Spirit animals 

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Spirit animals 

Spirit animals 

The moonlight reflected off the rippling water,  casting slivers of moonlight into the shadows, revealing rippling fur and sharp claws. The pond was surround by mint gree trees, reaching up into the starry night sky. 

A leopards fur fluffed up in excitment. Tonight was the night! Beside her; her friend was frowning and anxouisly stratching her claws onto the ground. The leopard didn't undertand how her friend could be unhappy about the cermonony! 

"I can't wait to be a slave!" hissed her friend. 

The leopard sighed. "It's not slavery! Lily! Its an honor!

"Sure! Be bonded to someone for your whole life ins't slavery!"

The leopard flicked her tail, irratbly. "Look; were helping them to greatness and guiding them! Your probably going tio become friends with them! Thats an honor!" 

"Whatever you say, Sophia the wisest." 

Sophie growled and looked away.  When would her friend understand? 

Suddenly; a shaft of blue light struck the middle of the pond. The water sizzled and misty blue fog surround the animals.  

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Cooooooool. Can I join?

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