Warriors RP, hope

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Warriors RP, hope

Warriors RP, hope you'll join! So, there are 2 clans that I made up and here they are: Sunclan, and Lightningclan. 

For each clan we need: 1 Leader, 1 deputy, 1-2 med cats( if 2 med cats, no med cat apprentice ), at least 4 warriors ( not including Queens ), 1-3 Queens, 3 apprentices, 1-6 kits per Queen, 1-5 elders ( optional ) .

Rank: Leader of Sunclan

Name: Blossomstar ( oh, and only leaders have 9 lives in this, Okay? ) 

Age: 24 moons ( human/ twoleg age: 2 years )

Appearance: face, body, and legs are white with a pinkish tint, rest of body is a light brown, bright lime green eyes, very slim, and short fur

Personality: Very kind, fair, and understanding to all of her clan, no vivid hatred for Lightningclan, just a mutual dislike 




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Could Night(fur) become a warrior soon so I can take part in some of the action, please? I'd just like to know a general time frame so I can preapare. I know she's been in camp for three weeks now. 

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(January 28, 2016 - 12:08 pm)

I know, I'm sorry I've been formulating this for too long, and I forgot about you! HOW COULD I DO THAT TO YOU!!!!????

Sandstar ~ I need to make Night a warrior. She would be . . . valulable. I hop on top of the large rock in the middle of the clearing. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather for a clan meeting." I pause for a dramatic effect. "No cat from Sunclan is allowed to be present for this meeting." I wait for Night to come out of her den. "Night, please come forward. Lightningclan is in need of more warriors." Night steps forward, her eyes gleaming with pride.

"From this day forth, until you earn your warrior name, you will be known as Nightpaw. But as you have kits, you won't train until your kits are two moons old." 

"Thank you."

"Shadowfur, you will be Nightpaw's mentor. You were Swiftfoot's apprentice. She taught you well, and I hope you will pass some of these qualities onto your apprentice." Shadowfur steps forward, touching noses with Nightpaw.

"Nightpaw, Nightpaw!"

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Yeah. Cho, can you please make that ceremony?

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Yay, new warriors!

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(January 31, 2016 - 10:12 am)

Darkstar isn't exactly mindlessly evil per se, he just wants to conquer Sunclan. l'm going off Amber's post here, l'm not really sure how the other posts fit in....


l sit in the middle of the camp, waiting with an icy authority. Most of them know who l am, however a few l haven't seen before. l mutter softly to myself, as the clan goes about its business, but everyone keeping an eye on me. Finally, Sandstar comes to see me. l wonder if she's changed since becoming a leader. We eye each other, a bit suspicious, before she whirls around and bounds up to Highrock. She calls for the clan and in a minute or so, most of Lightingclan is gathered around. 



"Yesterday our cat Moonshine found the former leader Darkstar in the forest and brought him to our today. Today I call upon the eyes of StarClan to judge him as they choose." l look up at her mutinously, but she carries on. "Darkstar," she says, addressing me. "Why have you come back to the Clans?"
l consider this for a moment. "I missed life in the Clans," l purr, looking out on all of the cats. "Life as a rogue is not for me." Sandstar regards me suspiciously, but flicks her tail to let me know l can continue.  "I would like to rejoin the Clan," l boldly announce. Gasps of shock rise from the gathered Clanmates.
"Will you be leader again?" someone calls out. "Or a warrior?"
"How will StarClan view you?"
"What will happen now?"
"Quiet!" Sandstar says firmly. She looks at me, as if not quite sure what to say next. l stand up, flicking my tail, facing the Clan. "In the current circumstance, which is most usual, l suggest that Sandstar and l go to Mooncrystal to seek Starclan's advice." Murmurs of agreement. 
Sandstar apparent thins that this a is a good idea as well. "Falconheart, you shall look after the clan. Darkstar and l will journey to Mooncrystal. Starclan shall deiced what is to be done."
l hope that Sandstar will understand that l'm not an evil cat. They all, if slightly, think l am. l will prove them wrong. 
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I like it, Phantom N. Thanks for using mine!

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I will be in SunClan!! 

Rank: Med cat!

Name: Starmist

Age: 20 moons

Appearance: I am white, with green eyes. I also look silver during the night. I am slender

Personality: also very kind, loves kits and all cats in SunClan, has an understanding with cats in other clans, is naturally curious

ALSO: is a little bit of a night owl, is no scaredy-cat of the dark (if you'll excue the expression)


And, a question... what type of terrain does SunClan live on? Forest, marsh, I'm not sure. Blossomstar, do you know? It is your clan after all... (:

Thank you

-From your faithful and loving and caring medicine cat!

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Starmist, I am not Coconut the Dog, but I AM her sister, and although SheWhoMustNotBeNamed was the med cat, she disappeared, so you can be Sunclan's new med cat!!!

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(February 3, 2016 - 8:55 am)

Yeah, Starmist, of course you can join! After all, I'M the GM. *Glares at Cho* 

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Sunclan is in the forest, Starmist... At least, that's how I imagine it. I think most everyone else does, too, but I'm not quite sure...

Swift says "wucy." Quit saying your driftwood if yucky in front of everyone! Besides, you have to eat it. I let you skip it yesterday, but now I see that was a HUGE mistake, so eat up. I really mean it this time, Swift. Really.
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SOSOSO sorry I haven't posted on this RP!

@Micearenice- could Mudstripe maybe mentor one of Night's kits when they are old enough? 


I wake up from my short-lived nap by Goldkit hopping on me.

"Leafmist! Let's play! I'll be Goldstar of LightningClan and you are one of my faithful warriors!" Getting up, I smile at Night.

"Kits," I say. "They never run out of energy." Night doesn't say anything, just gives me a worried look. "What's wrong?" I ask her.

"I have something to ask you," she says.

Sorry for the short post. I'm out of time. 

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Ooof. I get shakily up too my feet. It's about time I shelf my pride and ask Sandstar too become an elder. I stare out at Darkstar, I don't trust him. Ah kits, they're so cute, wish I could borrow some of there enerage. I go up to Sandstar's den, "Sandstar, can I come in?" I ask. "Yes Moonfrost what is it?" she meows. " I was thinking of becoming an elder, is that all right?" "______"


Man! I didn't know how much I had too learn to be a medicen cat! Sometimes I think I have more to remember then the warrior apperintacices!  

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Sure! I'll post later when I have time.

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I blink my eyes open sleepily as yellow sunlight fliters into my eyes. My shook my head and stretch, wondering why there weren't mroe cats in the warrior's den. My fur stood on end as I realized it was late morning and I had overslept. I bolted out of the den, scrambling up to Falconheart. She looked down at me with unamused green eyes. "Glad you finally decided to get up," she commented wrly, leaping down from HighestRock. I flattened my ears in embarassment and felt heat creeping through my fur. 

"I'm sorry, Falconheart. I..." I bowed my head. "Should I go on an extra patrol to make up for it?" Falconheart rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Later, I suppose, but now we have an annoucement to make." She flicked her tail and padded away to sit next to HighestRock. If we're having a Clan meeting, I might as well be prepared, I thought as I slumped into the clearing and waiting for the gathering words. It's not fair! Falconheart is younger than me, yet she's the deputy? Hrrmpph. A flash of movement from above pulled me out of my torrent. Sandstar had leapt to the top of HighestRock and was yowling the gathering words to the Clan. 

"What now?" I heard Eaglepaw mutter as he padded into the clearing besides Moonpaw. "Did Valestar return from StarClan and EVERY leader of LightningClan will duke it out?" Moonpaw giggled and flicked her tail in agreement. I shot her down with a stern stare, but I heard their quiet conversation start up a couple of seconds later. As soon as all the cats were assembled, Sandstar looked over her shoulder and beckoned to someone back there. Hesitantly, Moonfrost crept out and stood in front of Sandstar, looking up at her from the ground. 

"Moonfrost," Sandstar began. "“is it your wish to give up the role of warrior and go to join the elders?” Moonfrost closed her eyes, pausing for a moment, then opened them again. "It is," she replied, her voice still strong and full. 

"“Your Clan honors you and all the service you have given us,” Sandstar went on. “I call upon StarClan to give you many seasons of rest.” Moonfrost bowed her head as Sandstar laid her tail across the silver she-cat's shoulders as the Clan called out "Moonfrost! Moonfrost! Moonfrost!" As the she-cat slipped out into the center of the clearing, cats wove around her, congatulating her on becoming an elder and making pleasant chatter. I went over to join in, but my eyes caught on Darkstar at the edge of the clearing. He was staring at HighestRock with something other than hate in his eyes. They showed a true leader--proud, strong, and justified. 

However, I was snapped out of my stupor when Falconheart thumped my shoulder, making me stumble. "I--a-wha?" She mrrowed with laughter, ears twitching. "How about getting started on that patrol?" she asked, eyes inquisitive. "Lead a border patrol out, and take Shadowfur, Nightpaw, and Shadowfire with you." I nod and scamper away to collect those cats. As we're heading out, I glance backat Moonfrost. She looks warm, filled by the praise of her Clanmates. I smile as I turn back to lead the patrol out. Finally, some peace for my Clan. 


I couldn't find who the deputy of LightningClan was, so I improvised and used Falconheart. Sorry if that's wrong. Feel free to replace her name with the real deputy's name. 


And Moonfrost, I'm reeeeeaally sorry if you were planning to do your ceremony yourself. Embarassed I felt it needed to happen. Hope you like it! 

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Cho.....? Please post as Sandstar, as l'm not really sure what's going on.

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