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ADHD-------solo write


okay, so this idea sparked when I was filling out a charrie sheet for Season one Episode one, and now I think I'll bring it to life.

all the characters have ADHD, and are all somewhat in the same school, (some in the public and some in the preppy private). after a mysterious virus erupts through the nation, everyone exept the ADHD's are left in a strange sleep and are unable to be woken up.

the story takes place in the future where most of society has already been wiped out. these are the only people left, and the ADHD's need to fix everything before it's too late.

Full name:




symptoms of ADHD:



default expression:



personality strength:

Personality weakness:

greatest motivation:

greatest flaw:

greatest fear:


anyway, please keep your charries in the ages of 13-17 thanks.

WARNING: I will be shipping your charries ;P 

submitted by Annabeth C
(February 21, 2018 - 8:31 pm)