Spontaneous RP! 

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Spontaneous RP! 

Spontaneous RP! 


Sometimes I feel like we get so caught up in the developement and rules of a RP that it dies before we even make it very far (I know that's happened to me...Combat Cliff RPG, Griffinfeather RPG the first...and more). 

So, let's just do some writing.

two rules.

1. Put forth your absolute best. Even if it's not going to be published or maybe no one else but me will read it. It's good for your writing. Trust me.

2. Make sure everything lines up! Mostly!! Inserting random flying unicorns is okay, but killing a character off and then making them reappear might be a little confusing.

If you are still confuzzled, check out this thread to see what I mean: 


just make up a character and join the story. You can be a character I've mentioned or somebody new. My characters are Pheonix and Carlena. 


Without further ado, let us begin.



"Carlena scratched at the wall's smooth surface, her heart pounding so loud she could hardly think. The dark rectangle seemed to close in around her, pressing in on all sides; squeezing her lungs flat and yanking away all the oxygen. The air was hot and sizzling with frusteration and fear. Throwing herself against the wall, Carlena melted onto the floor. She was stuck. Enclosed in a horrible crystal box while her own dear sister, Caroll, was set on destroying Jewel Academy. All she could do was sit here, helpless and terrified out of her wits, while Caroll did away with everything she worked towards. Carlena tried to take a calming breath and found she could not breath. The walls were closing in...her eyes whirled crazily around the shadows; searching for an exit. If Cassey doesn't get the children out of the academy in time, they'll all... Carlena let out a frusterated gasp of despiration. Oh come on, Carlena! You can't let a little claustrophobia defeat you, girl! She said to herself. The spunky Galaxy Witch sat up slowly and brushed back the gigantic bush of chalk-white, ankle length hair from her damp forehead. Carlena then—"


"Pheonix! Jaihra's on the phone!" My older sister called from downstairs. 

"COMING!" I yelled back, dropping The Charming Adventures of Carlena the Galaxy Witch to the floor. Galexia looks up at me in surprise from her nest of pillows on the floor, her eyes clouded, obviously still deep inside the story.

"But...that's not fair! Nixie!" My little sister moans, "What happens to Carlena? What happens to the seven sisters and the academy?" 

"You're just going to have to find out next time!" I say with a wink. Galexia shakes her head furiously, sending her fluffy brown pigtails into a frenzy, 

"It's not fair that I don't get to see what happens next because you wanna go talk to your giiiiirlfriend," she says angrily. On the last word, an evil smile begins to curl on her lips. I stop half-way to the door.

"Jaihra is NOT my girlfriend. And we have very important things to talk about," I retort hotly before rushing out of Galexia's frilly, pink bedroom and down the stairs, taking the story book with me. The wood steps creak under my feet as I race down, nearly slipping on the last one.

"Yeah, Jaihra, he's coming," I hear my 21-year-old sister, Andromeda, say, Rounding the corner, I can see her leaning against the counter in a red tank top and shorts, her long brown hair in a messy braid over one shoulder. She has my phone tucked between her hear and shoulder while she casually flips through pages of her sketchbook, twirling a bright blue pencil with her free hand.

"I'm here!" I yell breathlessly in her face. 

"Took you long enough," she says, rolling her eyes and handing over the phone, "go take your chatting upstairs. You two 'll talk my ears off. Upstairs!" She commands, pointing her pencil. 

"Hi Jaihra!" I greet into the phone.

"Hi Pheonix! Ummm...are you alone??" She asks cautiously, "I have an update on...you know...project Milky Way Sorceress and...uh...the Precious Stone School," she hints not-so-subtly. 

"Yeah, just a sec," I answer, dashing back upstairs to my room and bouncing onto my bed. 

"Okay! Shoot!" I exclaim, tossing down the story book beside me. It flips open to the title page; which is covered with words I'm glad Galexia can't read yet. 

For my nephew, Pheonix. I hope you enjoy my charming adventures!!! Please keep in mind that these are all absolutely true and my heroism was not exagerated in the least. Hope that you can soon join me in Jewel Academy! Once you set out on your journey to find it, that is. 

xoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3

Your Aunt Carlena, the spunky Galaxy Witch 

P.S. do not show this to anyone or I may have to incenerate them. 


I let the book cover slide closed. Yeah, Galaxia, we do have important things to talk about. 


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Oh my gosh, Raja x Phoenix would be the end of Jaihra. 

georgia says tofn. Tofu? Torn?

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They didn't show :( Oh well, I shall put one at a time then! Captcha is mbba MOOOOO *chicken noises in distance* XD

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The first  dress, the one she bypassed for the second!

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oof everyone. going on short weekend vacation, hve not had time to read updates, keep winn and lennon in it??

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Got it!

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this one didn't show hhhhhhhh :l

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Sorry, this might be a bit long... 

~ Galexia ~ 

I strain up arms, trying to reach a comfy-looking windowseat. I notice Phoenix reclining on the bed and call him over for help.

"I can't reach it, Nixie!"

He walks over and stands on his tip-toes to look out.

"Tell me what fairyland looks like!"

"Would you like me to describe it to you, or should I go find you a box?" He asks, laughing and toying with my pigtails.

"Can you lift me up?" I ask, reaching up my arms as if for a hug.

He smiles and nods, heaving my up under my arms and tossing me onto the window seat, "There you go."

I have a sudden vision of Andromeda, Phoenix, and me, playing together in the park when we were little.

"Lift me up, lift me up!" I cried, reaching out my arms towards Andromeda. Phoenix was off somewhere pretending to be a secret agent. Andromeda smiled and tossed and messy braid over her shoulder. She heaved me up and put me on the swings, "There you go."

Then she gently began to push me.

"Higher! Higher!" I squealed with laughter.

She obliged, but gave me a warning, "Careful, now, Galexia, don't want you to fall off."

I looked down, and suddenly the ground seemed so far away.

"Stop!" I cried, flailing my arms. Andromeda leapt forward and caught me, holding me to her chest.

"I've got you, baby, I've got you."

I nestled in her arms, laying my head on her shoulder. I had no doubt that my big sister would always be there for me. She would always love me. She would always catch me when I fell.

"Galexia? Galexia!" Phoenix snaps his fingers in front of my face. I blink out of my memory.

Phoenix opens his mouth to ask me a question, but I cut him off, "When's Andromeda coming back?"

He blinks, surprised, "I-I, well, um, soon."

"How soon?"

There's something guarded in his expression, "She'll be back, Galexia. Don't worry."

I twirl my pigtail, a nervous habit of mine, and look out the window at the majestic kingdom below me. Multicolored fairies are fluttering around everywhere, covering the green land in a wave of color. In the distance is the forest we came out of. Some kind of festive dance seems to be going on in the town square involving ribbons and lots of twirling. It looks like a nice enough place. I wonder if Saphira had been serious about the man-eating squirrels and carnivorous flowers. Maybe she'd just been "sarcastic," which was a older-kid thing that I didn't quite understand yet. My mind wanders... and returns to my favorite sister.

"I miss her," I say quietly.

Phoenix places a hand on my shoulder, "I know. I do too. Hey, do you want to check out the wardrobe?"

I look up, hesitant, "Wardrobe?"

"You want to look good for tonight's royal fairy ball, don't you?"

A smile touches my lips. Phoenix is better at cheering me up than I expected, "Of course."

He lifts me down from the window seat and brings me over to the wardrobe. He throws the doors open and my eyes widen.

The rows of clothes stretch on for what seems like forever. There are shoes, dresses, shirts, pants... hats, socks... hairbands, jewelry... bandanas, skirts... so many different colors greet my eyes as I look around in awe.


"Go pick out your clothes for the ball."

I smile and run off into the wardrobe. 

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@Cassandra, that part was brilliant <3


I lay on my bed, and stared at the ceiling. It was decorated with swirling patterns and colours. Through the thin walls, I could hear someone trying on clothes. Actually, I'm pretty sure everyone was. I rolled over. We had bigger things to worry about than the Faery ball. What about Jewel Academy? And Andromeda. I wonder if she's ok. 

I always looked up to her. She probably just thought of me as a little sister, but I thought she was the coolest person ever.  

"Jaihra, can we come in?" Sam said through my door. I sat up. 

"Sure." Sam and Lyra came in, smiling. 

"Isn't this place great? Have you looked in the wardrobe? They have everything!"

"Not yet, I'm trying to figure out how to get the second half of the map."

"Come on Jaihra, you deserve a break." Sam opened up my closet, and walked in, until she disappeared behind the mountain of dresses.

"I get it. I want to find the Academy too." Lyra sat down next to me.

"I feel like we need to go faster though. The Academy is our only shot at saving Andromeda too."

"Everyone is stressed too. Well, maybe not Phoenix. This Faery Ball might be good thing. Everyone is excited for it."

"You're right. Maybe this will help de-stress." A warm blue aura omitted from the closet. Sam cam out, wearing an outfit that matched her eyes. 

"That looks nice on you." I wasn't an expert on fashion. "The colour matches your eyes." Sam smiled. 

"We should find something for you and Lyra." I sighed. I wasn't one for dressing up. Once the ball was over, we could get back to finding the Academy.


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Thanks so much, Fidelity! Your part was amazing, too!

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Ahhh! That was really beautiful, Cassandra! *runs off and sobs in a corner* whyyyy Andromeda...

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I knock on the double doors at the end of the hallway. Inside, I hear the little girl--Galexia--squealing excitedly. The doors are flung open by Phoenix, who looks surprised but not annoyed. I stand there for a moment, feeling awkward.

"Hi," I say finally, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure!" he says, pulling me into the room and shutting the door behind us. "Whassup?"

"Well," I begin, then stop. This is a lot harder than I expected. I fidget for a second. "I was just wondering about Jewel Academy," I tell him, "I mean, it's kind of an awkward situation. I don't really have a way to get back home, and even if I did, the Officials wouldn't exactly give me my job back. We kind of blew up the ship."

Phoenix considers this. "The ship looked really cool when it exploded," he says.

Strangely, I don't feel exasperated. Actually, I agree with him. "Yeah, it did," I agree, "The shock wave was the best part. But now it's gone, and I'm unofficially fired."

"Oh," Phoenix says, "Sorry? Hey, what was the question you were going to ask me?"

"Nixie!" Galexia exclaims, "Look at this!" She twirls around excitedly in a glittery purple dress. 

"Cool," Phoenix says. He looks at me. "Girls and their glitter."

"Nah, I get it," I tell him, "I have sisters."

"You do? What were you going to ask me?" he presses. I had to give it to him, the guy sure didn't give up easily. 

"Well, I mean," I start again, "I know Jewel Academy is for magical people."

"Yup," Phoenix concedes.

"And I'm definately not magical. In any shape or form or color. So I guess the question is, can I come? With you guys?" I stop there, waiting for his answer. He looks at me. 

"How old are you?" he asks randomly.

"Just turned seventeen," I say, "Why?"

"Just wondering," he says.


I'm going to let ya'll decide if he can come. Technically, that's the only good way to keep him in the story, but I'll let Rose bud decide how Phoenix answers, if he does. :) 

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AFter a long consversation with my mom she finally agrees not to lock up my friends. I fly to my room and open up the wardrobe. Sighing I pull out a long, tight-fiting, deep blue, dress with muted sparkles. I pull on some long, white, gloves and high heels so tall I feel like a breeze could nock me over. I twirl magic over my hair, curling it and pulling it up in an elaborate hairdoo. I swoop out of the room, calling to everybody that if they want to make it to the ball in time they should get going. I fly through the casle until I finally reach the outside ball.  

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I'm sorry! I'm too into this to do just two scenes!



"Saphira! There you are! Since we are helping you find Jewel Academy, can you let Winn and I go to the ball?" I say in one breath. "I know we are just guards but PLEASE??" 

"Is there a specific reason you want to go?" Saphira was getting on to me.

"I need to tell Winn how I feel."

"You are already dressed up, aren't you?" she says as she glances at my green shirt and blue pants instead of the usual red uniform.

"Would you just answer me??" 


here is my um okay drawing of Winn and Lennon. 


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Okay, I am super confused. Once, the number of replies listed to this RP were 120. I posted something (which I understand is controversial and can see why the admins could possibly have to edit/delete it) and it changed to 119, so I believed that the controversial post had been deleted. Now it seems that a big, long post my cousin and I wrote has disappeared ( the Spontaneous RPG including Dathan and Pheonix and written by both Queen Elizabeth and I).  I cannot think of anything in that post that may call for its deletion (except for the fact that we stuffed it full of a TON of Lord of the Rings references and hidden quotes. We figured that in ski lodges and stuff, fandoms are referened and quoted all the time without giving where they are from, so it would be okay). Has it just disappeared? Has it been deleted? And why, so I can be sure not to repeat the mistake? Or has it been there all along and I'm just going crazy? Ahhh, it seems as if I've somehow caused a Rose bud-sized catastrophe anyways. 

I didn't delete any such item and I'm quite sure no other Admin did either. Maybe it will turn up.


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