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So this RP is where everyone is a demigod or a descendant from a Greek Monster.

My idea is that something REALLY BAD has happened. Zues is missing.

Presumed? Uh, Gone. Wich is very bad if you want the world to keep on going properly. Already things are going wrong. With Zues gone, the weather is awry, and all the gods on Olympus are arguing about what to do. And with everyone arguing, no one is doing their godly duties, so Harpies are everywhere with no Hades to command them, the dead are getting restless, and sea monsters are turning up everywhere. The gods have to either to elect a new ruler, or find Zues.

Unfortuanitly, no one is going to try to find Zues. Probably because they're afraid that they might miss out on the new King Coronation, or Zues might be dead. So it's up to those who reside in Camp Half-Blood to find him.

The Charry sheet:



Age(Any age, maybe even 12): 

Godly or Monsterly Parent:

Powers(It has to do with your parents): 




Weapon of choice:


I don't want thiis RP to die, so please post regularly or as often as you want. Okay, so here's my Charry: 



Gender: Girl. 

Age(Any age, maybe even 12): 13

Godly or Monsterly Parent: She's a descendant of Medusa.

Powers(It has to do with your parents): Once a week-Specifically on Thursday night- her hair turns into a mass of snakes. They have minds of their own. They're whiny when their hungry. She can paralise someone for 20 minutes or maybe even stone for 3 minutes with one look if she is undergoing really strong emotions like pain or anger or fear or happiness. (Also when she's undergoing strong emotions her hair might kinda look a teensy, weensy bit like snakes.) However, on Thursday she can't control her power, and so if you look into her eyes..... well, she doesn't know what happens. It's never happened, and she doesn't want to try it.

Personality: Shy and tends not to socialise. She's afraid of letting other people know that she's descended from Medusa. Likes sea serpents and thinks Perseous was a total jerk since he tried to kill her mom.

Appearance: She has almond-brown hair and nice green eyes. She tends to wear a satchel with some marshmallows in it-emergency snacks for her pets. AKA her head of snakes-and usually wears a T-Shirt. Wears greek-style sandals when in Camp Half-Blood but wears normal shoes when out on a mission. When her hair turns to snakes, her eyes have a rather snake-like quality to them. And they just kind of..... disturb you. Like you don't want to see them again.

Backstory(Optional): You'll probably learn about her backstory in the RP story but I don't have any ideas now. 

Weapon of choice: Bow and arrows. She's a descendant of medusa, after all. In a pinch she might use a trident, after all, her dad IS Poisidon.

Let's get this thing started!


Peace, Love, and Pie


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Name: Alexandria (goes by Lexie)

Age (Any age, maybe even 12): 16

Godly or Monsterly Parent: Kelli the Vampire (sorry I forgot what the greek term is)

Powers (It has to do with your parents): she is able to fly, not with wings or anything, when she get exited or nevouse, she starts to levate, she just learned how to talk to the dead, and her mom is teaching her how to raise them for a specefec amout of time, she is the only one in her family that can do magic.

Personality: loner, she takes alot of risks, you do not want to get on her bad side. she has a cuple friends and to them she is really funny and awesome to hang with. 

Appearance: long dark purple hair, bat necklace, she wears teal blue and hot pink and sneakers. she dislikes anyone who acts like bratty popular girls.

Backstory (Optional): I don't know yet. 

Weapon of choice: her fangs, but she also uses a small dagger (like Annabeth)

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