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Descendants RP 

Descendants RP 

So I can't what for new movie!!!! Who else cant wait?! But anyway, let's get down to business (To defeat the huns) The king has decided that other kids from the Isle of Lost, should come to Auradon. You can ship people, with kids from the movie, just not people who already are shipped. Please have realistic backstoris (Ex. Ursala and her child lived so deep in the ocean that they couldn't find her to bring her to the Isle of Lost.) People shoukd be reminded that you can also be an Auradon Prep student. No one can be related to the Main Charecters, exept like being cousins and stuff. Please follow my charrie. 

Name: Uzza

Child of: Ursala

Backtory: Has been in Auradon Prep  for a long time, everyone thought she was one of Ariel's sister's daughters. Her mother and her where never found from deep in the ocean. Has magic that she can turn into a mermaid or underwater animal whenever she likes. Was the girl from School of Secrets (Sorry to burst your bubble but Lonnie is just a suspect!) Also she has much more powers than just shapeshifting. 

Personality: Head low, but when the villian's came she got more noticed, trickster, baddie when she finally came out as Ursala's daughter, hyper, punk. 

Apperence: Neon purple eyes. Used to have blue hair now she has a long braided light purple hair with neon green highlights. Wears a Long Live Evil shirt that has Urala on it, with a backround of black. Wears black combat boots. Speciel necklace with a voice in it that her mother gave her.

Shiping?: If anyone wants???? I would liked to be shipped....

Other: Nothing Else.


Also please have fun!!  


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Name Ideas: something from a fandom you love, like me (Hermione Granger), or a couple of words you like, or name you've always wanted to be yours. Or just your first name and last initial.

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