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Remember how in

Remember how in hard times stories would pop up, written by us, but not exactly an RP? Well it's not a hard time, but what if we wrote one with the Æs for fun? I'll start...


Lyra laid on the top bunk bed, her Mac laying on her lap. She typed in the password to the laptop, and opened the browser. The homepage was a blog-her blog. The posts where never long, but enough. Today, it read :

"Rip my dignity and my motivation to retrieve it ~ LH"

She clicked "Post"

Arael's phone buzzed beneath her, and a groan escape Lyra's lips.

"Lyra,Lyra,Lyra... I have to admit your emo phase is quite adorable." Arael peeked her blue eyes above the first metal bar of the bunkbed. 

"Shut up." Lyra snapped

"that's no way to talk to your big sister." Arael retorted, pretending to be offended

"Your older by two minutes." Lyra hissed

"Still older." 

Lyra plugged her red headphones into her computer and began to blast rock music. Her pet- a Onyx Panther (a cat made of gemstone, so similar to a robot) named Raven clambered onto the bunk bed.He purred loudly, sounding like a vacuum cleaner. Lyra's red tee shirt was soon covered in his fur from petting him- her black yoga pants? Not so much.

"Can you please get that cat off the bed?" Arael complained

"He has a name you know." Lyra hissed loudly, thinking it was quiet because of her music.


Lyra paused the music and slammed the headphones onto her mattress. She swung off her bed and grabbed her backpack, stuffing her laptop and headphones into it. She zipped up te Vanta black pack and uplocked the Window. 

"Where are you going?"

"Out. And give me a two minute head start before you tell Storm..." She clambered out the window and didn't bother closing it. SHe jogged to the  garage  And pulled out her motercycle. The flame decals where new- she had them done last week. 

She hastily buckled her helmet and started the cycle. She sped out of the driveway and down the street, she wanted to put as much distance between her and Stormrage before she found out. More like Arael blabber-mouthed, but whatever.

She turned left at the corner- blitzing down the street, luckily the speed limit was 485... Some AE's (including her) lived for  fast driving.

Across the bridge she went, over there was the only place she could stay alone.

Deep in the woods was an abandoned tree house, which she renovated.  Nobody knew about it, or so she thought. 

The treehouse shook as somebody ascended the treehouse rope ladder...



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To the TOP!

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