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Hogwarts/Harry Potter RP

Hogwarts/Harry Potter RP

So, I went through some of the "old" threads, and I found that Harry Potter RPs were really popular. So I thought we could do one. But there is a tiny thing I am doing in this RP, the time line will be when Harry's Parents, Snape, Draco's Parents, and Ron's parents will be little 1st years. Voldomort is Tom Riddle, and he is prefect of Slytherin, with his little death eaters. Oh! Also Slughorn will be there as potions master. I can't wait!!!! Here is the charrie:




Blood (Pureblood, Halfblood, Muggleborn):





Other (If you are a werewolf, or person who changes apprence put it here:


Now, here is my charrie....

Name: Harper

Year: 6 (that is the year Riddle is in)

House: Slytherin

Blood: Pureblood

Friends: Tom Riddle

Enimies: Gryfindoor kids

Personality: Funny, Sly, Kind of evil, act like a pure Slytherin 

Appearance: Hazel eyes, Brownish goldish curly hair, hair Usally in a ponytail, normal skin color

Other: Has crush on Tom Riddle also a 'death eater' can speak parseltongue 

Background: From a long line of wealthy powerful pureblood. 

Well I think that is all..... hope you like the RP!!  




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Spot reserved!!! 

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