The Sea's Song

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The Sea's Song

The Sea's Song

September’s (very late) CBversary RP!!


Cambria is a flourishing port city, full of life, laughter, and magic. For a city built from the ashes of a war only months ago, it is remarkable how much it’s grown and developed. And it’s also remarkable how quickly it’s grown, though no one questions the magic. 


Your characters were children when the city rose. And they are barely grown when the city falls. 


An inescapable darkness has risen. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, an idea unheeded by the founders of Cambria. Too much magic calls forth too much darkness. But what’s done is done, and their only hope now is to journey beyond the land across the perilous sea, in an attempt to save the people they have doomed. 


The journey is not for the faint of heart. 


The Lottery is the last thing they give you, a system enchanted to find the bravest, the strongest, the smartest, only the best to sail across the Deep and find salvation. 



Rules and Information that you will NEED to know (PLEASE READ THEM ALL): 

  • There are 14 spots. Reservations are accepted, but you MUST post your charrie within a week of you reserving that spot or I’ll give it to someone else
  • This will start after I have at least 7 characters
  • I’d love a cast of both males and females, which brings up an important point 
  • CHARACTERS!!!! I would love if we had a ton of diversity, so I’m accepting literally anything, especially POC (People of Color) and LGBTQ+ (@ADMINS, sorry, just wanted to make sure you saw this if you’re not allowing this, please delete the part where it says LGBTQ+, so no one gets confused, thanks!!) NOTE: I will be looking over your characters and okaying them. 
  • The time period is a fantasy-medival, think Throne of Glass, Six of Crows, A Darker Shade of Magic, or if you have no idea what I’m talking about, just think of Pirates of the Caribbean or something in terms of clothing and technology 
  • Password: marshmallow fluff
  • A note on magic: If you choose to give your characters magic, it does not mean that they can summon winds, control the ocean, or anything big like that. The magic in this world comes from a sort of stronghold thingy, so it can be mined, but not everyone is compatible with the magic, meaning that it is very picky and may possibly reject your character 
  • I might be a tad bit harsh on your character, but remember, it’ll help with your character building!
  • Aaaaand I think that’s it, I hope you read it, and without further ado. . .     




CHARRIE SHEETS! Please fill them in all the way, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! 


Full Name (Friendly reminder, ethnic names, like Finnish or Armenian are cool!): 

Age (13-22, please!):





Appearance (It’s important to note here that not everyone is skinny, tall, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed, not that there’s anything wrong with being any of those things. Please include hair color, length, texture, eye color, skin color, nose shape, lip size and color, as well as anything else like beauty marks, scars, or freckles): 

Default expression: 


Strengths (as in personality):

Weaknesses (as in personality): 

Greatest Motivation:

Greatest Flaw:

Greatest Fear:

One Word to Sum them up:

Hogwarts House(s): 

Social Status: 

Magic Wielder?: 

Preferred Weapon: 

Password (and if you’re wondering what the heck this is, you probably haven’t read the rules. Read the rules, then come back to this part.): 


And that’s it! Have fun! I’ll post my character when this shows up! 


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(June 18, 2017 - 6:45 pm)

Can I reserve a spot? This looks amazing!

submitted by Dumpun, Lost
(June 19, 2017 - 9:34 am)

Full Name: Shara Lehrer (Pronouced: Sha-ra Leh-her).

Age: 17

Birthdate: November 15th

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft. 4 in.  She's a little bit taller than average (I'm sorry if 5 ft. 4 in. is not "taller than average."  I don't really know how tall a 17 year old should be).

Weight: She has a bigger build (I'm sorry about no exact numbers, but I don't really know what a 17 year old should weigh).

Appearence: Her hair color is black, and there are a little bit of brown "streaks" on the top of her head, and some "little streaks" on the tips of her hair.  The brown isn't entirely noticeable, so it mainly looks like a contrast of black and brown.  Her hair is short, going a little below her ears in a "bob" hair style.  Her eyes are a complex blue shade, and her skin is a little bit dark.  Her nose is a little bit big.

Default Expression: This could be either a smirk or a smile

Personality: Shara always sticks up for what she believes in, even if her belief is not popular or is not well-liked.  She can make funny jokes and sarcastic remarks, but she knows when to be serious.  She has a different kind of bravery, which is often concealed and only shows itself when it's needed.  Because of this, many people assume she's not very brave, and she sometimes thinks she may not be brave.  She likes to make due with what she has, and she's kind and empathetic. 

Strengths (as in personality): She can read a person or a crowd, and can know what is making them happy or sad or angry or etc. in a few seconds

Weeknesses (as in personality): She takes too long in descision making, especially in making difficult decisions.  

Greatest Motivation:  When she feels discouraged, she tries to think of the things that are good in the present.

Greatest Flaw: When she cannot figure our the answer to a question, she'll never stop until she figures it out.

Greatest Fear: That she will fail the city, and it will be all her fault

One Word to Sum Her Up: Resourceful

Hogwart(s) Houses: Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and a little bit of Slytherin and Gryffindor

Social Status: She knows many people, and has no trouble talking to anyone.  She's widely popular in school because she knows just how to read everyone.

Magic Wielder: She can do a little bit of magic, but she is always weary of magic, and never was great at magic either.

Preferred Weapon: She doesn't really use weapons, but she always has a hand trowel on hand because she loves to garden

Password: marshmellow fluff (Haha!)

submitted by Treble Clef
(June 19, 2017 - 10:38 am)

Loving your charrie so far (especially the name!!), just have a couple of things I'd like to clear up: I like that she can read people, so she's good at taking visual cues, but for her to know what makes them happy/sad/etc makes her kinda psychic? I'm not sure if that's what you meant. . . I also love that she's an optimist, and that she's a kind of people pleaser (judging from her greatest fear)? The other thing that I'd like to point out is that her greatest flaw doesn't seem like a flaw. . I know what you're trying to get at, and I like that she's determined, but maybe add a little to that, like she can easily get lost in finding an answer and not be able to focus on anything else? Hope that's alright with you, and great charrie so far!! 


submitted by September
(June 19, 2017 - 7:26 pm)

Out of curiousity, what kind of magic can Shara do? Also, did you know that the word lehrer is German for teacher? 

submitted by Jarvis, age ???
(June 23, 2017 - 11:06 am)

Reserving a spot. I'll try really hard to stick with this.

submitted by Applejaguar, age !!, New York
(June 19, 2017 - 2:32 pm)

Ooh, this looks like a lot of fun! I'm going to use a character very dear to me for this.

Full Name: Sinn (pronounced "shin") Elijah Ment

Age: 18

Birthdate: July 19

Gender: M

Height: 6 in.

Weight: Well, I don't know what the average weight would be, but he's a stocky guy, so he would be heavier than that.

Appearance: Sinn's hair is stuck at the turning point between blonde and brown, and it sticks up in all directions, organized in shaggy layers. He's broad-shouldered and stocky, his skin perpetually tanned, and in excellent shape. He has a small nose and thin lips, often cracked and parched. Sinn also has a few stitches above his left eyebrow.

Default expression: A neutral gaze.

Personality: Sinn is a jerk. There is no denial of that. He holds grudges, gets offended easily, and is overall very emotional; but he doesn't show it. Instead, he reads a person and tries to learn as much as he can about them. Then he delivers in the most painful way he can concieve. Altogether, he's an excellent understander of people, and this works both ways; Sinn can also make friends as easy as some blink, but he's never attached to them and has drawn inside himself to be a secluded husk. He's a thinker; he enjoys reading poetry and trying to understand it, and he's interested in school and getting some titles to his name, but that also means he's quite introspective. If he's honest - which he usually is - Sinn is terrified of himself. He fears that one day he will turn into something monstrous and inhuman, and lead a life full of misery, but he doesn't know how to stop it. He knows there's something missing, but he's not sure what.

Sinn's an excellent deliverer of snippy lines, a collected arguer, and a fair but vicious fighter. He will never noticeably start something aggressive, but he doesn't put a stop to it, either; he generally prefers sneaking if he wants to do some real damage. Even with this reputation, he easily becomes the life of a party, because he's so comfortable in a spotlight, though he'll never step into it. Though he can understand a person quite easily - or, at least, the sciences and straightfowardness of psycology - he'll never be able to understand other things, like how people can cry in front of others or how their emotions are always so visible on their faces. He's afraid that if he shows his true self, someone will slap it back into his face just like he's done so many times.

Other fun facts: He hates the heat more than almost anything and can't play a single sport where hand-eye coordination is dominant, but he loves celery and water.

Strengths: Talking to people, performing, interpreting poetry, fighting, endurance sports, learning and understanding information

Weaknesses: Keeping friends, controlling himself, and the way he'll never let anyone into his heart.

Greatest Motivation: I'm . . . not quite sure what this means. Motivation for what?

Greatest Flaw: He'll never let anyone into his heart.

Greatest Fear: Losing control of himself completely and becoming a steel-hearted monster.

One Word to Sum them up: Miserable

Hogwarts House(s): Ravenclaw/Slytherin

Social Status: Popular enough. Economically, higher middle class.

Magic Wielder?: Yes; I'd like for him to be able to read minds (not delve deep into them, but be able to collect a thought or an emotion).

Preferred Weapon: His fists

Password: Marshmallow fluff!

Background/family: (adding this on because I have important things to say!) The only friend Sinn has ever been able to keep is his older brother, Matthew, who's now twenty-six. Matt is a joker, he makes a lot of quips, but he's also a good mediator between Sinn and his father. You see, while Mr. Ment is a good and respectable man in a well-paying job, he's also an alcoholic. He was physically abusive towards his wife until she died giving birth to their third child, Becca, and verbally abusive towards his children, who were looked after by either Matt or their aunt. Sinn and Becca were very close until she got fatally ill and died. That was the last straw for Sinn; now, if his father explodes at him, he explodes right back.

Other: He hates the heat more than almost anything and can't
play a single sport where hand-eye coordination is dominant, but he
loves celery and water. Also, though he doesn't realize it - seeing as he picks up girls on a regular basis - I'd like Sinn to be gay. I doubt any romance is going to come out of his stone-cold heart, though, so I don't think there'd be much impact from that.

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The greatest motivation is what keeps them going when things get tough— also, did you mean 6 feet instead of 6 inches? xD

submitted by @St.Owl , September
(June 21, 2017 - 3:18 pm)

Oh! Yes! Yeah, he's six feet. Inches might be a little awkward, haha.

I suppose his motivation is probably impressing his older brother, then. Matthew has been very successful and Sinn's a big believer in self-improvement, so a combination of the two are always pushing him to try his hardest no matter what. (it used to be his sister.)

Oh! And in terms of his magic. Sinn's powers are extremely limited - the source accepted him, but the only thing he's able to do with ease is read minds. It's possible he has other powers, but he's not very interested in developing them. He keeps his piece of the source on a chain that Becca made him by braiding together lots of tiny pieces of string, and hides it under his shirt and collar.


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So much character development. Such awesome. Wow.

Full Name: Initias Khadijah daughter of Hafsah

Age: 18

Birthdate: dates work the same way in this fantasy world as they do in the real one? If so, then May 1st; if not, then the first day of summer, whatever you'd call that.

Gender: female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 122 lbs

Appearance: Light brown skin and black hair, both mostly hidden by her mage-in-training robes and traditional headscarf and veil (where she comes from, this is both culturally required and practical, as it keeps the majority of the dust out of one's face and hair). Pert nose, small, thin mouth (though both of these are usually covered), and green eyes that would be unremarkable on anyone else - they're not particularly bright or anything - but seem odd and striking on her, for some reason. Gives the impression of being long and lanky even when you can't see her limbs clearly, which is most of the time. Though she has quite a few headscarf/veil combos, she prefers pale colors, as they go better with her ivory-colored robes.

Default expression: Inscrutable, slightly annoyed

Personality: Khadijah is a rebellious type. She doesn't always have problems with authority, but if someone, especially someone close to her, becomes too overbearing, she begins to resent it sooner than most would. She revels in her individuality; there is very little she hates more than being reduced to a face in a crowd. It can be difficult to tell if you have offended her, both because it takes a lot to truly offend her and because she always seems just a little offended. Witty, resourceful, and surprisingly physically strong, but doesn't get along well with most people. Those few who can tolerate her constantly asserting herself, however, she counts as very good friends, and would likely defend with her life.

Strengths: Smarts, strength of will, knows how to intimidate people quite effectively

Weaknesses: Can be grating and hard to work with; spiteful if crossed

Greatest motivation: An opportunity to distinguish herself, make herself appear different- or, starting shortly into the plot, an opportunity to find her brother and make him see sense

Greatest flaw: Holding grudges. If someone does her wrong she will remember it, often past the point when her anger at that person would be useful for anything more than ruining a relationship.

Greatest fear: That she will die nameless and faceless, remembered only for her contributions and failures, not for the person she truly was.

One word to sum her up: Rebel

Hogwarts House: Likely Slytherin, but Ravenclaw and Gryffindor aren't out of the question.

Social status: Akin to a skilled tradesperson or very minor noble, but neither mages nor Dust People have much contact with society at large; within her family group she's that one youngster who went off to seek her fortune, within her mages' cloister she's considered an adult, but not a very high-status one, like a twenty-something working at McDonald's.

Magic wielder: Yes, but not very proficient at it yet. Has a variety of minor skills related to heat and illusion: can produce enough flame to light a candle or pile of tinder for a campfire, cause a false heat shimmer in air, make little balls of dim light to practice control of magic with, etc. Almost nothing she does is at all capable of hurting someone.

Preferred weapon: Quarterstaff or shortbow. She's passable at the latter, but very good with the former.

Password: marshmallow fluff

Other: She studies at the academy of magic in Cambria, which is a good week and a half's hard riding north and west of her home in the Great Snake Desert. Yes, I've already been doing some world-building, in case we need it. Open to shipping with any gender - I've left that part of her personality deliberately unspecified.

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(June 19, 2017 - 5:55 pm)

Yesss. . . character development. . . 

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(June 21, 2017 - 5:18 pm)

First of all, I love your charrie. She reminds me of Inej Ghafa from Six of Crows. Secondly, will Initias be a citizen of Cambria? I like that she lives elsewhere, but not sure how she'll work out in the Lottery if she's not a citizen. . . so dual citizenship (or something like it, maybe?) 

submitted by @Curio , September
(June 23, 2017 - 7:56 pm)

Initias is a title for her level of trained magician - she's got her magic, but hasn't picked a specific discipline (fire, water, summoning, illusion, enchantment, etc.). She's definitely a citizen of Cambria; when she was young and a Prentice (lowest level of trained magician studying theory and ethics only, hasn't received their bit of source yet) she lived in the city full time, but now she goes home to the desert for part of every year, kind of like summer break though it's not necessarily in the summer.

Also about the blurstones name, glad you like it :D It comes from an idea some of the magical scholars have, that the source is a nexus where the borders blur between this world and some other world, this other world being the source of all magic. It's one of several such theories, none of which have been proven or disproven. (I mean, if that's okay with you...I have a tendency to world-build a lot in these kinds of well-developed RPs...)

submitted by Curio @September
(June 24, 2017 - 3:33 pm)

Oh, haha, it's great that you're starting to develop the magical system:) I love that you're doing this and world-building, I really want this RP to be really well developed, as you can see with my character sheet! You wouldn't happen to have a NaNo account or anything, would you? I'd love to NaNoMail you about world-buiding/miscellaneous details! 

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(June 25, 2017 - 12:08 pm)

Can I reserve a spot?

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Full Name: Hastiin Begay 

Age: 20

Birthdate: June 12

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 186 lb

Appearance: Native American, Hastiin has dark hair and skin. A few scars from fighting and falling down things. His hair is shoulder-length, and usually messy. His eyes are narrow, and he's very fit. 

Default expression: Doesn't have one?

Personality: He's undiagnosed, but has something similar to PTSD when he saw his mother die at age seven. He's not shy, but chooses to be quiet because he thinks conversation is a waste of time. Although he seems strong, and is admired by those around him, on the inside he's quiet, sad and lonely. He doesn't have anyone to open up to. One of the bravest and strongest in the city (of course, he's going to go sail the Deep, he has to be). 

Strengths: Very strong morals, loyal when you earn his trust, extremely courageous

Weaknesses: Doesn't have many friends, not very polite

Greatest Motivation: Whatever is best for the city.

Greatest Flaw: Either not trusting, or his PTSD.

Greatest Fear: He'll get attached to someone then lose them.

One Word to Sum them up: I don't think you can sum up a person in one word . . .

Hogwarts House(s): Mostly Gryffindor, but also Slytherin. 

Social Status: Quite high

Magic Wielder?: Maybe

Preferred Weapon: Anything, including a dagger and his fists

Password: Marshmallow fluff


"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." --John Muir

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