Zombie Apocalypse RP

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Zombie Apocalypse RP

Zombie Apocalypse RP

Hello! So, I decided that I would make an rp so I can get to know everyone more!

The RP will start right before the apocalypse starts. I want this to be a more of a laid-down rp, but I do request that you follow these simple rules ^^

1. Don't be over-powered! This also includes controlling other people's characters!

2. Don't post until the last post shows up. This will provide less confusion!



(ohhhh I'm so giddy! You don't know how much I missed rping with all of you!)

(Oh, and you may join at any part of the rp. But it would be nice if you read all the posts before to get the jiff of it. And I might cut short the amount of people if it gets too much. Actually, I'll do so now. ONLY SEVEN PEOPLE PLEASE! INCLUDING MY CHARACTER!) 




Age~(If one person was like 5 or 6 that would be nice! Differences in ages really make a good storyline.)



Strengths~(Before you put strengths and weaknesses, think: Will this be op?)


Backstory (Optional, but HIGHLY encouraged)~


And don't give your character's powers. You can give them skills, but not powers.



Name~ Melody Peters

Gender~ Female

Age~ 17

Personality~  Quiet, peaceful, kind. Shy. A Dreamer, sees good in everything. Not really naive, just hopeful. Open-minded, but has a strong opinion and will defend what is right despite having a shy nature. A bit too idealistic, can get offended easily, and a bit difficult to get to know. However, once you do get to know her and become her friend she is VERY loyal.

Appearance~ Light red hair tied in a messy bun, rather large hazel eyes. A bit on the short side. Usually wears a skirt and a shirt.

Strengths~ Knows how to use bandages, how to heal people, nurse stuff, etc, etc, etc. She's also very kind and sympathetic.

Weaknesses~ Isn't a really good fighter, and she can sometimes be too loyal and trusting. She's also gullible.

Backstory~ She lives in a bustling city. Her mother was a doctor, and taught Melody a HUGE amount of nurse stuff. Her father and mother had left for work, and Melody was left alone in the apartment when the apocalypse started.

Other~ She ADORES nature!


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(June 4, 2016 - 2:15 pm)

Can you please save me a spot? I just don't want to get to caught up in too many RP's.


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(June 5, 2016 - 4:48 pm)