Writing a Book!!!

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Writing a Book!!!

Writing a Book!!! So, I was thinking people who have written their own short stories could help with this- put a character from your own short story or novel into a different story we all agree on, maybe my own Ferals short story setting? And then make it into a REAL NOVEL!!! This is sort of like the Ultamite CB Collabritive Novel, but different story/story idea, and different orginization. There is unlimited positions to write&draw, but only up to 14 characters, and it might get confusing to have like a 100 artists, etc... ok, here are the positions!

Head Artist(only 1,);

Head Editor(only 1,);

Head Writers(2,);Me(Lightning,) and 

Copy Editors(unlimted,);

Charecter Developers(14 max,);Me(Lightning,) and



Cover Artist/Designer(These can be two seperate people,or one person,);

Word Spreaders/Marketers(help get this maybe actually published, get more people to add on,probably 3 or 4,);

World Builders(Make the world all the charries end up in from everyones decision,probably 2 or 3,) ;

To apply, do a sample from your short story or novel, or sample of art, or editing abilties somehow. Cover people might take a while to actually get in, so you can also be Artists. 


CB name;

Pen name(like what you want on the book cover,);

First-wanted Job;

Second-wanted Job;

Sample for First-Wanted;

Sample for Second-Wanted;

Ideas for Book;

For Writers/Charrie Developers-sample of own short story/novel;

Everyone will help and say their opionin on everything, but the positions will be the ones actually doing  it. Thanks!!


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(April 1, 2017 - 3:01 pm)

I'm not sure I quite understand? Are we writing a story together and trying to publish it, or something else?


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(April 1, 2017 - 6:30 pm)