Spontaneous RP! 

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Spontaneous RP! 

Spontaneous RP! 


Sometimes I feel like we get so caught up in the developement and rules of a RP that it dies before we even make it very far (I know that's happened to me...Combat Cliff RPG, Griffinfeather RPG the first...and more). 

So, let's just do some writing.

two rules.

1. Put forth your absolute best. Even if it's not going to be published or maybe no one else but me will read it. It's good for your writing. Trust me.

2. Make sure everything lines up! Mostly!! Inserting random flying unicorns is okay, but killing a character off and then making them reappear might be a little confusing.

If you are still confuzzled, check out this thread to see what I mean: 


just make up a character and join the story. You can be a character I've mentioned or somebody new. My characters are Pheonix and Carlena. 


Without further ado, let us begin.



"Carlena scratched at the wall's smooth surface, her heart pounding so loud she could hardly think. The dark rectangle seemed to close in around her, pressing in on all sides; squeezing her lungs flat and yanking away all the oxygen. The air was hot and sizzling with frusteration and fear. Throwing herself against the wall, Carlena melted onto the floor. She was stuck. Enclosed in a horrible crystal box while her own dear sister, Caroll, was set on destroying Jewel Academy. All she could do was sit here, helpless and terrified out of her wits, while Caroll did away with everything she worked towards. Carlena tried to take a calming breath and found she could not breath. The walls were closing in...her eyes whirled crazily around the shadows; searching for an exit. If Cassey doesn't get the children out of the academy in time, they'll all... Carlena let out a frusterated gasp of despiration. Oh come on, Carlena! You can't let a little claustrophobia defeat you, girl! She said to herself. The spunky Galaxy Witch sat up slowly and brushed back the gigantic bush of chalk-white, ankle length hair from her damp forehead. Carlena then—"


"Pheonix! Jaihra's on the phone!" My older sister called from downstairs. 

"COMING!" I yelled back, dropping The Charming Adventures of Carlena the Galaxy Witch to the floor. Galexia looks up at me in surprise from her nest of pillows on the floor, her eyes clouded, obviously still deep inside the story.

"But...that's not fair! Nixie!" My little sister moans, "What happens to Carlena? What happens to the seven sisters and the academy?" 

"You're just going to have to find out next time!" I say with a wink. Galexia shakes her head furiously, sending her fluffy brown pigtails into a frenzy, 

"It's not fair that I don't get to see what happens next because you wanna go talk to your giiiiirlfriend," she says angrily. On the last word, an evil smile begins to curl on her lips. I stop half-way to the door.

"Jaihra is NOT my girlfriend. And we have very important things to talk about," I retort hotly before rushing out of Galexia's frilly, pink bedroom and down the stairs, taking the story book with me. The wood steps creak under my feet as I race down, nearly slipping on the last one.

"Yeah, Jaihra, he's coming," I hear my 21-year-old sister, Andromeda, say, Rounding the corner, I can see her leaning against the counter in a red tank top and shorts, her long brown hair in a messy braid over one shoulder. She has my phone tucked between her hear and shoulder while she casually flips through pages of her sketchbook, twirling a bright blue pencil with her free hand.

"I'm here!" I yell breathlessly in her face. 

"Took you long enough," she says, rolling her eyes and handing over the phone, "go take your chatting upstairs. You two 'll talk my ears off. Upstairs!" She commands, pointing her pencil. 

"Hi Jaihra!" I greet into the phone.

"Hi Pheonix! Ummm...are you alone??" She asks cautiously, "I have an update on...you know...project Milky Way Sorceress and...uh...the Precious Stone School," she hints not-so-subtly. 

"Yeah, just a sec," I answer, dashing back upstairs to my room and bouncing onto my bed. 

"Okay! Shoot!" I exclaim, tossing down the story book beside me. It flips open to the title page; which is covered with words I'm glad Galexia can't read yet. 

For my nephew, Pheonix. I hope you enjoy my charming adventures!!! Please keep in mind that these are all absolutely true and my heroism was not exagerated in the least. Hope that you can soon join me in Jewel Academy! Once you set out on your journey to find it, that is. 

xoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3

Your Aunt Carlena, the spunky Galaxy Witch 

P.S. do not show this to anyone or I may have to incenerate them. 


I let the book cover slide closed. Yeah, Galaxia, we do have important things to talk about. 


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I want to clear some things up about the portals. They can only be created in trees, and you have to be fairy sized to enter them, that's why they're called Fairy Doors.


I follow the boy Phoenix through the niehborhood, wondering absently why everyone called him 'Nixie' as he led the way to a spaceship that we are to pirate.

"So, what's the plan?" I ask him.

"Um. I don't know. Haven't really thought that far ahead." He says.

"How bought I knock everyone out?" I say, waving my wand.

"You can do that?" He asks.

"Of course! Simple sleeping spell, they'll wake up nice and refreshed." I say.

He stares at my with an open mouth before contenuing onwards to the spaceship. Soon we see it through the bushes, the officers are everywhere! 

"I think we should wait for them to calm down." Jaihra says.

"What if they find us before then?" Galxia says.

"I could cast an invisablity spell. Only promlem is that we won't be able to see each other, only hear each other. Also just because you're invisible doesn't mean that you can't cast shadows so you have to be careful about that." I say.

Everyone nods thier consent and I cast a the spell over us. And then we wait.


That's it for now!  


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Oooh, gotcha! Thanks, I wasn't sure how that happened, so just totally ignore what I wrote about portals :P 

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It's fine! We can just pretend that it was a tree. I'm not feeling up to doing a real post (I've been wranggleing sheep and fixing fences) but I'll try and do it tomorow! 

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Soon the invisiblilaty spell wears off, bu that time the soldiers are settling down. 

"OK. I'm going to put the gaurds to sleep. Then I'll come back and we can sneak on." I whisper.

They nod. Soon I'm up and flying, shrunk down to fairy size so that I can't be seen. I cast a spell over each gaurd and they soon fall asleep. I fly back to our little group of pirates and once more cast an ivisibility spell over them. I follow them as they sneak onto the ship. We meet in the control center.

"Do you even now how to drive this thing?" I ask.

"Uhh... maybe?" Phoenix says.

"Great. That sounds good. I'm going to take a nap. All that spell casting has me really tuckered out." I mumble. 

I walk over to the nearest chair and instany fall asleep.


Sorry it's so short! I don't have time for a long post. It's up to you guys to coninue!  

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I can't help but be a little awed.

Okay, that's a bit of an understatement.

My friends and new-found companions were forced to watch as I ran down the length of the ship, one hand on the wall and talking a mile-a-minute.

"So this is is the storage compartment. Oh look! Weapons! Parachutes! Hey....what does this button do. Ummm...okay. I'm sure I can fix that later. What's in here? Bunkbeds! Cool! I always wanted bunkbeds!"

"Quite a...ball of energy," Lyra comments behind me.

"Yup. And before you ask, he is pretty much always this way," Jaihra replies.

"Ummm...I'm going to pretend like I didn't hear that—oh my Luna Rays! Look at the control room!" I can't help but gasp out as I reach the front of the ship.

"I wonder what this big red button—" 

"DON'T" Galexia warns before I could even push it.

"Okay, okay," I gingerly raise my hands in the air, far from any big red buttons, and sit down in the pilot's seat. 

"Do you even know how to drive this thing?" Saphira asks. I go for confidence, but my, "uhhh...maybe?" Does not even sound convincing to myself. I try to remember my basic training.

"Um, seat belt. Right. Yes. Galexia, put on a seat belt," I warn as she rolls her eyes.

"Okaaaaay welcome to Pheonix airlines this is your pilot speaking, we are currently running for our lives and I am currently not yet 18, so we are not responsible for the loss of limbs or sanit—"

A loud boom rips through the atmosphere, and the airship quivers slightly, as if gently tapped by a giant finger.

"What is that?" Raja questions.

"Ummm...that is not good. It's a special weapon made to paralyze and bring down airships that—"

"Yes, not get us out of here, Nixie!" Galexia interupts. 

"Okay, okay." I take a deep breath and look over the controls. Right. Activate the light energy. Check the temperature in the energy chamber. The gauge over to the far right. check. 5,000 degrees and climbing at superpeed. Is that good or...?

"Oh, move over," Jaihra commands, sliding into place next to me. 

"Light energy at 5,200  degrees...5,600.... 5,800 Now! Pull that lever!" She directs. I grab the nearest lever. Her seat gives a slight pop and the back lowers quickly until the is lying horizontal to the floor. 

"WRONG LEVER!" She screams as another loud boom shakes the ship. I pull the other lever, and the floor rumbles beneath my sneaker-clad feet as the light energy heated and charged up in the tank below is released into the engine. 

"Okay, we good for take-off?" I yell with a quick glance over my shoulder. Saphira is crumbled in a chair at the back of the control room, Lyra and Galexia are double-buckled, and Raja is staring at me with terrified eyes. Great, my adoring and ready crew.

I grab the joystick with shaking hands. How long had I waited for this moment? To leave? To find our real family history? Heck, how long have I waited to fly my own ship without, you know, crashing it and getting my junior pilot's liscence revoked in front of everyone.

"Alright, let's go!" I yell, although probably no one can hear me over the roar of the engine.

Let's just say it is the bumpiest take-off of all time.

But it is still a start to a grand adventure. 


aaaah you might as well make up how a ship flies in the future. If George Lucas can do it, then so can I!  

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So, you said that the ship you're flying is/was an Official's, right? My character is going to be part of the ship's original crew that was left behind on the ship when everyone else left. Since ya'll took off before he could leave, he is now stuck on the ship with ya'll. Is this okay? I was trying to think of ways that I could just sort of throw him into the mix of things without introduction.


I hear the hold to the ship open, then slam closed. A herd of footsteps pound down one of the chambers near the engine room, then fade slowly. Ray and Drax must be back, and the Officials. A bit before schedule, it seems, but it wouldn't be the first time. Likely they got the family with no problems. Blue lights flicker and beep at me as I head towards the back of the engine to supervise priming.

Boom. The ship rattles violently as the engines begin to warm up. I glance over at the power cylindar's greenish panel. Almost full.
I run a hand through my dark hair as I survey the screen.

Boom! The engine thrums and throbs to a methodical beat. All the lights turn pink at the same time, signaling takeoff. I feel the ship take off, but something is different. Bumping and swaying; this is the craziest takeoff I've ever experianced. Drax would never let his precious ship endure such a beating. Could something be wrong in the control room?

Stumbling, I run up the corridor to the control room. The ship pitches slightly under me, and I throw out my hands to catch myself. I hear voices in the control room; young voices. I was the youngest member of the crew at seventeen, so who was in there? And was that a girl speaking? There were no girls on the ship's crew. Come to think of it, where was Official S, who always paced outside the control room, offering useless bits of information to Drax about how to fly? Panting a bit from the effort of staying upright in the twitching ship, I burst into the control room, expecting to see Drax's lopsided grin and hear Ray's deep voice. But what I see totally shocks me.

A teenaged boy is sitting in the pilot's seat, apparently having the time of his life, accompanied by a (I don't know how they look) girl. Passed out in a passenger's seat is another girl with long bangs and white wings. Two more girls are double-buckled into another passenger's seat, one with fluffy pigtails. Still another girl occupies the last passenger's seat. Where did all these girls come from?

I take all this in in an instant, before the girl with pigtails notices me, and screams.  

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*attacks with a tackle hug* MY COUSINSIE YOU HAVE COMESIE!!! 

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I know I just posted, but I wanted to add another element to our worldbuilding + something we haven't seen before... 


The white-coated officials drag me to an airship. I don't bother asking where they're taking me. I'm associated with Galexial magic. I'll be sent straight to star system 003. That is, if the rumors are correct. But Pheonix and Galexia made it away, and that's all that matters. They'll be on their way to find Jewel Academy. Maybe they'll even make some magical friends, rescue Mom, save the world, etc., etc. 

Me? I have a much different path. If they only knew... I clench my fists inside the glowing blue handcuffs and stare straight hard at the cracked pavement, as if I could draw strength from the very forces of Earth. 

The pavement is interupted by a striped red and white gangplank, so comically like a strip of candy that I have to force back a laugh.

"Well? We don't have all day," one of the Officials says, gently prodding me in the back. I lose my balance and trip. My knees hit the candy-striped gangplank. 

"Oh come on," one of the Officials murmers quietly. I hang my head as I get up—not because I feel embarrased or defeated, but because I don't want them to see the chesire-cat worthy smile creeping across my face.

"What the—" I snap back to my feet and knee one of the stunned Officials in the face, and almost simultaniously elbow the other one in the stomach. I hear the third and last Official cock his blaster before I can turn around, but I duck and swipe under his legs, making him lose his balance and fall. Serves him right, I think as the blaster clatters to the floor. I kick it backwards with one foot and catch it between both bound hands. With only a second's hesitation, I leap headfirst into the ship, roll to my feet, and lower the door in the face of the surprised Officials. It takes me a few excruciating minutes to get out of the handcuffs.

The interior of the ship is dark, lit up by strips of neon blue lighting along the ceiling. Blue. I like it. 

Once I've freed my hands, I race down the length of the ship to the control room. I take a second to activate the blaster and sweep my long, brown braid over one shoulder because hey, if you have a chance to make a dramatic entrance, why pass it up?

There is only one young pilot, leaning back in his chair boredly and twirling a strand of his dark, curly hair around his finger. Oh, this is just too easy. 

"Sooo...we're we heading?" I ask as I slide into the co-pilot's seat. He jumps just about clear out of his chair.

"Who are—you're not supposed to—"

"Oh come on, take a pretty girl out for a ride, will you?" I beg fakely, twirling the blaster between my thumb and pointer finger. 

"Look, I'm taking this ship to star system 003 and nowhere else, lady," He answers, looking slightly nervous.

"I had somewere much more interesting in mind. How 'bout we try... the Spectrum system?" 

"No way! What are you trying to do?  That place is nothing but a hideout for mercenaries, theives, and rogue Galexial Magicians. The lowest of the low."

"Well then..." I say slowly, reaching into a small pocket on the side of my boot to pull out a triangular knife. 

"...I'll feel right at home." I finish, bringing the knife up to my braid and slicing it off. I haven't cut my hair since I was 12 years old, and for a particular reason. I feel the ends curl inward as a race of energy races up from the tips of my hair. I don't even have to look to see that it's a bright, vibrant blue. I turn my eyes, flashing in the exact same shade as my newly changed hair, back to the pilot. He stares open-mouthed. 

"You have magic...you have....blue magic." 

"That's right." Every Official in every galexy is warned about the 7 different varieties of magic, expressed in the 7 Immortal Sisters. But the signs of 2 sisters, expressed in the colors of blue and purple, are most feared. Blue is unpredictable. Dangerous. Impulsive. You can't stop the magic from showing itself on you. It starts in your eyes. Then, after you come of age at 12, the first time you cut your hair will begin its transition to whatever color your own magic is associated with. I've watched poor Pheonix go crazy while he gets laughed at for his odd yellow eyes or as he examines the lemon-yellow streaks spreading across his otherwise ordinary, gold-brown hair. I couldn't tell him, but now I suspect he's figured out for himself that he's different. Phoenix inherited his magic from Mom, and Galexia...well, her brand of magic, if she has any at all still remains to be seen. 

But me? I know I was born with it. The magic chose me.

I'm much more then just the quiet, artistic older sister.

I'm a rebel and a fighter.

I have blue magic. 


So I figured if y'all like this color idea (I told all the 7 sisters colors in the files on page 1), then you can decide which of the 7 brands of magic you have, what color your eyes are (but it doesn't always have to show up in the eyes) and whether or not you've cut your hair to show the magic. I know this sounds...pretty weird, but I thought it might be cool. I have avatars for all the 7 sisters too, and I can post those to see what you think. And you are more then welcome to add onto my confuzzling worldbuilding. I'm really just playing around and it would be cool if y'all could add in some stuff too. Also, I know this is long. THE WORDS...THEY TAKE A HOLD OF ME.

okay, I'm done now :)  

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This is a really stupid question, but where are they going right now?

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No! Not a stupid question! I'm so sorry I've kind of been writing in my own world :P 

Okay, I figured they'd be just getting away from Earth (anyone know a good place?) and then they can regroup and set about to finding the first place on the map Jaihra has and obtaining the second half of the map, but they can go other places to. They're just setting out for an adventure!!! 

Also, the whole color thing might sound confusing, so this is what I had in mind.

The colors represent the 7 different types of Galexial magic, which are impodied in the 7 immortal sisters. You can either inherit magic or be born with it, and most of the time your eyes will reflect one of the 7 colors of magic, but there are other variations of that magic too. And if this is too confusing, we can just skip it. I just thought it would be a cool explanation on how someone would be pegged for having magic. But of course, in the case of Andromeda who hasn't cut her hair after she came of age and has relatively normal blue eyes, no one, not even her own family, suspected her of magic. So...what's y'all's types of magic??? 

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Well, technically Sam's magic is pale blue, so ehh . . .  I really don't know what that qualifies as, since (if I'm right about this, which I'm probably not) Cindie, the blue witch is Phoenix's mom . . .?  Also I've always had her having magenta eyes, so I don't know what she is.

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Well, maybe the whole magic thing is too confuzzling. I didn't really think it through. But, magic can be inherited or it can chose you. So you don't technically have to be the kids of one of the witches to have magic. So, Catrice, the yellow witch, is actually Pheonix, Andromeda, and Galexia's Mom. Pheonix got her magic, (hence yellow eyes) but Andromeda got a totally different magic based on her personality. So I guess the magic is based on personality. Although it would make since for Sam to have blue magic if she's impulsive and adventurous. But then again, if this is a bad idea on my part we don't have to go into details. 

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I really should have thought this spontaneous rp idea out before posting, right? Oh well! Here we are in the midst of organized chaos and it is beautiful! So, let me sum some things up. The point of this was to make up the plot as we went along...and, well that led to us dreaming up a complicated plot, and then me diving into complicated worldbuilding because I'm me. 


7 Immortal Sisters, imbody magic, very powerful, transform galexy for good or evil.

One immortal sister, Catrice, actually retired from the immortal keeper of magic thing and has a family (yay Pheonix, Andromeda and Galexia), but she recently disappeared. 

Little did she know that her kids were magic as well. Pheonix inherited her own magic, yellow, which is known to be more subdued and mellow. Just a slight hint of magic. Andromeda was chosen by a whole different brand of magic, blue, known to be impulsive, dangerous, and adventurous. She has been living a double life, training with her magic on one hand, and pretending to be completely ignorant on the other. Galexia probably has magic too, depending on what Cassandra would like. 

Okay! Enter Jaihra, who at the very least is a smart and powerful human with an ability to see auras, and could possibly have more potential. 

Enter Sam! Yay! Sam has magic. 

Enter Saphira, Lyra, Raja...the gang :) all up in the air with whatever you want to do!  

Enter Dathan. Yay! Drama!

Enter random dark-haired pilot who I am already shipping with Andromeda. I'm kidding! I'm kidding!

So, the gang sets out for Jewel Academy. Meanwhile, I don't really know what Andromeda is doing.j

Does that clear things up a bit? If you want to pick a brand/color of magic, you are weclome to. If you don't, that's good. So I guess things will be less confuzzling that way.

Now, on with the story! For Narnia and the North! 

Rosy petal says: brzk. No, Rosy, it's bzrk. Like I'm going to go bzrk if I can't finish the three-hour movie my brother and I have been trying to finish a little every night. It left me in the middle of a cliff hanger and thus made my life devoid of sunshine and rainbows.  

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Thank you for this. I promise I'm still here, and I'll try an post soon!

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BTW Saphira has blue wings with hints of pink in them.


I wake up to the sound of someone screaming. I leap to my feet and notice a comicially strange sutuation.

Phoenix is trying really hard not to to look as he wresles with the controls.

Jaihra is is looking at the new boy while trying to keep one eye on Phoenix.

Everyone else is looking at the strange boy with dark hair that stumbled in. 

I pull my wand out and, with a bang and the sharp smell of pines the boy gets tied up by invisible binds.

"Oops. I meant to knock him out.... didn't know I could do that!" I say.

Everyone stares at me. And the boy glares at me from his position in the doorway. I float the boy gently over the floor and into the seat I was in. 

"What are we going to do with him?" Sam asks.

"Keep him prisinor until we know if we can trust him." I say.

"Can he talk?" Lyra asks. 

"Hmm. Let me see what I can do. It's the first time I've used the Full Body Bind and I don't think..." I say.

Frowning in concentraction, I bring my vistion down until I can see the spells I cast. I look at him, and see how the spell is holding him. Most of the bright blue light is concentrating on the part of the brain that controls the limbs. I bring myself up and cast the spell that should alow him to talk.

"OK. You can talk now." I say. 

"Who are you? And what did you do to the crew?" The boy asks.

"Well, the crew is safley back at Earth asleep." I say, "And I'm Saphira." 


I'll leave it up to you to decide how the rest goes. Hope I wasn't too controling! 

Also, since Saphira is a fairy she has fairy magic. Witch is a magic for fairies only. So, her eyes change color depending on what type of magic she's using.  Expl: Loud spells somtimes used not on perpous would be blue or purple. Calm spells like the sleeping spell would use yellow magic. You see what I mean? 

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