Chatterbox: Inkwell



Chapter one: Leona

Leona’s raped breathing priced the silent night air. She had her hand held out, and was ready to spring at anything that rounded the corner a few feet away from her. A door opened. Her door opened. 

Panic shot through leona. They were here;the monsters. Something slithered on the ground, getting closer, closer.  A tentacle rounded the corner a few feet away from her.  Leona’s breath quickened, and her heart raced. It was here, and it was about to kill her. 

The monster rounded the corner. It legs were tentacles and it barred it’s teeth, exposing razor sharp fangs. Fangs that were ready to kill. Ready to kill her. It had one eyeball that was grey. 

The monster slithered closer. Leona resisted a scream. Fear fueled the monsters. The monster reached out a tentacle, about to grab her wrist. leona grabbed the tentacle, her hand on fire. 

The monster screamed. A bloodcurdling scream. Leona smiled. She had hurt it, but her smile dimed. She hadn’t killed it. To kill it she have to get up close. 


Caustouily Leona moved towards the monster, who was still screaming, thrashing its tentacle on the ground. She tried to put her hand on the monster head. It was still on fire,  but the monster lassoed a tentacle on her wrist. 


Fear filled leona. She would not die. Leona tried to touch the tentacle that was holding her wrist, but another tentacle caught the her free wrist. 


She tried to tug away, immense fear filling her. But she couldn’t. The monster lassoed her legs, and panick and fear filled her. Terrible fear. Leona screamed. 


The monster dragged her towards its mouth. Leona struggled, but it was no use.


She was going to die. This was the end…


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