AE Dream Lives

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AE Dream Lives

AE Dream Lives

I should be talking in italics, but today I left everyone else behind so I can do whatever I want (do what you wanna').


I saw that CB lives thread, and I thought: AEs have dream lives to. So, fellow AEs, please stop by and tell about your dream life. That can include: no CBers, dream houses, family, etc. I have one that I'll share.


I'll live with Pavi and Cheerio in a bakery where we make donuts. We'll call it Do Your Donuts. We'll live above DYD in little rooms and have a cute little kitchen and a giant TV. DYD will be a little shop that is super famous that people love. DYD will have a lot lot lot types of donuts and I'll get to eat all of them! In our world, there will be AEs of our choice, CAPTCHAs of our choice, and CBers (that basically means we include everyone except for Crysti).

That is offensive.

This is my dream world. Leave.

Fine. I shall go.


submitted by Donut
(August 5, 2016 - 4:02 pm)

My dream life is a life without Mudbloods.

submitted by Fúdìmó
(August 6, 2016 - 8:31 am)