frightening but other times kind. So very kind. His only fault was making me deputy, as he trusted me.

Or l could stay away, hidden, gain my strength back, then go back and conquer Sunclan once and for all.

l will go the the latter plan. After all, l’m not Darkstar the weak and defeated, limping into camp, begging the help of Sandstar the great.

l am Darkstar, conquer of Sunclan, the great and powerful. Lightningclan can think me dead for all it wants, but l am coming back.


l don’t know how manys days it has been. l discovered a shallow hole in a dry riverbank, there l curl up and sleep, for other than planning the downfall of Sunclan, that is all l am able to do. My fur is discolored with sticky blood, l know that l’ve lost a good deal of it, but the huge gash across my chest seems to be looking better.

l fall asleep once more, waking up with the patter of rain. l feel sickly and hot, my eyes and throat dry, my head pounding. A dusty trickle of water snakes its way down the river bed, and eyeing it, l try to stand to my feet.

But l can’t. l am too weak even to do that. l believe l’m sick, the wound must have gotten infected.

Hazily, l drift in and out of sleep, not quite aware of anything, not really caring anyway.

Water lapping at my paws finally wakes me. l must have slept for days! The trickle of water has grown into a wide, slow river.

Water. Able to stand up, l quickly lap some up, even though it is dusty and stale. l suddenly realize with a stab of panic that l will be trapped here if the water level rises. But l still hesitant.

Corward. It wouldn’t kill you.

l eye the other bank, and then the sluggish water. l still feel very weak.

What a coward you are, Darkstar.

Alright fine. l’ll do it.

Without think father about it, l slide into the water, ignoring the shock of cold when it hits my fur. The gentle current pushes me too the middle, ducking me under a few times.

Pushing out with my paws, l break from the current, paddling to the bank. l try to get out, but slip back into the water.

After a few tries, l succeeded in dragging myself onto the bank, nearly collapsing. Shivering, l slow shake the water out of my coat. Night is falling. l need to find shelter.


Several more days of wandering has lead me to more familiar territory, Lightingclan's outer borders. My wound has started to scar over, it probably will never completely heal.

Here is where l am uncertain.

It’s been two, maybe three weeks--l can’t really tell, since the wolf attack, the clan has probably moved on now, gotten used to Sandstar, and maybe even made peace with Sunclan. l snarl at the very thought of that.

Will they welcome me back? Perhaps, perhaps not. But what about the new leader, Sandstar? What if she went to Mooncrystal and got nine lives, which she probably has. Then would l be the rightful leader of Lightningclan, or her?

l don’t know, l don’t know, l don’t know…...What a mess this has turned out to be.

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@Amber, yes there are, but Sandstar is trying to destroy Sunclan. 

@Phantom N. Welcome back! And … Wow. That's all I can say. You're writing was amazing. 

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Thank you :)

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Hmm... I should write a bit, after all...


The ferns rustle around me as I stalk my prey. The mouse it sitting a clearing, its ears twitching. I carefully set paw over paw, creeping up on it. I open my mouth, judging the wind, then leap. The mouse looks up and hurls itself towards a hole, but it has no time to escape. I trap it benath my paw and make the killing bite. I stand up with my prey in my jaws, a warm feeling spreading through me, like it always does when I help my Clan. I turn around and head back towards the camp, unearthing an earlier caught squirrel on the way. 

I am nearing the outer borders to check the scents when an unfamiliar tang catches my nose. I drop my prey and open my mouth, my whiskers twitching, trying to put it in place. It smells like the forest, with the earthy scent of the trees. But there is something familair beneath the shell... I glance down at my prey, unwilling to leave it, but finally the overhwhelming curiousity drives me to bury it an track the scent. 

I burst out of a patch of brambles to find a cat lying in front of me, its blue-black fur matted and tangled. The cat whips around and stares at me with dark eyes. A chill runs through my spine and I force myself not to flee. 'Just to be on the safe side, though,' I think, and slide my claws out. The cat rises to its feet, facing me. 

"Who are you?" it snarls, showing teeth sharp as flint stones. I swallow and stammer our a reply.

"I'm-I'm Moonshine, of LightningClan. Wh-who are you?" The word 'LightningClan' hits the stranger like a bullet. He flinches back, his claws working in the soil. I wait patienly, arching my back slightly. Finally the stranger relaxes and looks at me with an icy kind of authority.

"I am Darkstar, the true leader of LightningClan," he meows. "And I have returned."


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You're welcome!

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Swift says "kfyo." You learned kung fu? Why are you out to get me!?!? Wait... Don't tell me.... You did it because you like Kung Fu Panda and are excited for the new movie, no? I thought as much.... QUIT FREAKING ME OUT ALL THE TIME!!!!

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Thank you so much! It warms me to hear that! I hope this stays alive for a long, long more time!

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No problemo.

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I'm going to have to do something. I've been part of this clan, secluded in the nursery, for three weeks. I'm not even a true warrior yet! I really, really hope Sandstar gives me my warrior name soon. I need proper training, too. They fight differently from how rogues fight. Vinekit, Tanglekit, and Oakkit will grow up warriors. I'm not so lucky. I roll over to ask Leafmist something. Unfortunately, she's napping. I sigh and flop back over to my other side. Slowly, I drift into sleep. 

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Sandstar ~ The grassy meadow surrounds me. It smells like catmint. It reeks of the wonderful delicious smell. Then, the beautiful meadow vanishes. A dark pine forest replaces it. Then, my old mentor Cloudfire steps forward. "Cloudfire!" I purr joyfully. "Sandstar." He says, without any happiness or joy whatsoever. My purr dies in my throat. "What is it?" I whisper hoarsely. He says nothing, but his eyes kind of glaze over. I step back, worried now.

"One is coming to steal your power,

Waste not the precious hour,

When you may save all near and dear.

If you let this time pass,

None will last but Sunclan."

I stare at Cloudfire. "What?" I ask him. "I will not repeat those words." He says, scowling at me. I sigh. I don't need him to repeat them, in fact they've been pounded into my memory. "I know you aren't supposed to explain it to me, but could you give me a hint or two?" I ask hopefully.

"No." Cloudfire says firmly. He suddenly vanishes, taking away the pine forest with him. My eyes open, revealing the unwelcoming day. 

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I glance over at the middle of the camp where Darkstar sits. He is curled into a tight ball, staring ahead and ignoring the muted whispers of my clanmates. Soon enough our leader will come out from her den and speak to him. But for now every cat is shying away from the newcomer. I notice his jaws slightly moving up and down, and, desperate to listen in, I pretend to be going to the fresh-kill pile to grab food for myself. I pricked up my ears as his muttering became clearer.
"...will regret the day I left the Clans. Someday... rule both SunClan AND LightningClan... Darkstar, leader of them all!" I freeze with shock, his words running through my mind. Leader of both Clans? Is Darkstar planning to take over the Clans?! I want to win battles and see SunClan cower... but we need both Clans in the forest. It can't be either or. But I wonder...
Lost in my thoughts, I am startled to hear pawsteps coming up behind me. I whip around to see Moonshadow, the medicine cat, approaching. She cocks her head and looks at me with warm blue eyes. "Hello, Moonshine. I didn't think you'd jump out of your fur like that," she purrs, smiling. 
"I... uh, hello, Moonshadow. I just... wan't expecting you, is all. How're you doing?" She briefly dips her head, tail brushing the dust.
"I'm doing fine, thank you. Although..." her eyes travle over the camp, coming to rest on the perched figure of Darkstar in the center of the camp. "I feel strange about him. It has been so long since we've seen Darkstar. Even StarClan did not know he would return, and so suddenly at that." My curiousity piqued as Moonshadow finished her sentence.  
"You've spoken to StarClan? And they talked to you about Darkstar?" Moonshadow's ear flattened, as if she was embarrassed.
"Well... yes, but... the point is, even our ancestors don't know how this will turn out. We can only wait and hope for the best." A clamor from the clearing caused both of us to turn our heads and look towards it. Sandstar had emerged from her den and padded up to face Darkstar. He looked up at her and hissed, his eyes narrowed. I noticed that he had groomed his pelt since the time I found him, and was now a shiny blue-black. His deep blue eyes pulsing with barely hidden rage. I pondered this. I know that Darkstar wouldn't be happy to find another leader in his place, but I never knew he would be that furious. Sandstar looked down at him regally, her eyes flashing.
She darted up to Highrock and yowled the gathering words to the Clan. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around." Heads everywhere poked out of dens, and cats emerged from the intertwined twigs. Meows rose up from the camp as the cats settled down. "Yesterday our cat Moonshine found the former leader Darkstar in the forest and brought him to our today. Today I call upon the eyes of StarClan to judge him as they choose." Darstar looked up at her mutionously, but she carried on. "Darkstar," she said, addressing the cat below her. "Why have you come back to the Clans?"
Darkstar looked right and left, his tail-tip flicking. "I missed life in the Clans," he finally purred, his voice oily and smooth. "Life as a rogue is not for me." Sandstar regarded him suspiciously, but flicked her tail to let him know he could continue.  "I would like to rejoin the Clan," he boldly annouced. Gasps of shock rose from the gathered Clanmates.
"Will you be leader again?" someone called. "Or a warrior?"
"How will StarClan view you?"
"What will happen now?"
Exactly what I'm wondering, Moonshine thought. What will happen now?
* * * * 
Correct me if I got a couple names wrong. I'm sorry! 
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Nope! You got the names right!

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Great! I like these RP's, they're fun. Thahnks for stahrting this, Coconaht the Dahg!

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You're welcome! I'm going to wait a bit longer to post again, though.

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