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I sit at my table with my arms crossed, a glare on my face.  I'm looking at Isaac as he says, "There's no cubed function there, Marie!  You're getting it wrong!" pointing at Marie's board, which was raised above her head as the team's answer.  

Marie put down her board for a moment, then held it back up again, her finger pointed at the cubed function next to the word inches.  "It's right there!  You can't see that?"

"Ha, good one.  I can almost tell you didn't just write it down," Isaac replied snarkily.

"then look at mine!" I said, shoving my board at Isaac.

"Why is there a drum set on it?" Isaac asked loudly, making my face redden with embarrassment. 

"Because I drew a drum set on it?!" I said, half confused and half angry.

"Oooh, Lucy!!!" Michael sang.  It was followed by several other people laughing and taunting me by calling out my name and asking why I had a drum set on my board.

I looked down, my face becoming hot.  I looked at Maya, ashamed of myself, and asked her quietly, "Why does everyone in this class hate me?"


They are the actual people with different names. 

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