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(based of the How to Train Your Dragon book series)

This is not really a story.

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CB Name: Stormfly

Name: Saffy

Tribe: Bog-Burglars 

Age: (10 - 14) 11

Apperance: (you may post an avatar) blonde short pixie cut with tips dyed blue, blue eyes, brown hoodie, dirty ripped jeans

Personality: Smart, has a major attitude

Dragon: A mood dragon named Smoke

Other: talks in bold letters

Name: Puff

Tribe: Bog-Burglers 

Age: 11

Apperence: same as Saffy

Personality: Smart, secretly plotting the next prank at all times

Dragon: A mood dragon named Spark 

Other: talks in italics

Who shall we prank next dear sister?

Stoick the Very Dumb.

You will destract him with burlary of his swords - very obvious burlary - while I steal his throne while he's standing - he'll then sit back down and fall. 

HAHAHAHA!!! (doubled over laughing)

let's do it.

Over at the Hooligan Tribe: " Gimme back that sword!" Thump*. "OWWW!!"




submitted by Stormfly
(July 18, 2016 - 11:53 am)

Saffy and Puff are twins.

They look kinda like this...

submitted by Stormfly
(July 19, 2016 - 10:33 am)