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What Should I

What Should I Name This Story?

Heaven’s eyes burst open as she gasped for breath.  Where was she?  She couldn’t tell.  She couldn’t see anything for that matter. Everything was just. . . black.  Except. . . there was a flickering gold light in the corner of her vision.  She turned her head so that the tiny bit of light was in the center of her vision.  It looked almost like a candle flame.  She knew in that moment, she had to get to the light.

She sat up, and her head started pounding.  She closed her eyes, content with only seeing the veins in her eyelids.  After the pain went down a little, she opened her eyes again, and squinted at the light.  She slowly stood, and began to walk to the flickering candle flame.  Something coiled around her leg as she walked, and as she was taking a step with her left foot, her right foot was pulled out from under her.  She screamed as she hit the floor, rotted wood that was anything but smooth.  As she lost both hope and consciousness, she gazed wistfully at the dimming candle flame.

“She doesn’t belong,” a voice whispered.

“It’s almost as if she was from above,” another replied.  

“Yes.  Look at how dark her skin is,” the first voice agreed.  

“Who do you think she is, Another?” the second voice asked, scared.

“I do not know, Change She may be here to help get us out,” the first voice said hopefully.

“Do not think loudly, Another.  You know they can hear your thoughts,” the second voice scolds quietly.

“They can hear us even if we’re thinking quietly, Change.  In a world where no one thinks, even the tiniest peeps can be heard.  They just think that they’re just blips in the radar; they don’t mean anything,” the first voice argues.

“Quick, she’s coming to, think quieter.  And no matter what you do, don’t think about her,” the second voice warns before both the voices fade out.

Heaven’s eyes opened slowly.  Everything was still dark, only there was no candle and she was much more confused.  The events that just happened were fresh in her mind, and she was still trying to process it.

“Hush, human.  You’re thinking too loud.  They’ll hear you,”  Someone told Heaven softly.  “Just try to think quieter.”

Heaven cocked her head.  How could anyone think quieter?

“Another, she won’t stop thinking.  I’ve even tried to tell her to think more quietly!” the voice whisper-yelled.  

“Change, please.  She’s from above.  She’s never heard how to think quietly,” another person says.

Heaven hears the sound of a match striking.  Then she sees a light similar to the candle she saw earlier.  “It occurred that your kind isn’t used to this much darkness, even though our kind is,” the second person explained.  

As Heaven’s eyes suddenly became accustomed to the light, she began to see more around the match, including the two people’s faces.  She looked to both of them, a girl with light mint green eyes and light blonde, almost white hair, and a boy with baby blue eyes and the same hair.  Both had pasty white skin, though they seemed human.

“Ah, you don’t know who we are, do you?  I am Another,” the girl said, placing her hand on her chest.

“And I am -- Ow!” the other person cried as the light went out.  Another shushed him as she stroked another match.  She lit a candle with it and blew out the match.

“Change, you’re supposed to light the candle, not just keep the match.  We’ve got a limited supply of these,” Another scolded the boy.

“Sorry.  Anyway, I’m Change.” the boy said.  “What’s your name?”

Heaven made a gesture, acting out writing something down.  She pointed to her throat, and shook her head.

“You’re . . . mute?” Another asked.  “Change, get the pen and paper, she can’t talk,”

Change walked away, and when he came back, he was holding a pen and a notepad.  “Here, write your name.”

Heaven took the pad and nodded, smiling at Change.  She scrawled her name in large letters:


She showed Change and Another the page.  Change just nodded, while Another said, “‘Heaven?’  That’s a very odd name.”

Heaven shrugs, and scribbles more onto the paper.  She shows the both of them the more she’s written:

It wasn't a very odd name where I came from.

Another looks at Change, confusion written all over her face.  “Not an odd name?  Where are you from?”

Heaven sighs and writes more on the paper.

I don't know, exactly.  Some place called the everland.  Do you know what that means?

“The Everland, you say?  That’s what they used to call up above,” Change says.  “Is it possible you are from above?”

Heaven just shrugs and doesn’t answer.  Just then, a deafening crashing sound breaks through the room, causing all three people to cover their ears.  A dark something wraps around Heaven’s ribs so tight she hears a crack.  I pulls her forward, away from Change and Another, who look to the darkness that is pulling her away with a terrified look in their eyes.  Heaven can only look at them with a look that says, “I’m sorry,” as she loses sight of them in the darkness.


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Light in the Darkness?

The Everland and the Underealm *or whatever the world Heaven falls into is called.

Will you post more? 


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