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Writing A Novel

Writing A Novel


I am writing a novel about these aliens that are triplets. I really need people who could give me more ideas.....other than my parents. Also the year is in 4680. Okay, let's start with the prologue.


Merci, and her older brother watched the holo-news in the holo-gram market, Holo-grams For Less.

"As astronomers said in 4000, there is a very chance that we could run out of water on earth. Now what they said was correct. So that means the Mars Civilization is running out too," The news man says as he turns to his news partner.

"But, with that bad news, we get the chance to go to other galaxies that could have civilization, and we know that because of the sattilite, H5-RU, has orbited many of the planets that have life." News lady informed the news-watchers.

"Come on Merci, let's go" Mercy's older brother, Zach, ordered. Merci shook her head, and did puppy-dog eyes. "You don't fool me" he smiled.

"I wanna stay here though!"She pleaded, "I want to die here." Zach stared at his little sister, with sad eyes. 

"Merci, Mom and Dad ordered shuttle tickets to other galaxies, and they cant come because they have to keep the people safe from aliens from Eris*." Zach held his little sisters hand and pulled her to the shuttle they were going to.


May I remind you that, that was the prologue and the triplets come in soon. 

submitted by Zen, age 13, China
(February 12, 2017 - 8:25 am)


but, I do have  few suggestions...

you might want to indruduce ages early on, because there is nothing more annoying than, dreaming of this 13 yer old girl still young and a little short with a sparkile in her eye, and the n figuring out she like 18 and moving out of her parents house out of the blue.

try to include a veriaty of charrictars, For example: a femenist, a fighter girl...who doesn not learn the talents from her older brother, (I say her older brother is into something 'nerdy' and gets picked on, and the sister has to save him). have a boy whos deadly serious, but falls for a girl who won't take her own exacution seriously. And have a blonde the smartest (I don't beieve of the dumb blonde, but there are some people, SO BREAK THE BARRIOR)!

have setting changes, (since there on a drout, I'm guessing there not having hail/snow/rain) For example, having it so sunny and over 100*F (is there a degrees sign on a key board?) but then have the next day cloudy and so foggy you can't see ahead, and 33*F (any lower than 33 and fog will be snow)

I hope this helps!


submitted by Annabeth C
(February 12, 2017 - 12:46 pm)