Please don't steal

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Please don't steal

Please don't steal this idea.

I woke up in shadow, a place hidden from the world chaos and fear.  To slither into the shadows into the real world meant a bomb barely missing you or your own death.  I managed to cheat death, to avoide it. Countless times almost killed by a bomb that missed me by inches and many more to come. I was never killed by the impact and never will be, I hope.  Badly scraped up? Yes. I had to eat.If I don't risk my life evryday to get food or water I would be dead. 

Who am i you may wonder? I am a death cheater. A surivorer, but what's my name? Midnight. Its a name that blends with the shadows dosn't it? The shadows are my friend. My scales blend with them. As black as midnight they are. So they let me hide with them. They aceept me. They fear me.

That is who I am.


More later :} 

submitted by MJ'S FRIEND, age Californa, 11
(August 7, 2017 - 2:32 pm)

Continuing the story...

And the war still rages on.

The dawn tried to penetrate the shadows of my cave. It only manged to break through at the edge of my cave. I moved from my spot from the ege of my fortress and laid down at the back were it was the darkest.  I don't like the light. The light is my enemy. It exposes me when i try to hide. A flashlit for my enemies. 

I don't have any real enemies. Only the ones who had started the war. The ones who had ripped peace from the world. I never saw the peace, but I imagine there was a time when it ruled the world proud and strong. Or there was only choas and fear. I try to hold onto the hope that there was a time peace did exist, but sometimes I wonder if there was only chaos and fear.

The war still rages on.  

And expolision sounds......

to be contiuned  

submitted by MJ'S FRIEND, age 11, Californa
(August 7, 2017 - 9:33 pm)