Really cool RP!

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Really cool RP!

Really cool RP!

Okay, I know that this is kind of like Windswift's idea, but I am changing it quite a bit. Sorry Windswift but your idea was SO GOOD!

So, we are animals and we live in a land called Avenlore. In it is a mountain range called the Bejewled mountains, two forests, one is a forest and one is a rainforest, a lake called Coral lake, fields called Shady meadows, and an ocean which is the Diamond sea. There are the leaders, which are called The Eldens, and they are seperated into ranks. The land is protected by a magic which they make and control, but it is being broken by a mysterious and evil force.


5:Eldens-in-training, they still live with their families.

4:Mentors of the 8th rank, they live in the academy on the tallest mountain in the range, Snowy mountain.

3:Healers that are sent out to heal the sick animals, they inhabit a hill by coral lake called Healing hill.

2:Elementals control the elemants of water, fire, weather, and nature. They live by their elemental places: Fire is shady meadow, water is diamond sea, weather is mountain range, and nature is either forest.

1:Elders are the wisest and most important of eldens. They live in the ruins of a giant library/castle on the top of snowy mountain. The oldest elder is 174, the youngest is 100. 


No being mean!

You can only have 5 charries at the most.

You may be any animal, even mythical animals or ones you made up, but  whatever you are, if you're not an Elden, you can't have more power than an Elden.

No humans allowed!

You can only be in the 5th through 3rd ranks at first, but you may work your way up to 2nd.

These are my Charrie sheets, but please copy the base:

Name:Jewel  (Sorry Elliot B. but I liked your characters) 

Species:Golden tiger (Tiger with golden wings) 

Age: 20 

Appearance: tiger with golden wings and white face marks.

rank: 3

Personality: introvert, creative, clever, kind, loves nature and expert healer. Agile and strong swimmer and also good climber. 


Name: Flora

Species: Unicorn


Appearance: white with roses usually weaved into her mane and tail.

rank: 3

Personality: Shy, gentle, expert healer, kind. Very wise.

sorry if some ppl think I'm a copycat! I LOVE ppls ideas... 

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No it's fine! I don't mind!Laughing

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