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Song Demons RP

Song Demons RP

So a few months ago, I started writing a story about teens with superpowers linked to their favorite songs.  It was called song Demons.  I never really finished the story, just because I was bored and I felt like no one was reading it.  It's been in the back of my head since, and I've been meaning to bring it back.  

So basically, the way the powers work is that a person (I seem to be drawn towards teenagers) has a favorite song, and when they are listening, singing, humming, etc their favorite song, their power (Which is MODERATELY powerful, only a few of the powers I was planning to have in it were kinda OP) activates.  The person can only use their power while they are listening to, singing, humming, etc their favorite song. 


Here's the Charrie sheet=



Preferred pronouns:



Favorite song:


How song links to power: (example: if the song is Yesterday by Imagine Dragons and the power was going back intime like Tracer from Overwatch, it would relate because yesterday is about the past)

Relations to other Charries:



Here's my charrie=

Name: Grace Palini

Age: 16

Preferred pronouns: she/her

Personality: booksmart, short-tempered, kind of socially akward, shy, introverted, only has like, 2 friends like me

Appearance: Asian, tall, skinny, shoulder-length black hair and hazel eyes, always wears a button with a piano on it

Favorite song: Warriors, by Imagine Dragons

Power: Creates invisible weapons (only melee and only she can hold them)

How song links to power: warriors have weapons.

Relations to other Charries: needs 2 friends and an enemy

Other: plays the piano

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