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I'm not exactly sure how to start a Rp or where to start a RP so... can somebody correct me if I need to put this somewhere else.

So the world is starting to fall into apocalyptic ruin and robots are ruling the world. But mostly they are bad robots. We need to fight them or we will all be destroyed. You can choose any megaman characters from any series or make your own OC.

Name: CyberZero

Personallity: He is the ghost of zero and cyber X so he is Kind, determined, blunt, playful, and sarcastic.

Looks: Mythos Zero designs on his body, and a red robe hanging from his shoulders. Data patterns streaming from a band on his helmet, which looks like MMZ's helmet except for a white band around it. Angle type cyberelf wings.

Weapons: Can summon A Z saber out of data (So its called a CZ-saber) can also do Bass EXEs rolling cutters and blades.

Other: Nothing right now but I'll add something later.

If somebody doesn't really know megaman and family just ask me.


Have Fun!  Cool

submitted by CyberZero , age ???, Resistance base.
(January 31, 2016 - 3:20 pm)