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You, Yes You,

You, Yes You, Come Here!

Sorry I didn't start this like I usually do, with "Howdy!" but thsi may be a bit urgent.  I only have one charrie for my story/AU/RP thing (shoutout to Nebula!)!!  I told them earlier that I cannot have an RP or story without more than one character!  If you want to join, here's the mimimum data that you MUST put in:




Distinguishing Features

Favorite Weapon (if they have one)





IF YOU LEAVE A SLOT EMPTY, I WILL FILL IT IN FOR YOU!  You can also put other data like their personality. 

submitted by Lucy B., age 12, California
(November 26, 2016 - 9:08 pm)

Hi! I would love to join, but just don't have the time! Sorry! Also, I've seen that you've been having trouble getting into rps. A good thing to do before you want to join is to make sure there is still room and if there's special characters or something like that, to make sure they're not taken before you post. Hope that helps!! 

submitted by Ember
(November 28, 2016 - 10:35 am)