Spontaneous RP! 

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Spontaneous RP! 

Spontaneous RP! 


Sometimes I feel like we get so caught up in the developement and rules of a RP that it dies before we even make it very far (I know that's happened to me...Combat Cliff RPG, Griffinfeather RPG the first...and more). 

So, let's just do some writing.

two rules.

1. Put forth your absolute best. Even if it's not going to be published or maybe no one else but me will read it. It's good for your writing. Trust me.

2. Make sure everything lines up! Mostly!! Inserting random flying unicorns is okay, but killing a character off and then making them reappear might be a little confusing.

If you are still confuzzled, check out this thread to see what I mean: 


just make up a character and join the story. You can be a character I've mentioned or somebody new. My characters are Pheonix and Carlena. 


Without further ado, let us begin.



"Carlena scratched at the wall's smooth surface, her heart pounding so loud she could hardly think. The dark rectangle seemed to close in around her, pressing in on all sides; squeezing her lungs flat and yanking away all the oxygen. The air was hot and sizzling with frusteration and fear. Throwing herself against the wall, Carlena melted onto the floor. She was stuck. Enclosed in a horrible crystal box while her own dear sister, Caroll, was set on destroying Jewel Academy. All she could do was sit here, helpless and terrified out of her wits, while Caroll did away with everything she worked towards. Carlena tried to take a calming breath and found she could not breath. The walls were closing in...her eyes whirled crazily around the shadows; searching for an exit. If Cassey doesn't get the children out of the academy in time, they'll all... Carlena let out a frusterated gasp of despiration. Oh come on, Carlena! You can't let a little claustrophobia defeat you, girl! She said to herself. The spunky Galaxy Witch sat up slowly and brushed back the gigantic bush of chalk-white, ankle length hair from her damp forehead. Carlena then—"


"Pheonix! Jaihra's on the phone!" My older sister called from downstairs. 

"COMING!" I yelled back, dropping The Charming Adventures of Carlena the Galaxy Witch to the floor. Galexia looks up at me in surprise from her nest of pillows on the floor, her eyes clouded, obviously still deep inside the story.

"But...that's not fair! Nixie!" My little sister moans, "What happens to Carlena? What happens to the seven sisters and the academy?" 

"You're just going to have to find out next time!" I say with a wink. Galexia shakes her head furiously, sending her fluffy brown pigtails into a frenzy, 

"It's not fair that I don't get to see what happens next because you wanna go talk to your giiiiirlfriend," she says angrily. On the last word, an evil smile begins to curl on her lips. I stop half-way to the door.

"Jaihra is NOT my girlfriend. And we have very important things to talk about," I retort hotly before rushing out of Galexia's frilly, pink bedroom and down the stairs, taking the story book with me. The wood steps creak under my feet as I race down, nearly slipping on the last one.

"Yeah, Jaihra, he's coming," I hear my 21-year-old sister, Andromeda, say, Rounding the corner, I can see her leaning against the counter in a red tank top and shorts, her long brown hair in a messy braid over one shoulder. She has my phone tucked between her hear and shoulder while she casually flips through pages of her sketchbook, twirling a bright blue pencil with her free hand.

"I'm here!" I yell breathlessly in her face. 

"Took you long enough," she says, rolling her eyes and handing over the phone, "go take your chatting upstairs. You two 'll talk my ears off. Upstairs!" She commands, pointing her pencil. 

"Hi Jaihra!" I greet into the phone.

"Hi Pheonix! Ummm...are you alone??" She asks cautiously, "I have an update on...you know...project Milky Way Sorceress and...uh...the Precious Stone School," she hints not-so-subtly. 

"Yeah, just a sec," I answer, dashing back upstairs to my room and bouncing onto my bed. 

"Okay! Shoot!" I exclaim, tossing down the story book beside me. It flips open to the title page; which is covered with words I'm glad Galexia can't read yet. 

For my nephew, Pheonix. I hope you enjoy my charming adventures!!! Please keep in mind that these are all absolutely true and my heroism was not exagerated in the least. Hope that you can soon join me in Jewel Academy! Once you set out on your journey to find it, that is. 

xoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3

Your Aunt Carlena, the spunky Galaxy Witch 

P.S. do not show this to anyone or I may have to incenerate them. 


I let the book cover slide closed. Yeah, Galaxia, we do have important things to talk about. 


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Okay! Sounds great. I like the fairy magic idea. Okay, so now the avatars. Let's hope they show up *crosses fingers* 

If not, well, you will have some wonderful blank spaces with blue question marks to stare at. First up, the oldest, Carlena. Color: white. Her brand of magic is "pure magic" known for its strength and charm. People with this magic tend to be very powerful but can manage their magic with relative ease.


Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 7.27.56 PM.png
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Next up, Catherina. Sorry, I said earlier she's the oldest...I think. There goes any form of age order/organization. 

Color of magic: black. Her brand of magic is more wisdom, knowledge, and communication based. Those who have it are normally wise, and powerful without flaunting it (*looks sideways at Carlena*)


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Oops, the picture didn't show up. Take 2. 


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Next up, Caroll. Color of magic: purple. Dangerous, violent, sometimes tainted magic. People with her brand of magic are darker in nature. Their magic is hard to control. 

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Yay! They're working! Okay, here's Chastice. Color of magic: yellow. Her brand of magic is softer, more subtle and mellow. Just gentle little touches here and there that tend to focus more on the details. People with yellow magic tend to stay under the radar, and their softer magic often helps them escape notice for long periods of time. But when they do use up a LOT of magic, it puts a great physical strain on their body.

Characters known to have this magic: Phoenix! Yay!



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"Who are you? And what did you do to the crew?" I ask, trying to keep voice from shaking.

"The crew is safely back on earth, asleep," the girl says, "And I'm Saphira."

"Asleep?" I ask, struggling against the invisible bonds that bind me. Although I can't see the ropes, I can imagine that they are thin and hard, judging from the way they are digging painfully into my arms and chest.  

"A simple sleeping spell," she informs me, with a hint of smugness. Suddenly, her expression changes. "Hey, how come you aren't asleep? I jinxed everyone outside the ship!"

"Well there's your mistake," I tell her, desperately trying to push the ropes off my chest. "I was already on the ship. I work on this beauty; random engine person."

Saphina growls in frustration. The girl in the copilot's seat looks at me shrewdly.

"You work here?" she asks, clearly a tad suspicious.

"Mmhm," I say, "The name's Dathan."

"Jaihra," she introduces herself, "And that's Phoenix," she gestures to the boy, "And his sister Galexia," she points to the little girl with pigtails, "And Sam, Lyra, and Raja." Lyra nods at me, and Sam manages a little wave. 

"Um, hi," I say, "Welcome aboard the Centauri Major."

"Fine," Saphina moans, "So we're stuck with you."

"Uh, you're the one who stole this starship and accidentally abducted me," I counter.  

The engine sputters painfully, and I wince. The boy with yellow-streaked hair fights against a wayward joystick, throwing his whole body onto the lever. A red light comes on above his head and beeps ferociously, pulsing like a glowing heartbeat. Everyone turns to look at it. 

"Oh, darn, the engine needs to be cooled down," I mutter. "It's a very finicky engine. Always wants someone else to do the work for it." I glance over at Saphina. "Could you untie me? I really should go cool it off if you want to get to... wherever you're trying to go."

Saphina looks expectantly at Jaihra and Phoenix, over in the piloting chairs. Phoenix finally turns to look at me, and I'm shocked to see that his eyes are yellow. Bright yellow, in fact, to match the bright yellow streaks in his hair. Something tiny in the back of my brain clicks.

"Whoa," I say slowly, "You've got magic. Chastice's magic." I take a deep breath through the cords that are trying to break my chest. I look around the control room at the motley crew of kids that just stole the Centauri Major. Although I'm probably two or three years older than the oldest of them, I suddenly feel very boring. And magic is nothing to scoff at. The beeping light begins to whistle at us; a shrill continuous whine. I struggle frantically against the ropes; I can feel the ship quivering under me. "I need to get to the engine room!" I beg, "If the engine overheats, I don't know if I have to parts to fix it!" 


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"Okay fine! I guess you can let him go—"I start to turn around to look, but Jaihra's voice snaps me back. of 

"Ooooh no, eyes forward." I do as she says, but almost immediately get distracted again.

"Whoaaaaa look at the stars! I see a constallation! I think that's...the Big Spoon? Or something?"

"Look out! This isn't a video game, Pheonix, you're getting to close to the star—we'll be burned up," Jaihra warns, "just let me take the controls.

"Why? You've never flown anythy—oops." Another alarm begins to blare. I hear Dathan's frantic footsteps disappearing down to the engine room. 

Needless to say, I releninquish the command of the Centauri Major to my best friend. 

"Pheonix?" A tentative voice comes from behind me.

"Can you explain what's going on?" Galexia asks, "the boy said something about you having..magic? Mom's magic. Does Mom have magic? Do I have magic? Where are we going? Where's Mom? Where's Dad? Where's Andromeda Are we going to find them? Nixie, are we ever going to see them again?"

"Hey! Enough with the bombardment! I...can we talk about this later?" I question, turning around in my seat. 

"No! You need to tell me!"

"Okay. You know that story book about the Galexy Witch? Well. It's true. That's your crazy Aunt Carlena. One day she left me a note that explained—well, some of everything, and left me the book. It finally made sense. You see, Mom has magic. And I think I might have some too. And maybe you," I explain. 

"REALLY? So Mom's okay, and she's going to come back, right?" Galexia inquires with wide eyes. I finally understand that this whole thing must affect her hugely—much more then I realized.

"I don't know."

"And Andromeda?"

I picture Andromeda and her sketchbook, long, messy braid slung over one shoulder. She had refused to cut her hair for as long as I can remember. I can hear her talking to the Officials while I dragged Galexia to safety.  

Is she sitting in some cold prison cell on a far away planet? Or worse, is she banished and left out on some desert planet to die? Because of me?

No. Oh please, no.

"I said I don't know," I repeat, this time through gritted teeth. 

"But Pheonix—"

"Stop it! I didn't want this to happen!" I burst out. Suddenly, I feel as if a burning rock was dropped into my stomach. A dull pain begins creeping up to the base of my skull. I double over in my chair, fighting to keep away the horrible images out of my mind. My sister, imprisoned. My sister, left alone. 

"What's wrong?" Jaihra asks from next to me. But of course, she keeps her eyes glued to the starry sky in front of her. Before I can answer that I'm fine, Saphira speaks up.

"It's the magic, right? You have Chastice's magic, obviously through inheritance, and it's kind of a pain to get yellow magic to emerge."

"Wait what?" I sit up and swivel around to face Saphira, stunned.

"Haven't you noticed the magic taking you over?" She asks.

"No! I—okay, this is kind of cool, but—wait, is that why my hair...my eyes. Ohhhh."

"He finally gets it," Saphira mutters to Raja.

"HEY! I DO HAVE MAGIC!" I yell to no one imparticular. At that moment, Dathan decides to resurface from the engine. 

"Hey, we have to land somewhere and get this figured out before the ship explodes. Where are we?" He asks.

"We just passed the Big Spoon!" I answer confidently.

"What? No! Pheonix, you don't know what you're talking about," Jaihra corrects.

"It's okay," says Saphira, "I know a place nearby where we can fix things up, look at the map, and get started to Jewel Academy. There's no time to lose."  

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"I know a place nearby where we can fix things up, look at the map, and get started to Jewel Acadamy. There's no time to loose. The door closes after the blue moon." I say.

"Uh... where are we going?" Jaihra asks.

"To my homeland of course! I haven't been home for a hundred years..." I say.


Super sorry for the sort post! If you don't want to go to Fairy Landyou can change it in your post, I don't mind.  

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Sorry for not posting for so long! I'll post soon, because I'm kind of busy right now. But I think that Galexial Magic colors and whatnot is really cool! Rose bud, I was wondering if Galexia could have purple magic? I mean, it doesn't really match her personality very much, only a bit, but I wanted to explore the "evil" part of this world more. Purple magic is evil, right? I feel like it would make this RP very interesting (at least for Galexia) if she had "evil" magic.

I know that the magic is only activated once you cut your hair after you are 12 years old, and Galexia is definitely under 12 (I'm not quite sure how old she is... about 9 or 10, I think), but maybe we could make an exception? It would definitely make it interesting, I think, but I'm not sure how we would do that and what the reasoning behind it would be. Maybe purple magic works differently, because we don't have a purple magic user in the RP yet. But I kind of want Galexia to have magic in the RP, and I don't really think the RP would stretch for years until she's 12.

So, what do you think about this? Do you think an exception for Galexia would be too main-character-y (I don't know what to call it... sometimes I write a book with my friends, and we each have a character to write about. Oftentimes, they'll get annoyed and say I'm making my character  so special and different that she's pretty much the main character and their characters are only side characters now. I've been trying to improve regarding to that, but I can't help favoring my own character!). 

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Maybe purple magic shows up early?? Also, people have magic under twelve, but it usually doesn't start to control and change them until that age. So maybe Galexia's magic is beginning to surface and she'll have to fight a battle with its evil side (love your idea of sweet Galexia having purple magic btw) before she turns 12 and she'll be practically powerless against it, as it will have taken her over by then? That would be cool. What do you think about that? 

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IM NOT DEAD!!! Raja has purple magic... It matches, If thats ok with everyone else, or she can have another kind... I am guessing green magic is Healong or plantlife...? Like a Druid? 
I had mostly silent, choosing just to follow. Listening with great interest, I notice that Saphira has opened up the slightest bit. I turn to the boy on the ship and ghost behind him as he walks down the steps. " I can help." I say, he just gives me a confused look. I knew little about humans, but I had some knowlage about their 'clockwork engines' and such.  He turned to look at me.
"Its ok, I got it Raja." He said. 
I nodded and walked back to the others. " So, what does this hunk of junk do-" I was cut off as a deep rumble came from the 'hunk of junk' and it started vibrating. The others relaxed, while I screamed bloody murder, fell to my feet while simeltaniously grabbing Pheonix's leg and a pendant of a vine wrapping around a skull, with an intrecate design on it. I spoke in my own language, Emmari. " I cannot, what is this, I don't understand, help please... grandfather elder cannot bear to loose another... it is too early to leave... I cannot go as Uwesh did. I can't..." (Bold is Emmari) I feel hot tears running tracks down my face. 
Her parents are lost and she drama queen. She is shook about flying. Did I mention she SHOOK!!11!!!!!1!!!111!!
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HELLO ROSE BUD I forgot the rest of the avatars. 

Here is the red sister. Her power is formed from love and is whimiscal and gentle. People who have her power tend to be able to have special healing powers and usually have kind, open hearts and form strong bonds. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 7.48.22 PM.png
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Next, the blue sister. Her magic is unpredictable, wild, and usually dangerous. People with her magic are usually confidentend misfits who use their powers for personal gain. Andromeda has her magic. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 8.13.12 PM.png
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Lastly, but not least, the kind green sister who is devoted to helping others. Her magic has a special benefit; people with green magic always look youthful. Her magic is focused on growth, and fullness of life. Not strong combat magic, but it can easily be used to connect with people and nature. 

Whelp, that's it, folks. Enjoy the rest of your ride on this crazy plane!  

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