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Elementals RP

Elementals RP

Okay, so I'm here to create my first RP! I am copying and pasting this from another website in which we did the same roleplay, but this time I want to try it with a different group of people. Also, I'm not familiar with the RP system on this site, so this post may be considered odd compared to the other RPs.

Basically this RP is about a group of people with the power to control an element at will (fire, water, earth, sky etc) and a goventment who want to track down and kill/capture all of the "Elementals" or so they are called. So a group of "Hunters" is hired to track down and capture all of the Elementals. You can RP as a Hunter, as an Elemental, or even as both!


1. No swearing. Although I don't think I have to say this since it's a part of the site's rules.

2. Don't make a million characters. Only create as many as you'll be able to keep up with.

3. Each character can only have one element.

4.Make sure to be active a lot! Nobody wants to be in a RP that's going to die. If you have multiple characters, then you have to be active with all of them.

5. No one liners. Make sure your post helps along the plot, not spams the page, unless you're just replying to a question another character asked your character, or you're fighting a grueling battle with autocorrect on a mobile device.

6. No controlling other characters that aren't yours. If a person has put you in a place where you can't continue roleplaying until their character answers, and the person isn't active at the time, then you can have their character say/do something to get on with the roleplay. Stay active, and we won't have this problem. :)

7. If you're not going to be active for a certain amount of time, then tell us. Otherwise, we'll think you're missing or something. 

8. Use good grammar. Don't abbreviate words or forget punctuation. A few minor errors are okay, especially with mobile devices, but try as best as you can not to have too many grammar mistakes, or it's hard to read. 


Character Creation:


















Weapon of choice:







My charries:

Name: Alania

Appearance: long red hair, blue eyes

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Element: Fire

Powers: She can create fire out of air and set things on fire. Whenever she's near a flame, it gets bigger and brighter.

Personality: Alania fierce tempered and likes to be in charge. She's bad at controlling her powers, so she just tends to burn everything up. She loves to sing too. She tends to get mad about unimportant things, and she can loose her temper very easily. She has a slight touch of OCD too.

Background: She's friends with Jada (another elemental) and even though Jada is a year younger than she is, they're still best friends and nothing can separate them.



Name: Jada

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Element: Electric

Powers: She can influence the weather and make lightning strike from the sky. She can also send electric charges through her hands.

Personality: She's friendly with everyone, and willing to forgive people a little too easily. She's very gullible too. She'll never abandon her friends in danger, and she's always afraid she's going to hurt someone with her power. She can always see the good side of things.

Background: She's best friends with Alania and they've know each other for a long time.

Appearance: Blonde fluffy short hair and green eyes



Name: Zinnia

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Element: Psychic

Powers: She can telepathically communicate with others and also teleport.

Appearance: short choppy black hair, amber eyes

Personality: Will sacrifice herself for her friends, she's very loyal and brave. She's also very bad at arguing her point.

Background: She's lived alone since her parents and her sister died in a car crash. She used to be super talkative, but since they died, she's very shy and doesn't like to be around other people much. She doesn't like to talk about her personal life much.



Name: Ray

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Element: Ice

Powers: When he touches things, sometimes they freeze. He hasn't really found out about any of his powers and he doesn't know what else they can do.

Personality: Ray is always cool and calm. He never gets freaked out, and is always super serious.

Appearance: white hair, blue eyes.

*History/Background: Ray found out he was an elemental recently and fled a large group of hunters.



Name: Serena

Age: 19

Target: Ice

Appearance: long black hair, blue eyes.

Personality: It changes with her mood
Background: She became a hunter because that was the only good paying job she could find. She secretly is hoping for the elementals to escape, but that won't make her feel bad enough to have mercy once she's captured them.
Belongings: Her radio that she uses to talk with other hunters on.
Weapons: Her crafty tactics.



Name: Kelsey

Age: 13

Element: time

Powers: she can freeze time, and sometimes makes unexpected leaps a few seconds into the future.

Appearance: Short brown hair, amber eyes.

Target: she doesn't really care.

History/background: When she was ten, Kelsey was captured by hunters. They released her when she was twelve under the condition that she would be one of them. She is forced to hunt down and capture other elementals with her powers.

Personality: she is bright and cheerful, despite everything she's gone through. She hates it when peoplethink of her as dumb or inferior just because she's so young. She's also brave and strong willed, and will risk everything to capture all of the elementals. Despite being an elemental herself, she is loyal to the hunters, despite being the only elemental hunter who is also an elemental.

Belongings: she is always chewing gum and likes to irritate people by blowing bubbles in their faces.

Weapons: she doesn't need any. She uses her powers to kill. 

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