Victorian Gala Roleplay!

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Victorian Gala Roleplay!

Victorian Gala Roleplay!

A gala is being hosted at the palace. Multiple people will be there, dukes, dutchesses, nobles, entertainers, even the servants who watch with envious eyes as they serve the eleborately dressed guests. Dancers, musicians, singers, all invited to the gala. The king hosted the gala on behalf of his son, Frances, who requested it. He requested it for a much darker reason then to make friends, as he told his father. In a month, the gala will take place. In the gala, will be special people, who most likely don't even realize just how special they are, and the cunning prince has them all in one place. Each person, has a little bit of magic, the magic lost in the medieval times. The prince strives to retrieve the magic, by certain rituals, from these 'special' people.

The magic is minor, shrinked down after being passed from grandchild to grandchild. One with fire could only enlarge or shrink the fire and heat it up. One with water could move liquid across flat surfaces. One with wind could control the wind to a small extent. Some even have speed, hyped senses, or the ability to remain in the shadows, hidden. They may seem minor, but if the prince gets his hand on the magic bearers, who knows what he could do with that power?

Okay! If you join this roleplay, i want you to be dedicated! Don't let it die!! Also, try to write more then a couple paragraphs when you do post. If you don't have time, thats fine, just say so. This also will be slow moving, as NaNoWriMo is going on. Do not feel rushed to post, take your time when writing chapters and all.

Please, no overpowered magic! It is minor! Most people who have it don't know about it, a certain few do.

Alright, here is the charrie form!


Age: (at least 16-18)

Magic: (MINOR)

Occupation: (Duke, entertainer [dancer, musician], noble, servant, ect...)




Alright, also, let's have some boys! Two charries each, one should be a boy. Doesn't have to, but it would be nice. Also, if you have two charries, only one can have element magic, the other has to have the super-power-type-thing.

Here are my charries!

Name: Courtney Bloom

Age: 17

Magic: Speed. It is only slight, but allows her to move impossibly fast and gracefully.

Occupation: Entertainer; Dancer. Why she has speed.

Appearance: She has long, brown hair and big eyes that match the rich, chocolaty color. She's tall and slender, muscular after her years of dancing, even though she looks delicate. She has an impossibly straight nose, different then her soft features, and delicate, but high, cheekbones. 

Personality: Stubborn and determined. She will turn one direction and won't stop walking that way until someone convinces her otherwise, which is a rare thing. She is a talkable girl, something looked down upon in this era, and very outgoing. She's adventurous and is always looking for a little mischeif!

Other: Her mom was a dancer. And she is a common folk, but her dancing skills gain her a bit of money, and she uses it wisely.

Name: Alaxandre Taime

Age: 18

Magic: Earth. He can basically telepathically move a bit of dirt of pebbles, and can has a way with herbs.

Occupation: Kitchen servant. His power helps with the cooking!

Appearance: He has a large forehead, placed above his shining green eyes and broad grin. His knotty black hair hangs down to his chin. He has a dark tan complexion, matching his tall figure. He never worked anywhere else but the kitchen, so his arms and legs are only strong from constant walking and stirring of stew.

Other: He knows about his power.

So there you have it! Someone else can have earth magic too, but vary it a little. Like, make it the ability to bloom flowers? Something cool like that XD.



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Ohh, great idea! Sounds fun!

Name: Fenina Van-Pierre

Age: 15

Magic: Fire. Eating fire. That's all she can do, though. Her mouth seems to be impervious to heat, so she can eat burning-hot foods, liquids, and fire.

Occupation: Entertainer. She works in the market square and lives in a tent a little ways off. She's a fire-eater, and puts on shows at one-hour intervals.

Appearance: Her hair is black as coal and glossy, going down to about the middle of her back. During performances, she puts it in a ponytail, but she prefers it loose. Her eyes are a dark, emerald green, and she's slender and tall.

Personality: Kind of anti-social. She doesn't like having one-on-one conversations, and both praise and scorn bounces off of her like a rock. She's good at convincing, but terrible at pleading, as she has a rather large ego.

Other: She's an orphan. She isn't sure who her parents were, and to be honest, she doesn't care. She grew up in an orphanage but ran away when she was 12. She knows about her power-- she knew it since she was 7-- and uses it to her advantage.


Name: Alec Zane

Age: 11

Magic: Shape-Shifting. He can turn small things into other small things... for example, a wasp into a butterfly. If it didn't sting him first, of course.

Occupation: I can't really say "maid," because that's a feminine term, but that's what he does. He's a servant who cleans.

Appearance: He has unnaturally large chocolate brown eyes, and the same color hair, neatly trimmed to go to the very tippy-top of his neck in a sort of upside-down triangle. I'm sorry I can't explain it better. He's small for his age, and most think he's nine.

Personality: He's a very sweet kid, but not very bright. Think... think Oliver Twist, kind of. He doesn't catch on to anything, does he? But he's one of the most innocent souls you'll ever read about. (or maybe not. I'm not done with the books yet.)

Other: He, too, is an orphan, because his mother died giving birth to him. The nurse, instead of bringing him to some sort of orphanage, brought him to the servants of the castle, and he grew up with them. He can't read or write, and he doesn't know about his power, but sometimes he'll pick up a little dust mite and his eyes will widen in shock when it turns into a few grains of sugar or something.


By the way, Katydid, you forgot Alexandre's personality.


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Ooooooh, okay! I'll post a character soon. 

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Why is this not at the front yet?

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Name: Maxwell Fleur

Age: 25

Magic: Wind. Can make small breezes.

Occupation: Distant relative  of the prince, (if that's alright) he was a captain in the army but was discharged because of injuries.

Appearance: Messy dark chocolate brown hair, dull green eyes, deep set and serious, a hawk-like nose, stocky. He's missing several fingers on his right hand, which makes him unable to fire a gun, thus getting him discharged from the army.

Personality: Quiet, sullen, avoids people. Doesn't talk much, keeps to himself, if you ever talk to him he'll only answer with a word or two. Stares off into space a lot. Serious and strict.

Other: Nothing that lcan think of.....



Name: Robin Sparks. Goes by Sparks.

Age: 26

Magic: Electricity.  Can charge things with electricity and make sparks.

Occupation: He's a sort of general handyman, fixes things.

Appearance: Spiky orange hair, icy, cold blue eyes, one dark and one pale.  Not tall, but not short either.

Personality: Generally quiet friendly, but rather strange, his temper tends to change very quickly

Other: He is color blind. 

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Ooh! Sounds so . . . FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Sorry, but I LOVE the Victorian era. It  was so AWESOME!!!

Name:  Yeriyina Jásia (but everyone calls her Yina)

Age: 17

Magic: Ice powers.

Rank: daughter to a Duke and Duchess

Appearance: Milk chocolate hair which is slightly curly, dazzling dark blue eyes, flawless skin, always has the latest in fashion

Personality: Seems very quiet and well-behaved, but actually she has a fiery temper, and is a rebel inside.

Other: will have a crush on . . . someone, I'll figure it out

Name: Taran Dalben

Age: 16

Magic: can blend into the shadows

Rank: servant at the palace

Appearance: curly red hair, green eyes, red freckles, pale skin, tattered clothes

Personality: is jealous of the nobles so he hates them, is a flirt with the servant girls, and hot-tempered


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Okay, thanks St. Owl.

And world, can the charries be AT LEAST 15? I mean, no offense, but the older people wouldnt think an eleven year old was old enough or whatever. And that way we are the same general age. So....please?

Maybe fourteen, if you have to.

I guess its not that important....

Alaxadre's personality: Strong-willed, humurous, and chatty. Everybody loves Alaxandre! Nobody cares if he makes a mistake, albeit he rarely does. Jokes are his thing, and everybody always pressures him to sing with his fabulous, low, enchanting voice while he cooks. 

A few more people until we start! 

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Sorry, it's just hard for me to RP with older charries because I can't identify with them. Could Alec be thirteen? Please?

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Name: Hattie Evergreen

Age: (at least 16-18)
Just turned 16

Magic: (MINOR)
Her voice can very, very slightly influence people's moods. For example, if she sings a depressing song, whoever hears it becomes slightly depressed.

Occupation: (Duke, entertainer [dancer, musician], noble, servant, ect...)
She is a musician, she sings.

Ugly. Has terrible acne and crooked teeth. She's not too ugly, she's not hideous. She's not that ugly, not like those evil hags in princess stories with crooked noses and dirt on their faces, but she still is. Ugly. She has wild, curly red hair that she can never tame. She also has green eyes (Note: I'm not saying green eyes and red hair makes someone ugly. I actually think people with green eyes and red hair are rather pretty. This particular person is just ugly. Kind of.)

A huge pessimist and a hypocondriac. But still, she's a joyful one. She's all like, "We're gonna die! But at least we'll be together. I'll get it worse than all of you. I'm gonna be in the most pain. But that's OK cause I got to finish my last performance! Oh, look, its sunny outside! We're all gonna die on a sunny day! YAY!" So, as you can tell, she's a bit odd. She's a huge flirt and a hopeless romantic.

She's never had a boyfriend and no one has ever told her they liked her so she feels unloved.


Reuben Bartholomew

Age: (at least 16-18)

Magic: (MINOR)
Can put a thin sheet of ice on the ground, or he can frost over any small surface. 

Occupation: (Duke, entertainer [dancer, musician], noble, servant, ect...)

CUTE!! Tons of girls have a crush on him. He has black hair and blue eyes. He also has freckles. He's not overly muscly, but not overly thin. 

Smart, but TOTALLY oblivious to the girls who like him, dreamy, nice, polite.

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I just found Courtney's crush!!

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I also found Yeri's crush! This is okay right?

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Oooo. It. Is. On!!!

*Cat fight* 

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AHH it showed up with so many spaces!!

Sorry, everyone... 

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I'm going to set the scene.

Everywhere ladies were preparing for the gala. Men too, of course, but they didn't have as many preparations. Hair, curls were the trend at the moment, and dresses, all lovely Victorian style. Each wanted to come looking her best, to out-do the other women. Entertainers were being hailed from all over the land and flocks of merchants were carrying goods, mostly food, to the palace. Peseants were dreaming, imagining what it would be like to live in the palace. Young girls were dancing with broomsticks, imagining some handsome noble as their partner. 

The gala was to happen in a few weeks time. The palace was buzzing with excitement, servants cleaning and cooking, bustling around to their next task. Dutchesses and noblewoman had disappeared form their estates, and the best tailor shops were packed and beginning to stink. The gala, the first held in several years, in honor of the prince, was also to be the biggest.

Some more people and I'll start later tonight. Girls, I suggest looking up some Victorian dresses ;)


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Do you have to have two charries? And I call flight.

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