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Solo write!

This is my first solo write, and I would like to ask 6 lucky CBers to join. You may take up to 3 guests (AE's only, please) with you. 

Because there aren't many boarding school RP participants anymore, I am making a CBer boarding school. This is going to be new, without any of the old boarding school characters.

If you would like to join, please fill out the sheet below as completely as possible for each guest you bring, as well as yourself. The more detailed, the more accurate representation I can give you. You may choose not to fill it out, besides names. However, do not blame me if I get a few things wrong about appearances or correct personalities!

Also, there will be NO "main characters". You will all be incorporated into my story in some way, shape, or form. I will not try to make one character more important than another.

One last thing: this IS my first solo write, so constructive criticism and advice are welcomed and encouraged! Just plain mean and/or negative comments not allowed, please.  







Appearance (you are allowed to post pictures for this): 

Role (CBer, AE):

Favorite Subjects:

Your social skills:


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(September 25, 2016 - 1:33 pm)

Next part is OUT! Please read and comment! It feels so good to be back! 


The students dispersed, chattering excitedly about their first class. 

Brookeira followed her steadily floating sea green light with her roommate, Booksy Owly, who was following her own lavender one. 

"You wouldn't think so, but lavender and sea green go very well with each other." Commented Brookiera. 

"Yeah, they do, don't they? I wonder what our first class will be like. I wonder who the teacher will be?" 

"I don't know. I bet you it won't be that white lady or the black guy, though. They are so creepy." 


Following close behind Brookiera and Booksy Owly, Cockleburr and St. Owl were having a similar discussion. 

"These are so interesting! I wonder what they are." Cockleburr said, examining her light again. She found that on closer inspection, it was more a lilac-blue than just a sky blue. It was very pretty. 

St. Owl wasn't as interested in her light. She dismissed them with a shake of her head. "I'm more interested in our first class. What do you think it will be about?" 

Cockleburr started examining St. Owl's light as well, which was a nice royal blue. "I don't know. Maybe they will explain what these are. Everyone has been so mysterious about the lights!" She complained. 

"Excuse me, but does anyone here know a guy named Richard?" A handsome boy Interuppted. He had black hair and green eyes, and adorable freckles. 

Cockleburr stared at him for a minute in surprise. "Who are you?" She asked. 

The boy sighed. "I," he began dramatically, "am Bolton. Surely you've heard of me."

St. Owl chuckled. "Only that you're new. Richard isn't here yet." 

Bolton said in mock outrage, "Only that I'm new? I'm offended. Well, it's your lucky day. I guess I can spare some time escorting you pretty ladies to class." He particularly looked at Cockleburr. 

Cockleburr looked appealingly at St. Owl, who was shaking into her handkerchief with mirth. Cockleburr could see that she wasn't getting any help from her. 

"Oh, uh, I'm fine, thank you very much. But I heard that they," pointing to STORYTELLER and Wordsy Owly, "are looking for help." Bolton bowed charmingly. 

"Much obliged, fair lady. It was a pleasure." He swept off in pursuit of STORYTELLER and Wordsy, his mint green light bobbing protestingly after him. 

Cockleburr muttered, "Sorry, guys." But She was relieved that Bolton had left them. He sure was annoying! Let him be their problem for a bit. 

Continuing to follow their lights to their classroom, Cockleburr and St. Owl watched amusedly as Bolton approached STORYTELLER. He bowed again and started talking to her. Wordsy Owly put her hands on her hips, as he was completely ignoring her. 

"Hi." Said a girl, tapping on St. Owl's shoulders. Cockleburr jumped. 

"Oh, hi." Said St. Owl. "Who are you?" 

Cockleburr looked at the auburn-haired girl, who was wearing a pretty crimson sweater, even in the heat, and a short brown skirt. She had a pair of brown fringed boots on, too. 

"I'm Autumn." She said cheerfully. "I don't have a roommate, so I was told to stay with you two." Autumn's red light bobbed in front of her. She saw Cockleburr looking at it curiously. 

"Oh, and this is Bob." She said carelessly. 

Cockleburr exchanged a glance with St. Owl, eyebrows raised. 

Autumn cracked up. "I'm just joking." She said. After a minute, St. Owl joined in. "Hahaha." They bubbled. 

Cockleburr rolled her eyes, trying hard not to smile. 

Moonlight skipped in front of them. "Who are YOU?" She asked Autumn. 

Autumn opened her mouth to respond when Wordsy Owl joined them, eyebrows furrowed. "Did you see that? He completely ignored me! He even had the impertinence to- hold on, who are you?" She asked Autumn. Autumn sighed and tried again. 

"My name is-" 

"Hallo. STORYTELLER, I think her name was, told me to go away." Pouted Bolton, who had joined Cockleburr, St. Owl, Autumn, Moonlight, and Wordsy Owly. Then he looked at Autumn with interest. "Who are you, beautiful?" He said, looking her up and down. 

Autumn blushed. "My name is-" she started, then stopped. Looking around, she finally said, "Any minute now, someone else is going to start talking. No? Well, then, good. My name is Autumn." 

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I demand with my FlowerPower that this thread will BLOOM! (My new word for top) 

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Yay Daisy! I love it!

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Awesome so far! And welcome back, Daisy!

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Thank you! And I command by my Flower Power, yet again, that this thread will BLOOM! 

Oh no! Button says "diae"! NO! I don't want this to die, button!  

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HA! That is so me. Yeah, I'm kinda not too interested in boys. Sorry Bolton. YAY Daisy's back, I hope you know that you are signed up for CAT-astrophere Chronicles Single Write. Daisy, could you add that I am momentarily distracted because I have snuck my chicken CAPTCHA who's name is Silent(actually she's super loud) into my dorm? Sorry, I just thought it might be a cool scene changer and I really can't live without Silent anyway.

(October 7, 2016 - 8:16 am)

I'm so glad to see you, STORYTELLER! I missed you! 

I like that idea... can I use it after I post their first class? Thanks. Will post more tonight!  

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(October 7, 2016 - 3:01 pm)

You're back! Thank you Daisy!

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*sigh* I really should post on this... write some more. And I really should go over to BaB for my WoF solo write... and I really should stop joining so many RPs... and I really should be creative and actually post on the ones I've joined... like all right now, because I have nothing else to do... But I'm so tired... I really want to take a nap. And I really should work on the two, maybe three, novels I'm writing, too... Ugh. I'm exhausted though! Oh well. *sighs again* *yawns*. Here you guys go. Only because you are all awesome! And then I will go to BaB (hopefully) and do that... And then I'll take a nap. The RPs will have to wait. :( Sorry! 

Ok, one more thing. I just realized, while I was writing, I never said whose roommate September and Cortana's was. I'm so sorry! I can't have them be roommates together, becuase, well, they were signed up by the same person, and that's just lame. So Autumn and September will share (isn't that perfect?!) and Cortana will... Um... share with Bolton? No, that's awkward. Um... ok... Does anyone have a male AE they want to join? And I need another female, so another CBer or another female AE is welcome. Thank you, and sorry my writings so short! I need to figure this out first, before I can write more, because I'd like all the student's to be there and organized for the first class. This was totally my blunder, I apologize and beseech you guys to be patient with my blunderin' self! I will post the story, continued, first, and then the roommates below to help sort out confusion. 


(the story)

"Oh, hi Autumn!" Moonlight chirped. 

"Yes, very nice to meet you, but shouldn't we be heading to class?" Brookiera asked. She and Booksy Owly had doubled back to see what all the fuss was about. 

"You're right. Come on, Autumn." St. Owl said. They all split up into their respective groups and quickly went after their lights, which led them to a stone door, too heavy to be pushed aside. 

"Now what do we do?" they asked each other. Cockleburr studied the door carefully. It was a large stone slab, overgrown with moss. Even if they could have somehow combined their strength to push it over, it was too slippery to hold. 

"Please? Please open?" Cortana asked. The Riddler stared at her. 

"What? 'Please' is a magic word, after all. Right?" Cortana defended herself. 

No one answered. September ran her fingers over the sides of the door. Her silver light glowed so brightly, that everyone fell silent. September pushed and pulled against a jagged edge.



(the roommates, or at least what I have so far)

Wordsy Owly and STORYTELLER

Cockleburr and St. Owl

Moonlight and the Riddler

Brookiera and Booksy Owly

September and Autumn

Cortana (needs female roommate!) 

Bolton (needs male roommate!) 

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(October 8, 2016 - 1:28 pm)

Haha... I never did post on BaB... I fell asleep as I was writing...hahaha. Anyway, Autumn, would you be interested in posting a Charrie sheet for Richard and either Saphira or Echosong? If you don't have time, that's fine. Could I use them anyway? If you want me too, it would be no problem at all for me to get their Charrie sheets from the AE ballroom. Yeah, I'll do that. You're so nice I don't think you'll mind if I put them in. ;)

Seriously, though, if you don't want them in, just tell me. I won't blast you with daisies. Or would I?haha. Anyway, I'll go over to the ballroom thread right now and get their sheets, and post Echo's and Richards. I'm going to do echo instead of Saphira if that's okay because I believe Saphira is a dragon, and that wouldn't really work too well. If you want or need anything, just let me know. I'm totally open to suggestions, advice, and constructive critism. :-D 

Also, STORYTELLER, yes! I just want to let you know I appreciate that you posted that cool little thing about Silent. It really gives me something to write about when I'm stuck! Other CBers, yes, that's exactly what I want and need. A little sideline plot. Wait- INSPIRATION STRIKES! *lightning in the background*

Could everyone post stuff about their CAPTCHA? Name and species, maybe appearance, would be helpful. If you don't want to, that's fine. :) 

-Daisy is OUT!

--May this thread BLOOM!

---And I will be right back with Autumn's AE's Charrie sheets, so, autumn, let me know if they're okay.  

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Sorry. But I spent forever trying to find a sheet for Sir Richard! It wasn't on the ballroom thread, so I went over to the first AE prom thread. Then I clicked on every page for the first 16 pages. Then I started skipping pages by two. I figured when I saw sir Richard post, I could just keep clicking "previous". So I did. And when (20 mins later) I finally found his sheet,  it didn't even have his personality! AURGH! 

Sorry. I'm not mad at you. It's just I wasted twenty minutes of my life.

Ok, I'm really sorry. I shouldn't even post this because it might make you feel guilty. It shouldn't.

Anyway, here are the sheets. If you don't mind, please fill out Sir Richard's appearance and personality, and give me Echosong's favorite color. The color can't be sea green, lime green, forest green, dark purple, royal blue, turquoise, lilac, lavender, yellow, or red. Because Sir Richard's favorite color is green, I gave him the lime green. :) Let me now if you want that changed, it won't be a problem. 


Name: Sir Richard of Camelot

Age: 17

Favorite Color: Green! (My note: I'm giving him lime green... is that okay?)



Age: 15

Appearence: Long, rather curly chocolate brown hair, green eyes, a slight sprinkling of freckles. 

Personality: My quiet, introverted side. She's extremely artistic, and loves music and singing. She's also very, very shy. 

Other: She has a beautiful singing voice, and often sings when she thinks nobody is looking.


submitted by Daisy
(October 8, 2016 - 7:10 pm)


Name: Chester

Gender: Male 

Species: Cat

Appearance: Tiny yellow cat with orange spots

Other: Likes to sit on my head 

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(October 8, 2016 - 7:16 pm)

Thank you! 

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DAISY'S BACK DAISY'S BACK DAAIIISY'S BAAACK! Hooooorayyy! I'm so glad! I love what you've written! It's super good!

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(October 8, 2016 - 8:25 pm)

Ok, here's my CAPTCHA. He says aoxd. I don't know what that means. Also, Daisy, my AE Stan could be the male roomate. I could post charrie sheet for him if you like, unless you don't need him.

Name: Charles

Gender: Male 

Species: Niffler, from hp.

Appearance: Well, nifflers are sort of like moles, I guess, but I picture them with longer, more dog-like fur, and they have long, thin snouts and have been described as looking "quite cuddly." He also has a red bowtie.

Other: Nifflers are very attracted to shiny things.


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(October 8, 2016 - 9:10 pm)