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Write a play

Write a play RP!

Basically, we will eat make a charrie for a part. We will write a script together, and each person will have their charrie say something at a good time. If you see that someone has posted but it hasn't shown up, wait to see and read it to avoid confusion. Also, if you want your charrie to do something (like an action) write it in italics. Your charrie can't think in their head: they can only talk and do an action.

11 people CB join; including me. We will vote on the plot. 6 people can share ideas and we can vote on those. You don't have to vote on your own idea if you like others better. 


Follow my charrie's guidelines: 

Name: Peri May

Age (9-14): 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Shoulder length, straight, blue hair; green eyes; pale skin.

Personality: Optimistic; loves reading and often doesn't want to stop reading a book; loves writing and poetry; tries to cheer other people up and cheer herself up.

Role (main, side, etc.): Main

If there are powers: Can go into a book or pull characters out of a book when she wants too.

Background/Other: Lives with her poor family in poverty, her family are farmers. Has a mom, dad, and younger sister named Jenny who is 10. She works at a bookstore in town, where she gets a lot of free books that no one wants.

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