Xena clutched the

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Xena clutched the

Xena clutched the fountain pen lightly, watching as it turned into a dagger in her hands.  "What does this mean?" she asked.

"You're powerful, Xena.  More powerful than this world," Eva said, staring at Xena, who looked very confused.  "You can't stay here.  You have to go to the Mythical Realm."

Xena looked up from the dagger, silver, with a black hilt, and answered, "The Mythical Realm?  That's a myth!"

"Not always," Eva replied, smiling.


The Magic Ones RP: PLOT

In this world, power is nearly nonexistent.  The reason for this is the Mythical Realm, a world where all magical beings live.  There was a time where all people knew of this other world, but as time passed, the world became a myth to everyone except for those who belong.  A young woman named Eva has made it her mission to collect every magical child and creature and bring them to this dimension, as they would never be able to fit in without hiding their powers in the real world.  You are one of those children.



1- No more than 3 Charries

2- Eva will help maybe 5-8 charries at the beginning, all the other charries may figure out later.


4- This is a midevel RP -- no technology (Except in the Mythical Realm)




Age (Under 18):

Gender/Gender Pronouns:







Name: Xena

Age (Under 18): 14

Gender/Gender Pronouns: Female/She, Her

Personality: Kind, cautious, smart, introverted, kind of a pushover, curious, optimistic

Power: She can change other magical objects at her will (The example of the magical fountain pen/dagger will become very important)

Appearance: Curly brown hair, bright green eyes, fair skin, freckles, short, skinny

Other: the first Eva helps.  Also, she needs a friend or two.

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I was hoping someone would make an RP like this!!!

name: Zara

gender/gender pronouns: female so her, she, hers

age: 15

personality: Quiet, reserved, surly, intelligent, clever, doesn't trust easily, wants a place to belong, very hard to read, kind of unfathomable

power: ice powers (not like over the top powerful though, she has her limits)

appearance: Long, straight, light blond hair and sky/ice-blue eyes, prefers to wear gray tunics and leggings

other: was an orphan 

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Name: Stellex Underidge

Age (Under 18): 13

Gender/Gender Pronouns: Female

Personality: Optimistic, cheerful, and lighthearted. Often the peacemaker between friends at school. She gives off a good vibe, but sometimes doesn’t take things too seriously. Also artistic.

Power: light. She can generate light easily, and I think later in the RP I’ll have her turn light into solid things. Only nonmagically generated light though. Sunlight, lamplight, pen light... 

Appearance: She looks as though she could have darkness for a power, actually. She has glossy black hair and olive skin. Her bright eyes are dark as well. She does wear bright colors though. Usually she has a white tee, denim jeans, a rainbow scarf, and multiple bangles. All of which are splattered with paint.

Other: Hmm, I’m don’t really want her to have a tragic backstory... Can’t wait to start!

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Name: Ian Wilds

Age (Under 18): 4... Just kidding! 14.

Gender/Gender Pronouns: Male/him, he.

Personality: TBR (To Be Revealed)

Power: pyrokinetic (can control fire)

Appearance: Dark skin, fire birthmark on left cheek, short, dark brown, non-curly hair, 5'2''

Other: open to shipping

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Name: Alliya 

Age (Under 18): 16

Gender/Gender Pronouns: Female/She, Her

Personality: Loud, extrovert, slightly annoying, snarky, rude (ish), makes desicions way too quickly

Power: Can control fire, and generate heatt

Appearance: Tall, firey red hair, chocolate-colored eyes, tan skin, slight smirk 



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Oops, didn't see that someone's character can control fire! Changing her power to control weather.

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Name: Marisa 

Age: 15

Gender/Gender Pronouns: Female- she/her

Personality: Quiet, kind, and conscientious. Often puts the needs of others above her own needs. Observer with rich inner world of observations about people. Very perceptive of other's feelings. Private and polite. Timid, socially uncomfortable.

Power: Water. She can control water a bit, but not over-the-top OP.

Appearance: Thick, straight, dark hair that reaches almost to her waist. Light brown skin and dark eyes. She wears a blue sweatshirt and jeans.

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Okay well surprise I decided Zara's gonna have a twin, so.

name: Will

gender/gender pronouns: male, so him, he, his

age: 15 ( 2 1/2 minutes older that Zara)

personality: Almost an extrovert, a little more social than his sister, and equally clever and intelligent, inquisitive, stubborn, loyal, protective of his twin

powers: the powers of a Shade, but not OP. Has his limits like Zara.

appearance: Mussy but straight light blond hair, brown eyes, usually wears dark jeans, t-shirts that are usually navy or black, and a black sweatshirt with a small silver lion stithed on the top right front of it. 

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Oh whoops I meant Zara to be 15. @Admins, could youn please change Zara's age to fifteen on her charrie sheet thaat I posted? Thanks!




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Thank you soso much, admins!!!!


You're welcome!


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I’m already in a RP, so I won’t be able to post very much. However~

Name: Sky

Age: Thirteen

Gender/Gender Pronouns; they, them, theirs.

Personality: Acts dramatic and silly, but can be serious if need be. Easygoing.

Power: Was born with the ability to fly, which is a very tricky ability. Over time, things like disuse and no other magical things faded it into extraordinary jumping and a love of heights. Eventually, they get their whole ability back. 

Appearance: White-blond hair, long and loose. Brown eyes. Light skin. Medium height. Has a light blue earring in one ear.

Other: Was abandoned by parents when he started to float- his mom didn’t want to though, and left him at the doorstep of a kind family instead of just dropping them in the street. Sky has a adopted sister Jeanne and adopted parents Talic and Nori. Jeanne will be a character, so although I will not role-play her I will make a character sheet.

Name: Jeanne

Age: 15

Gender/Gender Pronouns: Female, so she, her, hers.

Personality: Down to earth, smart. A bit sarcastic as of late.

Power: n/a

Appearance: Brown hair, hazel eyes, dark skin, tall.

Other: Is present when Sky figures out “Oh, it’s a magical power, not just me being athletic and flexible and liking heights- and oh if I try I’m much better then I thought, I can almost fly.” Maybe wants to come to Mythical Realms? 

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Yay! This is my first time doing one of these...

Name: Adrianna

Age: 12

Gender/Gender Pronouns: Female/ She, Her

Personality: Kind, intelliget, sensitive, shy at first.

Power: Shapeshifter

Appearence: Straight brown hair with blond highlights, peircing blue eyes, light skin, average hight, skinny...

Other: Kind of shy, loves acting, singing, and dancing. 


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We are going to start tomorrow, if possible, on my CBversary.

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Name: Mira

Age: 12

Gender: She/her

Personality: Keeps to herself, but can be very bold when she feels like it. Owl-like: listens but doesn't speak.

Power: Words. She reads and writes really quickly, and can sometimes bend words. 

Appearance: Short, wavy dark hair. Pale but warm skin. Thoughtful brown eyes. Small in many ways.  

Other: None

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