Solo write!T

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Solo write!T

Solo write!

This is my first solo write, and I would like to ask 6 lucky CBers to join. You may take up to 3 guests (AE's only, please) with you. 

Because there aren't many boarding school RP participants anymore, I am making a CBer boarding school. This is going to be new, without any of the old boarding school characters.

If you would like to join, please fill out the sheet below as completely as possible for each guest you bring, as well as yourself. The more detailed, the more accurate representation I can give you. You may choose not to fill it out, besides names. However, do not blame me if I get a few things wrong about appearances or correct personalities!

Also, there will be NO "main characters". You will all be incorporated into my story in some way, shape, or form. I will not try to make one character more important than another.

One last thing: this IS my first solo write, so constructive criticism and advice are welcomed and encouraged! Just plain mean and/or negative comments not allowed, please.  







Appearance (you are allowed to post pictures for this): 

Role (CBer, AE):

Favorite Subjects:

Your social skills:


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Age: 12--I mean, 13!!

Personality:Friendly, calm, resourceful. . .

Appearance (you are allowed to post pictures for this): Longish auburn hair, relatively tall, green eyes, 

Role (CBer, AE):CBer

Favorite Subjects:Art, P.E., English, Science

Your social skills:




Age: Immortal

Personality:Talkative, easily annoyed, loud, hyper, overly perky, very friendly

Appearance (you are allowed to post pictures for this): A shape-shifter, so her appearence varies. You can make it up.

Role (CBer, AE):AE

Favorite Subjects:Math, English, P.E.

Your social skills:


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Name: The Riddler

Gender: Female

Age: Secret. We'll say 13 for now.

Personality: Quiet on the outside but loves to be dramatic and mysterious. Sometimes lost in thought, doesn't like to share emotions. I have a terrible fear of crushes and dancing with people. I play cello and love music. Kind of lonely but crazy with friends.

Appearance (you are allowed to post pictures for this): See picture. Do I have to make it realistic?

Role (CBer, AE): Cber

Favorite Subjects: Math, English, and art

Your social skills: What does this mean?

Other: I've lived in many places across the world and have moved way too many times.


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Name: St.Owl

Gender: F

Age: 12, 7th grade

Personality: Erm. Introverted, slightly pessimistic. I'm a nerd and proud of it; Ravenclaw, or Slytherclaw if you want to be more broad. Very ambitious, maybe a little too high self-esteem. Procrastinator, usually, though I'm making a real effort.

Appearance (you are allowed to post pictures for this): If you're doing fantastical, make the hair lighter, take away the glasses, and add large feathered white wings and a dress. If you're not, then I'm a very tall person (as in, 5'6"), with pale skin and shoulder-length-ish blond hair which kind of bounces up weirdly at the ends. I wear black glasses with frames on the top but not side or bottom, with very elongated, squiggly apostrophe-like temples, one black and one white. I wear loose pants or skorts, and t-shirts (usually with text or images). In colder months, I wear a blue-green light sweater. Blue-grey eyes.

Role (CBer, AE): CBer

Favorite Subjects: Creative Writing, if that's a thing here, and Social Studies/History/whatever you call it. 

Your social skills: Ah, not good. I'm socially awkward and much prefer staying by myself with a book then taking part in some kind-of-strangers' conversations. Definitely introverted, although I'm a good (and rather outgoing) conversationalist once I know you well enough.

Other: None

I think it's only me this time! 


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I'm not taking Crystal for this (she's always being left out, sorry Crystal!).

I'm getting rid of the cat ears. :) 


Name: Moonlight

Gender: Female

Age: 11 

Personality: It changes from post to post, so just make it up!

Appearance (you are allowed to post pictures for this): Long, dark blue hair; blue eyes; pale skin. See pic.

Role (CBer, AE): CBer. 

Favorite Subjects: In school: Math, Orchestra, LA (though my school makes LA kind of boring). I love reading books.

Your social skills: I am not very social, and not very good at making friends.

Other: Alter me how you want for the single write, I don't mind.

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Something else...
Other: Has light powers
I'm so excite for this! 
'enyx. Anyways.' Anyways what? 'Anyways you gotta' go!'
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September, Cortana, the Riddler, St. Owl, and Moonlight! 

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Name: Cockleburr

Gender: Female

Age: 15 (Yes, I'm old. I can be 13 if you'd like that better, Daisy.)

Personality: I'm creative and spontainious. I'm usually very energetic and bouncy. I try to be kind and caring. (I don't know what to say, this is hard! You know what I'm like, Daisy! Will this be enough?)

Appearance (you are allowed to post pictures for this): Wavy brown hair that goes slightly past my shoulders, side bangs that boing out, a cowlick in the front of her forehead that sticks straight UP!, short, purple wire frame glasses, brown eyes.

Role (CBer, AE): Cber

Favorite Subjects: Science, art

Your social skills: When I don't know anybody I'm really quiet, but when I know the people in the room I'm the loudest one!

Other: ... I don't know. Tell me if I need more personality, ok, Daisy?

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Sounds great, thank you Cockleburr! When I start writing, let me know if I'm not portraying you right. :)

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Sooo joining! I will post a sheet in a little while, but spot reserved!

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Spots closed! No more people! Once Booksy Owly posts her Charrie sheet, it shall begin! 

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YAY! oh, and I don't have any AEs


GENDER: Female 

AGE: 11

PERSONALITY: Simple, quiet, and kind. BUT, she can be kinda scary if she gets worked up.

APPEARANCE: Causual. Dark brown hair always in pony tail





Wait sorry I have to go 


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ROLE: Student

FAVORITE SUBJECTS: Writing and art

SOCIAL SKILLS: She is fun and cheerful, but she isn't very chatty when she doesn't know you. (Shy)

OTHER: She can block everything out when she's reading or writing. She does both a lot, along with sketching.

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Name: Booksy Owly

Gender: F

Age:  14

Personality: I'm shy, quiet, and a huge classics bookworm. I love to read and write, and am rather ambitious. I sometimes get down on myself for little things, and get embarassed easily. I'm pretty organised. A nerdy over-achiever and PROUD! I'd also like to think I'm sweet.

Appearance (you are allowed to post pictures for this): I'm short, with chin-length light brown hair in a bob, large, innocent hazel eyes magnified by round glasses, a round face, button nose, and freckles. I uaualy wear a skirt and sweater with Mary-Janes, and have a book with me.

Role (CBer, AE): CBer

Favorite Subjects: English, and anything else English related (journalism, literature, etc.)

Your social skills: I'm probably the most socialy awkward person you'll ever meet.

Other:  Nada.

For my AE, Wordsy:

Name: Wordsy Owly

Gender: F

Age:  14, she's Booksy's twin

Personality: Outgoing, fun-loving, and cheerful, but sometimes  gets jelous. She loves trying new things, and is up to anything. Her goal in life is to get Booksy to be more outgoing.

Appearance (you are allowed to post pictures for this): Tall, with shoulder-length dark brown hair in pigtails, freckles, and hazel eyes. Usualy wears t-shirts and skorts.

Role (CBer, AE): AE

Favorite Subjects: Ooh, tough. She's generally good at everything. How about Art and Drama?

Your social skills: She has a lot of friends, and is generally well-liked.

Other:   Nope.

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