Character help?

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Character help?

Character help?


Hi! I'm looking for help developing a Kyngdom character. (Let me know if you just want me to delete her and start over, actually.) This character is supposed to be a 'chosen' character known as a Sage (a concept I'm actually going to sit back and let other people develop for once, instead of sticking my nose into everything and being completely narcissist as usual), and I'm trying to make a flawed character that is also appropriate for the role.

Please let me know what you think! 

NAME: *Pending. I'm looking for something that sounds woodsy without being too obvious or cheesy, like, say, Juniper Glade. ...though Glade is a perfectly fine name by itself, actually...*

SPECIES: Wood spirit. *I'm going to be doing some solo research on unique names for this using other languages, not just Dryad, etc.*

JOB/TITLE: She doesn't care for these things and has never needed a job--she's not a follower of human laws and has never needed money to live.

APPEARANCE: She appears to be a tall maiden with wavy reddish-brown hair. She isn't very curvy, and her features can be sharp in places, as if she were carved from a block of wood. Crumpled, dead leaves are often tangled in her hair. Her skin has a slight green tint to it that one can miss on a first glance. Her eyes are an unnoticeable brown that often glints with pain.

She usually wears ragged old clothing, making her look slightly, well, homeless (however, she is opposed to using any plant material for clothing; it's disrespectful to the plants and forest). She goes barefoot like most of my OCs (because shoes are evil).

PERSONALITY: As mystical and haughty as possible when talking to humans (however, she secretly enjoys her effect and can fly into rages when she doesn't get the response she wishes for). She doesn't conceal any of her emotions when near animals, however; she lets her boredom and sarcasm show. She's extremely patient about everything but speechcraft. She's quite protective, sweet and caring for the plants around her, but despises fauna and their impact on the environment. She can be quite wise when not angry or annoyed (which, to be honest, is most of the time).

HOME: The forests of Kyngdom. She flits through them constantly, making sure that everything is as it should be. 

MOST OFTEN SEEN AT: The Great Forest in Northwestern Kyngdom, normally at the base of a Ginko tree.

FRIEND OR MENTOR: Oddly enough? The trees in Decoy Forest; she adores them. She can hear their enchanted voices whenever she is there, whispering and howling strange, senseless words.

ENEMY OR RIVAL: Any human or animal that is curious, persistent with questions, or dares to destroy foliage or cut a tree down.

FAVORITE POSSESSION OR OBJECT: A single twig taken from a tree from the Decoy Forest. It simultaneously triggers happiness and regret in her.


STRENGTHS: She is strengthened whenever she is in a forest; she can flit through the trees and share their life energy. She is quite good at prediction, and can actually be strategeous, but doesn't care to share it with anyone.

WEAKNESSES: The dark, being inside, melee, her foolish hate of what she doesn't understand.

BACKGROUND: ...I'm working on it. Embarassed


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I like it. It's an interesting idea, her hating animals as well as humans, and I enjoyed the touch about hating what she doesn't understand. Most people dislike what we can't understand, I'm pretty sure it's a natural inclination to be wary of something strange and unknown, so it added an extra piece of realim to it. I think it's very good!

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